5 Best IP Trackers to Identify IP Addresses With Ease

5 Crazy IP Trackers to Identify IP Addresses With Ease [2022]

What is an IP address?

The IP address is the short-term Internet Protocol address. They are of different types like,,, etc. Let’s try and understand what is an internet protocol address right from scratch, the internet is a network of numerous computers sharing data on a colossal scale, and the IP address is an identifying number for your hardware that is connected to a private or shared network on the internet.

If put into simpler words, suppose the internet is a world, and these networks are countries, your IP address would be the address people could use to locate you just like the address of your home.

Hundreds and millions of devices access a particular network on the internet at the same time, and yet you can reach the exact webpage you searched within seconds.  

What does the IP address do?  

The IP addresses are responsible for your unique identity on a particular network and enable the request you make on the internet to be turned towards your computer. Sounds complex? The technical functioning of IP address can be understood through the following steps:  

  1. Your computer uses DNS servers to find a hostname and its corresponding IP address.   
  2. What an IP address does is, provides an identity to a networked device on the internet.   
  3. Say you type www.techwhoop.com on a search engine, and this request would be sent to DNS servers that would look up the hostname crunchytricks.com and its corresponding IP address. 

Why do we need IP address trackers?  

When the internet was opened for public access, people were limited with options, and the internet did not find much use in our lives back then, whereas today it has an irreplaceable role in the lives of people.

At those times, due to limited connectivity, the networks were private and separate, which allowed people to use the same IP addresses. As the internet hit the evolutionary stage in early 2010, it saw a meteoric rise in its number of users, and the networks were no longer limited to a particular amount of computers connected at the same time, and it became rather hard to distinguish one device from other and manually organize and sort all the IP addresses.

5 Crazy IP Listed here

We try to put up a list of the five best IP address trackers to meet your purpose: The five best IP address trackers:

SolarWinds IP Address Manager

This software is capable of handling up to 2 million IP addresses, and that makes it ideal for enterprises and large-scale organizations. IP Address Manager is compatible with Cisco, ISC, and Microsoft DHCP servers and BIND and Microsoft DNS servers.     

The software offers a 30-day free trial so that a user can access and test the complete version free of cost before having to purchase a membership.  

Advanced IP address 

It is entirely free to use software that is compatible with the windows operating system. Popular due to its simple user interface, the app allows you to scan all the IP addresses within its range by merely putting in the field of IP addresses (or a text file containing the range of addresses).

The result includes hostname, MAC address, and the network service provider for the device so scanned.

This software is convenient when it comes to remote accessing the windows workstation while running on a Windows host; there are additional features that include RDP and Radmin functionality. 

Angry IP address tracker 

It is a useful software that allows you to conduct scans across the entire network and specific subnets or ranges. Like other advanced IP address trackers, it is also searching through text file enabled.

The tracker collects data of the hostname and the MAC address along with the service and support provider for that network. It can be integrated with NetBIOS information for better results. Scan results can also be exported as CSV and XML files. 

Softperfect network scanner 

In this software, there exists the option to scan through a particular range of networks and collect the data and name of the hostnames that respond. These scans would also include information about the networked device and the response time.

Amongst the other functionalities, it provides you with the option to send messages to all discovered devices on the network, remotely access computers, and run commands.   

LizardSystems Network 

This software is a very comprehensive and productive tool that comes with an easy-to-use interface. LizardSystems Network Scanner makes use of multithreading—meaning it boasts excellent performance.

It also has the ability to grow and shift along with the organization to make sure the network requirements are all covered as LizardSystems Network Scanner has no ceiling on the few IP addresses it can scan and manage.

This makes it a useful software, and the only major drawback is that the tracker is web-based and runs only on windows through internet explorer.

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