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Top 9 Best Snapchat Spy Apps [Updated 2023]

Summary: Below is the updated 2023 list of the top 9 best Snapchat spy apps. You can choose by reading our valuable information and keep spying on social networks. The best spy apps for Snapchat are helpful to safeguard kids from cyberbullies, stalkers, sexting, and sharing of explicit content.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a famous instant messaging app because of its ephemeral functions. It is one of the best social networks these days. Snapchat allows users to share every moment with friends in the shape of images named streaks. Snapchat is used for instant messages, camera purposes, and story purposes. Snapchat added one more feature to upload the videos like TikTok.

Why is Snapchat a useful social network?

The main thing is that Snapchat is secure like iPhone. Delivering streaks or messages is secure in Snapchat. After seeing the message on Snapchat the message ends although the streak also ends once you see it and when you have taken the screenshot of the chat the end-user got the notification of the screenshot.

Now, Snapchat is used for dating purposes moreover people use it to send personal wrong videos and pictures in the shape of streaks.

How Parents Can Overcome it?

The social messaging application is popular among the young generation, and they are addicted to spending time on it and using it as online dating application as mentioned above.

Parents want to spy on the Snapchat messaging apps to protect teens from strangers and inappropriate activities like texting, sexting, and sharing explicit content. To sum up the parent problems. We found the best Snapchat spy apps in 2023. Today we discuss the top 10 Best apps that empower users to set parental control on social messaging apps to the fullest.

How to get access to the targeted app

Before spying on the Snapchat activities of the targeted machine, you have to follow the installation guide. After accomplishing the installation procedure, you can spy on targeted Snapchat.

Visit the website

First, you have to visit the official website and read their complete information.

Purchase the app

Then, you have to subscribe best Snapchat spy app and buy a package that suits you.

Get credential

After purchasing the app, you will automatically get an official email that contains the credential.

Get physical access

You have to get physical access to the targeted devices to install the app into them.

Get access to the online dashboard

Now you can use the official ID and password and access the online dashboard to view spying results.

Enlisting the Top Best Snapchat spy apps

1. TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is our top-of-the-list SnapChat spy app, and we recommend all struggling parents that want to spy on social messaging apps. It is the best cell phone monitoring app for android and iOS devices.

It has made headlines over the recent years and has gained immense fame among parents. Parents believe that is the most advanced spy solution to monitor Snapchat messaging, chat, voice and videos and voice message logs.

With TheOneSpy, you can take over cell phones and monitor social networking apps. It enables users to spy on teens’ activities on the messaging app using Snapchat screen recording, keystrokes logging, screenshots, and social media messenger spy software.

Supported devices

It supports android 4.4.2, iOs from 11 up to 14.1, and addition. It is also compatible with Mac or Windows devices.


  • It enables you to read all incoming and outgoing text messages
  • You can track calls and record their conversations
  • It offers you to record live screen activities
  • You can track GPS location
  • It runs in invisible mode

How is TheOneSpy helpful for parents?

  • TheOneSpy offers you a loaded feature list that enables you to track your kid’s online activities.
  • Parents can read their kids’ Snapchat messages and send or receive media files.
  • They can keep updated on their child’s activities.
  • You can prevent dangerous threats by keeping a secret eye on them.
  • It enables them to access the targeted phone and come to know their Snapchat activities.

2. Flexispy

It is the second most advanced and top-rated Snapchat spy software known as FlexiSpy. It is the most popular phone monitoring solution worldwide. Flexispy has made second place in our list of the top 10 best Snapchat spy apps It has a set of features that monitor cell phones but also spy on instant messaging apps.

The application is supporting iOS and Android phones up to the latest OS versions. It has plenty of features to keep an eye on kids’ activities. Users can retrieve the removed messages from the social network, media files, chats, and voice and video call logs.

Supported devices

It offers to spy on android and iOs with their latest versions.


  • You can read the text messages
  • User enables to know incoming and outgoing calls and record the conversation.
  • It makes sure you the current activities by screen recording

How is Flexispy helpful for parents?

The targeted Snapchat spy software can monitor almost any activity. After getting access to the app, parents are empowered to view their kid’s Snapchat activities without giving a clue their children.

Parents can spy on complete Snapchat activities secretly. It also makes sure you the live device performances.

  • It helps you to find where your kids are moving.
  • You can prevent your child from cyberbullying online predators.
  • You are empowered to secure your child from strangers and unwanted calls.
  • You can check the devices sharing media files.


Mspy is another well-known spy app for Snapchat. The application has a set of features and runs in stealth mode. Users can install Mspy on cell phones to spy on Snapchat without them knowing. The application is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The application has features like retrieving deleted Snapchat messages, viewing contact information, media files, chats, social media spy, and many more. It unveils every message sent and received, conversations, photos, and video sharing. Last but not least, users can spy on Snapchat under complete secrecy.

