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10 Best Keyloggers for Android without Root

The best keyloggers for Android enable its users to monitor keystrokes that a targeted person types on their device. This app helps you keep a watchful eye on the person you want to track. By installing it into the app, you can see which keys they type on their device. This way, you can see what they are typing on their mobile phone and what they are searching on their internet browser.

Keyloggers for Android apps is specially designed for recording keystrokes on targeted devices. These apps even help you find out what your targeted person is typing and can even decode their passwords for online accounts.

To use such apps, you need to know how these apps work and which apps can help fulfill your monitoring requirements. You can get details of such apps by reading this article.

How Do Keyloggers Work?

Keyloggers for Android can operate on any device. It works discreetly and helps capture all the typed keystrokes on the targeted device. It can help in decoding the passwords of bank accounts and other sensitive data.

Moreover, the keylogger records all keyboard-based data. It helps you track all the data your targeted person types on his keyboard. Whatever the person types on their device, it will save it and send it to the online control panel, where the user who wants to monitor all the keystrokes can access the monitored keystrokes.

Top 10 Best Keyloggers for Android without Root

1. TheOneSpy      

TheOneSpy is the top keylogger for Android without root. It provides users various tracking features that make it stand in the monitoring industry. It gives you an easy installation process and a user-friendly interface. It helps users start monitoring without indulging in any technical problems. It provides you with updated keyloggers of the targeted device so that you will stay updated about the real-time activities.

TheOneSpy is specially designed for recording every typed keystroke on the targeted device. You can track your phone’s every piece of information using it.


  • This app also helps in monitoring the real-time location of the targeted device
  • You can check all the social media passwords of the targeted device
  • Record their calls
  • Discreetly works in the backend
  • Update about the real-time activity
  • Monitor keystrokes of all messages
  • Help in decoding the password


  • Provide all the recorded keystrokes in an organized way
  • It provides an easy installation process
  • Provide many monitoring features
  • Works smoothly
  • 24/7 chat support


  • It can be costly when installed on multiple devices.

2. mSpy

mSpy is another of the best keyloggers for Android. You only need to configure it into the targeted device. After that, it will start capturing every typed keystroke, and after gathering the data, it will send it to your user web portal.


  • Keep tabs on every typed keystroke
  • GPS location tracker
  • Can record calls
  • Send a report about all typed keystrokes


  • User-friendly installation process
  • Difficult to detect it
  • Provide quick customer support


  • The higher price of advanced features

3. OgyMogy

OgyMogy is another of the best keyloggers for Android that can operate on the targeted device without root. After installing the app, you do not need to access the targeted device physically. It will gather all the data and will send it to your user web portal. On the user web portal, you can access all typed keystrokes remotely. This app helps in monitoring employees and children. The installation process is simple and takes only a few minutes.


  • Monitor social media for all activities
  • Alerts you about inappropriate activities
  • Keep track of every activity of your user


  • Detailed report of every activity
  • It also records deleted keystrokes
  • Enable its user to access the dashboard
  • Works in completely discreet mode


  • It does not operate on an iPhone

4. FlexiSpy          

Flexispy is the Android keylogger app for Android devices. By using this keylogger, you can monitor various activities like tracking your boyfriend. You can use it on devices like Android, iPhone, and PC. It provides the best solution for fulfilling your tracking needs. Moreover, it also gives you the best customer support and a one-day free trial. You can check out its features before purchasing its subscription.


  • Ensure your child’s safety
  • Remotely install & uninstall any app
  • Stealthily operates


  • It provides you features that empower you to check the activities of your kids and loved one
  • You can get detailed reports of their activities


  • You need to jailbreak or root the device for the installation process

5. uMobix

UMobix provides a keylogger feature on Android and iOS devices. Its features enable its users to access the typed keystrokes of their desired device fully. It quickly uploads every data on the user web portal and makes it easy for the user to track the password of social media accounts.


