How to Make Your E-Commerce Shop Stand Out With Product Design Software?

Is your e-commerce shop noting performing according to your expectations? Are sales plummeting to never-seen-before low levels?  Well, you definitely have reasons to feel concerned about as the market is turning increasingly competitive and there is no respite for online businesses that are not ready to fight the battle there. You have two options then […]

3 New Health Care Mobile App functionality you need to take into account

The domain of everybody’s life is actually highly improved and technically changed. We have all relied on mobile app development companies in the USA right from the first step of your day to the end. Most of our everyday routine including the food, family, professional and lifestyle depends on and buys it undercharge. Many menial […]

How To Detect Apps that can have a Negative Influence on Kids

Introduction: Being a parent sometimes could prove really hard because you have to shield your kids from vices that smartphones and the internet could bring them. Some apps expose kids to a lot of danger (including dangers of sexual assault and cyberbullying) and our concern in this article is how to detect such apps. Since […]

How to Create Social Media Videos with an Easy Online Video Editor

The use of video content for YouTube and social media is increasingly popular. Video is considered more powerful in conveying messages to the public. Video is also referred to as an attractive communication medium compared to just ordinary pictorial content. There are many things that can be done with video content. Aside from being a […]

What Is The Free-Float Methodology And How It Is Calculated?

A free-float methodology is a method by which the market capitalization of underlying companies of an index is calculated. Free-float methodology Market capitalization is calculated by taking the price of equity and multiplying it by the number of readily available shares in the market. With the full-market capitalization method, instead of using all of the […]

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