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Best Free Coloring Apps for Android

If you are looking for the best free coloring apps for Android, you are in the right place. In this article, we are reviewing the helpful coloring apps for Android. Suppose you are a paint lover and like to play with colors that give you peace of mind. Yes, it provides you stress-free mind, improves your skills, and motivates you toward positive thinking. 

Although, it enhances your creativity plus motor skills. But it’s challenging to choose the best free coloring app around the different apps. So, you should know those worthy apps that give a free trial. 

The Best Coloring Apps for Android

Here, mention all the coloring apps that are helpful for you. Read all the apps and choose one of them.

Coloring book for adult

It is like another best free coloring app. This app has 168 plus colors for all users. It also has ten other categories with one free drawing that is not a bad bargain.

But you can access it after accomplishing the installation. You have to subscribe to use it.


  • You can share your drawing with others
  • It has available in different colors


 Color book is an adult coloring app for android phones.


Let’s move to another best free coloring app. If you like graphics, you can enjoy the coloring app with a unicorn. Here all the designs are available with eight bite retro style. It is easy but complex to support with a broad skillset range.

This app is not used for freehand drawing. But you have to follow a specific color by number. It allows you to import your photos and import custom 8-bit artwork.

This app allows you to use it for free for one week. After this, you can choose a weekly, monthly, and yearly subscription plan.


  • Easily create a retro style with a new way to color
  • Easy to follow color by number
  • It enables you to make retro designs from images
  • It has limited designs selections

Available devices

You can use it for android phones

Unicorn low poly

It offers you low-resolution polygon art. It has different varieties, including animals, food, people, objects, mandalas, and robots. It has limited designs and provides a piece to give a fun experience.

This simple drag-to-drop app allows you to make a full polygon photo as an image color by number puzzles. Even when you accomplish a design, you can share a video step by step through social media Apps.

You can use the best free coloring app and pay for it on your need and demand.


  • This is straightforward for new users.
  • Sharing fun social videos to show your creativities
  • Its drag-to-drop system is a fun approach to digital colors.


It is available as the best coloring app for android.


It is another free best coloring app list, it is one of the most beautiful and fantastic additions to this list. It has a few points’ brushes that you didn’t find in any other app. it gives you a freehand marker that you can use to draw accents on your drawing page. Moreover, you can color or change template backgrounds. Additionally, it gives you the best color and drawing app you need. you can best free coloring app for android.

You can choose this app to subscribe to packages according to your need.


  • It is of excellent and purist color app
  • It has seven drawing tools that no others offer

Available for

This app can use on android devices


It is another pretty color app. it has all qualities that you want and need. You can color an image with a lot of design. There are a few basics and some wild as you see a simple photo. In this app, you can only get access with a subscription. It is the best free coloring app for android.


  • It has predetermined colors and pictures
  • It has a lot of colors with design

Available devices

You can use paint.ly on android phones


In this article, we are trying to explain the top-rated coloring apps. Now you have to select and use any of them according to your choice and need.

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