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Apply These 10 Ways to Avoid Office Politics

Office politics is a fact of life. Office politics occur in most workplaces because of more than one person works in the industry or offices. It will occur for any reason likes promotion, salary, power, and status. We all want to be successful in our life but, we don`t accept or agree with other ideas of how it will achieve. Office politics occur when this opinion becomes difficult to manage. Also, remember one thing that some people have more power than others so, follow their instructions other at this place also you will face politics.

Want to know, how to deal with it?

Here are some healthy ways you can deal with it.

1. Make friendly colleagues

If you work in a company or office, you probably spend more time with your colleagues. In school days we made friends. Similarly, make friendly colleagues in your office. But, please choose them very carefully because some of them are very helpful and others are not.

Have a good quality of friendship with your colleagues makes your workday joyful. Studies show that being well-liked with colleagues will increase your probability of promotion.

2. Don’t engage in gossip

If you wish to stay away from office politics, don’t get involved in workplace gossips. Please don’t spend too much time at the water cooler place or coffee maker because it is the place for communicating or gossip.

If a coworker saying about another employee’s mistake, try to understand the intention behind this. Identify and ignore backstabbers instead of that find trustworthy people, such as those who don’t gossip and having a positive mindset.

3. Start your own Small Business or Rent an Office

If you want to completely out from office politics, then having your own company or starting a small business it’s the best option for you. If you start your company, you’ll have more freedom and independence for working but, you need a large amount of money for the same so, my personal advice is rent a virtual office for your startup.

A virtual office provides you with a business address, phone line, live receptionist service, meeting rooms and all other benefits of a physical office without actually having a physical office.

4. Focus on doing your job properly

The best way to avoid office politics is to stay focused on your work. Instead of worrying about what other co-workers think about you, give your best and on time work to the company. You are hired for work in the company not for discussions about behaviors, habits, and weakness of other employees.

5. Say only good things

It is hard to stay away from yourself in office politics. In office meetings when asking your opinion about co-workers, talk about their strengths, good habits, and positive things.

Be a team player who helps the team achieve the goals and motivate other colleagues to work well. If you are not satisfied with someone or don`t talk with someone then tell the truth.

6. Identify the sources of office politics and stay away from that

The most important step is first to find out sources of office politics. Once you successfully identify the sources of office politics then the next step is to stay away from these. For example, if two people discuss in the work time than don`t join their company to talk if it is not related to you.

Those who are focused on their job and want to avoid office politics drama, then stay away from office politics sources.

7. Push aside worries about what others think

In order to stay out of office politics, you don`t care about what they think. Defending yourself can just add fuel to the gossip fire, not to mention create a reputation for yourself of being a time waster. Recognize co-workers who not like you, stay away from them.

8. Stay positive 

Stay positive because positive and approachable can truly help others in ways you may never think. Focus on your job and become a positive mindset person in the office and you quickly realize other co-workers will focusing towards you.

9. Don`t get personal

In all office politics, every people get angry and it happens all the time. There will be times when you think that you will teach a lesson to that person who is doing office politics but make sure don’t do it. If you tell something then, at that time you feel good but in the near future, you will pay the price when you need help from that person.

To win office politics, you will have to make or build a good network with other employees because when you are stuck in office politics than they are always with you in support.

10. Be helpful and supportive of everybody

Helping others is beneficial on many levels. Not only for getting the satisfaction of helping someone needs. It can increase your credit in your workplace and make you a good person in your company.

If you can help a co-worker, you can win his trust and loyalty. By doing so, you will also reduce the chances of being a victim of office politics. Most of the strong and professional relationships are based on your usefulness or helpfulness.



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