  • Capture typed strokes
  • Quick data syncing speed
  • Provide you with a detailed report about every activity


  • Specially designed for children monitoring
  • Discreetly operated in the device


  • It does not capture keystrokes of the desktop.

6. EyeZy  

EyeZy is another of the best Android keylogging apps that provide you the features of capturing someone’s phone key logs. It offers you all its features in a discreet way that enables you to access your targeted person’s passwords and other device activities. It provides you with Android and iOS keylogging features. You can get support 24/7 if you face any issues while using it. You can track their every activity seamlessly.


  • You can prevent your targeted person from attending any event you do not want them to attend.
  • Effortlessly monitor their social media account
  • See their schedule on calendar
  • Control their browsing history


  • Enables you to track everything effortlessly
  • See their web bookmark
  • Discreetly see what their online interests


  • It provides comprehensive monitoring of higher rates.

7. Spyera

Spyera enables users to spy on any mobile device or computer. It is compatible across various platforms. While using this app, if you face any problem, you can get assistance from its customer support, which is always available. Spyera has different features for Android and iOS devices. These features enhanced its functionality as a best spying tool.


  • Help you in monitoring potentially harmful employees and partners.
  • You can keep a close look at your targeted person’s activities.
  • It has a quick installation process


  • It ensures discreet tracking
  • Works in complete discreet mode
  • Protect all the monitored data


  • It does not provide you with many payment options

8. Hoverwatch   

Hoverwatch is a discreet keylogger for Android without root. Once you install it into the targeted person, it will remain undetectable in the device. It works in the device’s backend so that you can monitor all their keystrokes without the target person knowing. This app provides you with all the powerful features, including recording calls and location.


  • Once installed, it works in completely stealth mode
  • You can install it in seconds
  • You can spy on all the visited websites
  • Alert you when the targeted person changes the SIM card


  • Provide you with all the capabilities of advanced monitoring features
  • GPS tracking
  • Enables you to track multiple devices


  • Provide advanced features only when the device is rooted.

9. Cocospy

Cocospy keyloggers for Android help in intercepting the password of the targeted device. You can access their private social account passwords. Read their messages and chats on social media accounts. Monitor their marked notes and calendar events on their devices.


  • Keep an eye on your targeted person’s frequently visited location
  • Track who they are calling 
  • View their browser history
  • Snapchat keystroke tracking


  • Protect your children
  • Alert when suspicious activity happens


  • Provide fewer features for iOS

10. iKeyMonitor               

ikeyMonitor is the hidden keylogger app that can capture the keystrokes you want to monitor. After capturing, it will be transmitted to the user web portal. On it, you can access all the monitored keystrokes. You can access all the typed keystrokes on every app and can read what they are talking about with people. You can even record the keystrokes you type on messages in the browser while logging into the bank app.            


  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Can capture screenshots remotely
  • Record and block any incoming or outgoing call


  • Provide support in multiple languages
  • Monitor data


  • All in one plan are expensive

What Are The Uses Of Keylogger?

Keyloggers can be helpful for various reasons. You can save your children from many dangers by monitoring their keystrokes.  

Parental control

Keyloggers for Android without root can be helpful for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids from afar. This enables parents to monitor what their kids are typing in messages and can access their social media passwords. They can monitor their child’s social media activities and browsing history on their devices.

Employee’s Monitoring

This app can help employers who are worried about disgruntled employees. Many cases occur when an employee breaches the company’s confidential data with a third party. To keep business safe, employers can use it to track what their workers are sending to others. By keeping track of their every keystroke, employers can get every data. This can save businesses from any kind of fraud.


You can see there are many keyloggers for Android without root available. The overall best keylogger app for Android without root is TheOneSpy. Because it provides you with an easy installation process, users can complete its configuration in minutes. After completing the configuration process, you can start monitoring the device remotely. You can also look at options like mSpy and OgyMogy according to your monitoring needs.

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