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7 BEST Phones Tracker App without Permission

As technology evolves, tracking methods are also becoming more advanced. Spying applications allow you to monitor another device and see its messages, location, and much more – all without the owner’s consent. As much as they can be described as controversial, these sneaky applications offer useful information for parents, employers, and partners. This article discusses the top 7 phone tracker apps of 2024 that work without permission. By closely researching, one can easily pick the most appropriate phone tracking app.

 The 7 Top Spy Apps for Android without Target Phone

TheOneSpy – The Comprehensive Monitoring Solution

TheOneSpy is one of the most effective and feature-rich tools that allows secretly spying on different devices. Due to its features, it is a perfect solution for users who want to have advanced monitoring options.


  • Record/intercept calls, text messages, social networks, GPS, and others
  • Remote control of the target device’s cameras and microphone
  • Camera and keylogging features
  • Web filtering and blocking app choices
  • Data security and privacy or data confidentiality
  • Extensive monitoring features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent customer support

 • Limited free trial  


The application is stealth and efficient. It provides a set of powerful monitoring features that allow tracking activities in the most covert manner possible on all possible platforms. Due to the anonymity and the efficiency of its performance, it is a well-known app.


  • Track your calls, text messages, and emails.
  • Monitor multimedia and browsing history of websites visited.
  • Voice capture and call recording
  • Allow user to control the targeted device’s activities remotely
  • Detailed tracking logs and reports
  • Powerful tracking capabilities
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Discreet operation
  • Complex installation process

mSpy – the Best Parental Control App Solution

mSpy is quite popular among parental control applications designed to monitor your children, and it has numerous features. Due to its advanced functionality, it lets users monitor all the activities of the targeted person.


  • Monitor calls, messages, emails, and usage of social networking sites
  • Track GPS location and geofencing alerts
  • Web filter and app-blocking settings
  • Recording activities such as keylogging and screenshots
  • Daily activity reports and alarm

 • User-friendly interface

 • Reliable performance

 • Affordable pricing plans

 • Limited advanced features

 • It is recommended that it pay more attention to customer support.

Eyezy – Effective Monitoring App

The Tracker app known as Eyezy is quite simple and has basic monitoring features for tracking a target phone and is perfect for such simple tracking.


  • Its features involve tracking calls, text messages, and the device’s location.
  • Pictures and histories of visited sites
  • It can control and even block certain apps.
  • Geofencing and features that allow activating the alarm
  • Easy to use the interface
  • Affordable and budget-friendly
  • Versatile and relatively simple to install and operate.
  • Reliable basic tracking
  • Limited advanced features
  • Display compatibility with some devices

Umobix – Comprehensive Mobile Tracking

Umobix is a high-ranking mobile tracker that offers numerous monitoring capabilities for different operating systems, which makes it suitable for different tracking purposes.


  • Calls, messages, emails, and social media conversation monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Monitor multimedia files and previous web history
  • Record keystrokes and take screenshots
  • Provides detailed activity record
  • Extensive monitoring capabilities
  • Reliable performance
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Complex user interface
  • Limited customer support


CleverGuard is a hidden phone tracking software that deals with smartphones that run on the Android platform and provides a high level of tracking along with hidden mode.


  • Monitor calls, messages, emails, and social media posts
  • Navigate GPS location and the location history
  • Ambient recording and live call intercept
  • Spy cam and key loggers
  • Powerful monitoring capabilities
  • Sleek and covert operation
  • Reliable performance
  • This app does not seem to be fully compatible with iOS devices.

How to Remotely Install a Cell Phone Tracker

To remotely install a cell phone tracker app, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, you need to make sure your targeted device is unlocked and has a strong internet connection.
  • Then you need to disable the feature of “Scan device for security threats” from Google Play.
  • Now install the cell phone tracker app and configure it to the targeted device.
  • Lastly, you need to log into your user web portal using credentials and start monitoring.

How to Choose the Right Phone Tracker App?

Before choosing the best phone tracker app users need to evaluate their monitoring needs thoroughly.

Features: Make a list of features that you are looking for in a phone tracker app.

Compatibility: After that the next important thing is compatibility and ease. The app should be compatible with the device you want to monitor.

Reviews: Feedback should be checked to determine how easy it is to use an app. It will give you insight behind how well it works on the target device.

Installation process: The app should provide an easy procedure for installing and setting up the app.

Understand Legal Implications

In most areas of the world, spying on the device of a different individual without permission is unlawful. Find out the relevant regulations and only use such tools for legally allowed purposes. Always use these apps legitimately.

Is it legal to track someone’s phone without consent?

The legality of tracking someone’s phone depends on the country. Most countries prohibit the use of tracking apps on someone’s device. But it is legal to use in special cases of tracking such as monitoring your own kids or employees for the security purposes. Before using any phone tracker app, it is always wise to check the country’s laws.

Is it possible to monitor deleted messages and media of the targeted device?

Yes, a majority of the best phone spying apps have a feature that lets users retrieve deleted messages, call details, images, videos, and many more from the targeted phone. This recovered deleted data, and the user can view it on the user’s online web portal.

How much does a phone tracker app cost?

The cost of such applications is different; however, high-quality phone spy applications are paid and cost from $10 to $50 for a monthly subscription. Some even have free features but have extra charges for advanced features. Before purchasing any of the apps, take your time to study each app’s price structure.


In conclusion, every phone tracker app has its pros and drawbacks. When selecting a phone tracker, it is important to thoroughly research to find one that aligns with your needs. TheOneSpy stands out as a top choice due to the range of features for remote monitoring and tracking of mobile devices. The use of phone trackers also requires both ethical and legal standards. With the right app in place, you can gain valuable oversight into a device’s activity and location while respecting the user’s privacy.

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