7 Website Design Trends To Use In 2018

7 Website Design Trends To Use In 2018

This is an ideal time for designers to look at the trends that are going to be used in this year. Another year, another set of trends. The previous trends don’t fade away they are used too. In addition, the latest trends are introduced to stay in the competition. Last year was very much about virtual reality, GIF’s, Giphy’s, chatbots, and web animations, etc. These trends are expected to grow more in 2018. Below are the few emerging trends that you should keep in mind when designing your website.

Geometric shapes and pattern

Geometric illusions add intensity to the portrait and make it look more interesting. No doubt geometric patterns play an important role in graphic designing but they are taking a different role in the year 2018. Creative patterns and shapes popping on the website add a great push to the website and make it look more enticing. The current trends are more angular, emerging designs will evoke through wave design.

Bold color schemes

The use of bold colors has evolved greatly in the past few years. Bold color schemes have been a part of web design trends for a very long time and will continue to trend in 2018. In this year, pastel hues will be set aside for a while and vibrant colors will emerge like green and red. Bold colors have great potential to grab the viewer’s attention and can be used to perfectly portray the business identity.

Big, bold typography

Typography is an essential tool to use in web designing. Typography can be used to ultimately portray business information in a clear manner. Businesses are turning towards using bold typography to portray their message and this will keep their webpage clean and minimal. Previously, photography used to be the main aim to target the viewer’s attention but today big and bold fonts play a similar role in driving customer’s attention.

Interactive animation

This is yet another way the designers can use to enhance their design with the help of video and animation. Animations will play a significant role in the year 2018. All thanks to Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook for using animation to enhance usability and engage the users. The rise of the use of mobile phones is giving a push to the emergence of animation and making it more of a trend.

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Rethink creative layouts

Designers need to design their layout like no other. They aim to create a unique design that stands out from the crowd. Previously, symmetry used to be the ultimate standard, but in 2018 the trends have changed. Asymmetrical designs have taken up and this trend works differently from the norm so use it carefully. The asymmetric trend will work in 2018 as it’s new and it will drive huge benefits to the web design.

Digital paintbrush

The latest trends in iPad, tablet devices are providing creative outlets. These devices will be providing drawing apps and easy styling to the users. There’s Photoshop sketch and Procreate. As a result, we will see Digital Paintbrush in graphic design in 2018. Designers can produce graceful designs that are artistic at the same time depending on how much you put in.

Minimalism should be the key

Minimalism uses negative space effectively to create focal points. Minimalism has been a central part of graphic designing and it will continue to be in the coming years. It’s particularly an effective approach for designers that are content readers who can access through different mobile devices on different screen sizes.


These are some of the few trends to look upon. More tips can be added to the list, however, you can ace these tips to gain a trending website in 2018. Start with these basic tips and properly execute it in a meaningful way.

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