Biggest Relationships Secret

Biggest Relationships Secret: Are We Spy On Each other Constantly?

It is a tough job to know how many of us are used to of spy on girlfriends, boyfriend, and spouses. Let’s discuss the matter with the people who admit the act of spying on their loved ones.

A study shows that;

Almost 37% of the millennials have committed that to spy on their boyfriend’s cell phone activities such as text messages, social media platforms activities once for a while in a week. However, the people in the age of 35 to 54 has confirmed that they were used to of spying on their spouses constantly whenever they got the chance at least once the time in a whole week. On the other hand, spying activity is quite in larger portion exists in young girls that lead them to do spy on their boyfriends because of at least digital privacy as compare to another group of peoples.

It is been reportedly stated in CNN that men are more likely to spy on their spouses compared to the women against their partners. However, who is doing more, but the element of spying is always there and has never end till date and it’s been rising over the years no time ever before.

I have heard the number of cases where spouse or partner was not loyal with their soul-mate and finally, they were broken up due to the element of suspicions and spying on each other’s cell phone and computer devices.

People do one side spying and end up with a relationship

Obviously, no matter what type of person you are morally and personally, but when someone is tracking your cell phones, computers in order to view your social media engagements, text messages, and calls. Finally, you have come to know that your partner has kept an eye on you. The end of the game is you will never that person again and you will never waste a single minute to break up with your partner.

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So, there is a need to have trust while you are going to have a relationship with anyone else. Without building a trustworthy relationship you can never run longer in a relationship at all. If you will not change the habit of one-sided spying, I am sure you will become a seasoned lover or partner. Therefore, one-sided spying on your partner or spouse you will be in mess and at the end of the day, you are going to break with the boyfriend or with the girlfriend.

What to do?

Simply, you need to create a way in which you can build a blind trust in each other. Stop spying on your loved one-sided. There is a way you can still spy on your lovers being single and on your partner being married. But both of you have to make a pact with each other that will surely make your relationship long lasted full of trust, love, and affection and that is two-sided spying hobbit. Instead of building your relationship to the next level spy on each other with consent to remove the suspicions and have believed on each other doings in 24 hours a day.  But the question has arisen, how it is possible?

Use Technology against technology

Spouses and partners, girlfriends and boyfriends can use the technology against technology. There is a proverb that says diamond cuts diamond. So, you can install an undetectable mobile spy app on each other cell phone device and get to know each and every single activity that a couple has done. Couples can listen to the calls of each other with the help of call recording of the cell phone surveillance software. It enables couples to record and listen to the calls in real time and get to know whom they are talking, what they are talking and at what type the calls has made by the couple on each other cell phone.

A further couple can view sent and received text messages with text messages spy of the phone tracking app. Moreover, a couple can spy social messaging app activities such as IM’s logs, chat conversations, text messages, shared media files like photos and videos. They can track the GPS location of each other with GPS location tracker and get to know where they are at the moment and even listen to the surround voices and conversations to know the surround activities of each other with spy 360 live surround listening. Ultimately, no one has any reservation about the activities they do in their absence, no matter what in real life or in the digital world. They will completely trust each other and build a healthy relationship.


At the end of the biggest secret of our successful relationship is spying on each other with the help of TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software that has built a healthy and trustworthy relationship.

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