How to Keep Children Safe with the Help of Online Safety Training Programs?

Internet safety is a critical issue today, particularly for children. With the world under the grip of the Corona pandemic, most people are at home spending many hours on the internet for gaming, social media, and other uses. Unfortunately, the internet is not a safe place. Apart from the risks of hacking, there are predators […]

Everything You Need to Know Before Using a Baby Carrier

A carrier is unquestionably one of the most used and secure ways of carrying your child around while you are traveling. You can start using a carrier for your newborn right away! However, there are a number of things that every parent needs to know before using a baby carrier. When Can You Start Using […]

How it is possible for parents not letting predators mingle with children on Halloween?

Halloween the scary festival is right around the corner and parents are about to end to give finishing touch to the costumes of children filled up with pumpkins, masks and ghosts images. Besides the happiness to celebrate Halloween, parents have to check multiple times of their surrounding neighborhood to make sure kids would stay safe […]

How to Handle Adolescents Mood Swings and Sibling Fighting?

Mood swings are hard to deal with and these are more problematic for teens and tweens who do not have enough skills to handle their emotions and sentiments. The studies indicate that these mood swings in teenagers are caused by hormonal variations in the human body. These hormone changes can have a severe impact not […]

Why LSD Becoming Popular Again? Parents Need To Avoid Them!

The deadly drug has made headlines once again as inquest hears Nick Cave’s son is no more after taking acid LSD. The LSD has hit the UK’s residences by storm in recent years, an inquest of the death of famous musicians Nick Cave’s son. The young teenager has died earlier in this year falling off […]

Parents are searching for Marijuana for kids suffering from Autism

Parenting becomes so tough for parents when they see kids into trouble especially having medical reasons and they have nothing to do but hope. Today parents are looking forward to Marijuana for kids that are suffering from autism. Because Marijuana has offered relief for young patients who have symptoms of autism and other medications can’t. […]

Don’t Believe The Lie: Monitoring Is Not Spying

There is a huge contradiction between spying and monitoring. We usually listen to the parents and even in the news that monitoring your kids and teens is the act of “spying”. It means a person that is monitoring someone such as parents usually do that activity in order to protect their kids and teens from […]

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