5 Secret Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

5 Secret Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

Sometimes, the signs are all present and your mind has begun to put the pieces together. You see that your partner has started to come home later than his/her usual time or stays back at work saying they need to catch up on work. When they do manage to come home, they eat with you in silence and just log on to the computer without giving you any proper time or even apologizing for coming late… if such things are starting to make you worry that your partner may be cheating on you, perhaps they might be and your suspicion may not exactly be unwarranted. To make sure whether or not your partner is cheating, there are followings warning signs your spouse is cheating on you take note of them:

1:- Initially, their social media accounts were open and everything they uploaded, you could view be it an update or a picture. But now suddenly you can’t see any activity on their social media accounts and they’ve put you on limited. If you are and have been in a serious and committed relationship for long, this is definitely a red flag that shouldn’t go unvoiced.

2:- If you and your partner are out it for shopping or dinner and they always pay using cash. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid getting caught as paying with a credit card means leaving behind a paper trail that eventually could be figured out. So if your partner constantly makes use of cash instead of a credit card, don’t shrug it off. Do keep it in mind and see whether or not other suspicious activity takes place alongside it or not.

3:- A lot of times, when a partner is cheating or spending time with someone they’re not supposed to, they are unlikely to answer their phone. Initially, if they were always replying to your texts and calls and now suddenly you notice that they aren’t as available and responsive as they used to be, it can be a cause of concern. They may give excuses like they left their phone in the car or that the battery died and if such behavior becomes even more apparent after work hours, it is even more questionable.

4:- A lot of times a cheating partner may hide their phone and start to take calls in another room. They may get up and leave to speak elsewhere and if you notice this happening around you, perhaps it would be time to start asking questions. A phone is something which your partner should not want to hide; if they do so, it clearly means they’re hiding something and that’s never good.

5:- Say you’ve built up the courage and confront your partner regarding them cheating and instead of sitting down and listening to your worries and questions, they begin to accuse you instead. Counter accusing is a very common behavior when a cheating partner does not want to answer any questions and instead begins to blame you. This surely suggests that they have something to hide and they’re not willing to be upfront about it.


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