7 Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

7 Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

Mobile apps have evolved constantly over the past few years and are still shaped up by exciting trends. With each passing year, we see new mobile apps being developed with the latest technology. 

App developers are not leaving any stone unturned to achieve innovations with their brainchild. 

That’s why an app made in 2019 can be different from the one developed in 2018. The new technology trends, security updates, and trending programming languages are redefining app development. 

Pacing up with the latest trends is essential for two key reasons. One of them is to ensure great user experience. Secondly, innovation will help you stand out in the sea of mobile apps. 

2020 has marked the beginning of mobile app development trends that are expected to revolutionize the industry. 

And here is a rundown of some of them…

Focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT):

More mobile app developments are likely to be focused on IoT. 

This is because the global Internet of Things market is supposed to touch $194 billion in 2020. And only $143 billion is supposed to be generated from the software, like mobile apps. According to one study, the Internet of Things can generate nearly 1.6 trillion by 2025.   

Home automation is a perfect example of the integration between a mobile app and the Internet of Things. People can control their thermostats, lightings, and security systems with a mobile app, no matter where they are. 

In a nutshell, the app development is expected to be driven by the IoT. 

5G Technology can be a Game Changer:

More and more people are opting for 5G connections. According to one report, the average number of 5G wireless connections in 2019 was 10 million. And this number can be 1.01 billion by 2023.  

Has this something for mobile app development?

5G is supposed to be 100 times faster than 4G with more efficiency to handle traffic and network. This is the key reason why mobile app developers have to consider this too. They can add new features to the apps without comprising with its performance. 

Developers and mobile app vendors are required to use 5G network speed during the testing and the development stages of the app. 

Machine Learning or AI is Here To Stay:

AI or artificial intelligence enhances the user experience. 

According to one report, AI will be a $191 billion market by 2024. Therefore, more and more sectors are looking to combine their system with machine intelligence. 

AI has also been gaining in mobile app development. For example, a food delivery app can suggest the results based on the user’s preferences of restaurants and food orders made in the past. Furthermore, AI is used for image recognition, text and image classification, face detection, speech recognition, and predictive maintenance. 

However, the role of AI can be more crucial in mobile app development in the upcoming years. The developers are looking to use it in detecting issues and troubleshooting them in real-time. 

Mobile Wallets:

Paying with a mobile phone has become quite a norm. 

Some of the popular mobile wallets are Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. All these apps have been common among people.

According to one report, there was $6.1 billion worth of transactions from mobile wallets in 2019. And this is expected to hit the mark of $13 billion by 2022. In other words, the mobile wallet market can be huge in the next two years. 

Mobile wallets should be considered by app development. Bank account integration should be a key feature for every app that supports transactions. 

Augmented Reality AR is No More an Imagination:

Augmented reality will surge upward in 2020. It will be used in a mobile app for certain applications. Thanks to Pokemon Go that made the way for AR in mobile apps. However, today’s AR in the mobile app will be more functional. 

For example, a beauty app can suggest what hairstyles can look good on the users. Even Google Maps has launched a feature known as “Live View” where users can view turn by turn directions in real-time. By pointing the camera at street signs and buildings, the app can determine exactly where a user is.

Block chain Technology to Leave a Mark:

Blockchain technology has also been gaining momentum in the mobile app development segment over the years. 

It is a decentralized database, meaning that the chain of blocks presents on multiple PCs simultaneously. These blocks continuously grow as the new set of information is added. When a new piece of information is recorded, the old blocks are stored and everyone gets a copy of the entire database. 

 This technology can be useful to minimize the incidents of data breaching or creating forged documents. You can trace the errors and inconsistencies easily. 

How it can benefit mobile apps development?

Blockchain technology can combine multiple areas seamlessly. It not only adjusts the digital transaction process but also handles peer-to-peer transactions among mobile apps. Plus, this technology can help protect sensitive data of mobile app transactions. No wonder why this technology can be a breakthrough for mobile wallets or transaction-based apps. 

 Security can be the Last Thing to Worry Over:

Cybercrimes are on the rise. Malware attacks meant for mobile devices have increased by over 50%. Over 60% of cybercrimes are initiated from mobile devices. And 80% of that comes from mobile apps. 

That’s why cybersecurity is also a key trend for mobile apps. Today’s app users are also aware of data breaches and the stealing of sensitive information. They are less likely to share a password or provide sensitive information to third parties, like app vendors. 

That’s why we can see more features like Sign in With Apple in which users can sign in using their authentic email ID without filling out form fields. 

So these are some interesting mobile trends that are redefining mobile app development in 2020. As we have said earlier, pacing up with the latest trends helps you improve user experience as well as stay ahead of competitors. Do you other trends to share? Let us know by commenting below. 

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