Supported devices

It is fully compatible with Android and iOs devices.


  • Monitor social media activities.
  • Find out their location
  • Remotely Block and uninstall the risky apps
  • Know call logs and call history

How is Mspy for parents?

Now parents enable to keep an eye on kids’ online activities to ensure that they are safe.

  • You can get to know their location history.
  • You can set boundaries and get notified if they visit marked areas.
  • You can check if children share nude and X-rated videos with their friends
  • Monitor their chats and find out if they are sexting on social messenger apps

4. OgyMogy

Spy apps have many types, and when it comes to parental controls on social networks, OgyMogy is the best application for spying on Snapchat. It has multiple features to spy on social messaging apps and social networks, screenshots, and screen recordings.

It captures and records keystrokes on Snapchat to read messages and conversations with the schedule. OgyMogy is the top-rated Snapchat spy app that helps parents monitor their teen’s social media activities. Snapchat spy is the best tool to spy on Snapchat messages, chat, media, voice, video call logs, and voice messages logs.

Supported devices

This app enables to track android and iOs machines


  • You can spy on all internet activities
  • You can monitor multimedia files
  • You can stop kids by using unethical social media apps

How is OgyMogy helpful for parents?

  • You can check what your kids are typing through the key logger
  • You are enabling them to catch their activities through screenshots
  • You can monitor what kids of conversations is making by your kids
  • You can know their kids’ location


XNSPY has had immense popularity over the years, but it is expensive compared with other spy solutions for Snapchat. It is a reliable and effective social media spying app these days. You can discover someone’s Snapchat user name and ID using its keystrokes logger feature. It empowers you to read text messages, chats, media sharing, and many more. It does require rooting of android phones to monitor and track Snapchat messenger.

Supported devices

It is supported by android and iOs devices


  • Users can view call logs, contacts, or IM chats.
  • Track the device’s current position
  • Monitor social media platforms, including Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

How is XNspy helpful for parents?

  • It is helpful for parents to check almost activities of their kids.
  • You can find their conversation and also read deleted messages
  • It enables you to protect yourself from suspicious calls.

6. Howerwatch

It is one of the best parental control apps known as Howerwatch. The application is for parents struggling to set parental controls on messaging app activities. Howerwatch is the best Snapchat spy software and offers plenty of features to monitor social messaging app activities. It empowers you to read all deleted messages from Snapchat. Users can also check contact files and details on the target cell phone device. You can easily monitor every activity of your child on the instant messaging app, and you can view installed applications by using Howerwatch. It is a non-rooted application and is best for tracking instant messengers.

Supported devices

You can monitor android and iOs devices through this app


  • Spy Social media activities
  • Track text messages and call logs
  • Track GPS location

How is Hoverwatch helpful for parents?

  • It allows you to read Snapchat activities.
  • It helps you to check the device’s current actions
  • You can know the internet browsing detail

7. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is the best phone monitoring software. It has dozens of features to spy on Snapchat messenger without them knowing. You can read and retrieve the ephemeral messaging service of social messaging apps and get to know what your teens are talking about in texting and voice and video calls. You can protect your teens from cyberbullying, stalking, and online dating by keeping an eye on your teen’s Snapchat activities.

Compatible devices

You can use it for android and iPhones


  • Live GPS location tracker
  • Monitor activities in real-time
  • Password chaser

How is Highster Mobile helpful for parents?

  • It is invisible on your kid’s devices.
  • It can secretly monitor the latest social media apps
  • You can indirectly connect to your child’s phone

8. SpyEra

SpyEra has the best Snapchat spy features, and in our list, it stands in 8th place. People in a relationship love to use it to catch cheating on them their significant other. The application has the best Snapchat spy app capabilities. You can find out what your partner is doing on social messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. It is also effective for monitoring and tracking kids’ online activities.

Compatible devices

It works for android and iOs devices


  • You can spy on all social media apps
  • You can remotely find the chats and audio-video call conversation
  • Know the visited website

How is SpyEra helpful for parents?

  • You can remotely know the cell phone usage of your child’s
  • You can check their every activity without knowing the targeted person.
  • You can spy on Snapchat performances by using this app

9. CocoSpy

Seemingly Snapchat spying is tough, but Cocospy is the most powerful and effective social media monitoring app on the web these days and picks up all the auto-deleted messages of the instant messenger. It empowers you to spy on someone’s Snapchat account and lets you know what your kids are doing on the social networking app to the fullest.


This software is used for Android and iOs devices


  • Can monitor Snapchat live performances
  • Come to know the sharing media files

How is Cocospy helpful for parents?

  • It finds every online activity without touching the device
  • Through its secret spying features, parents can secure their kids from every online threat.
  • It makes sure you know what your kids are doing on their mobile devices.
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