What Is The Free-Float Methodology And How It Is Calculated?

A free-float methodology is a method by which the market capitalization of underlying companies of an index is calculated. Free-float methodology Market capitalization is calculated by taking the price of equity and multiplying it by the number of readily available shares in the market. With the full-market capitalization method, instead of using all of the […]

Why Your Business Needs the Right KYC Solutions

KYC Solution refers to the technology that helps verify the identity of a customer through various means of data verification. With a rise in cybersecurity concerns in the recent past, the term has become an inseparable part of doing business in the digital age, especially for the financial services sector. Furthermore, businesses are now experiencing […]

Importance of Social Commerce to Increase Ecommerce Conversions

Introduction Ecommerce is an extremely challenging and competitive landscape where you need to be aware of the needs of consumers and deliver a prime shopping experience to every individual customer. There have been many advancements that have been tried by the eCommerce industry to deliver such experience and simultaneously grow their overall business.  Social commerce […]

Pay Per Click in Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Pay per click marketing is one of the most common methods of advertising when dealing with the main Search Engines. Pay Per Click can be among one of the most cost-efficient ways of driving targeted traffic through online marketing. Let us take a quick look at how Pay Per Click works for you the advertiser. […]

How businesses are using cloud hosting for boosting their growth?

Technology has played a very important in changing the way businesses used to work. Those days are long gone when using technology was a choice for businesses as in the current technology-driven era, using technological solutions has become paramount for businesses of all sizes and industries. From using advanced technological innovation like AI to using […]

Tips for Instagram Marketing to grow your Business

Many social media apps are very useful in business marketing. In the past, marketing strategies were different, but these strategies have changed for some years. Nowadays, you can do business marketing without making hard efforts with the use of Instagram Marketing Strategies. Millions of people from different parts of the world are using this app, […]

Mobile Phone Spy App to Protect Your Business Secrets

Business organizations over the years are very secretive especially when it comes to confidential documents stored on the company’s owned digital devices. On the other side, cell phones are these days are micro mini-computers you can save whatever you want including secret documents of your business. In addition, employees in organizations are equipped with modern […]

Common Strategies for IT Outsourcing Companies

There are different strategies that are important during the hiring process, especially for high and average performers. The experience level required by the client should always be made very clear. Candidates can range from freshers to experienced senior professionals. The category plays a vital role during the hiring process, it is very important to judge […]

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