Essential Qualities of Highly Successful Access Control System for Employees

The objective with the access control systems is to limit risk and protect the physical security of a sector or area. Access control is a pivotal element of compliance monitoring practices that support security features as well as user access regulations, are to secure confidential data, like customer data.  Many other institutions have facilities and processes […]

5 tips to Tailor a Web Developer Resume For Guaranteed Success

No matter you want to get into which job profile, you will require having a resume to apply for a particular job. This is the first thing the employer asks before giving you a chance. But the content requirement in the resume differs depending on the type of employment function and industry. So, it is […]

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – How to Recognize and Prevent It?

There is not any surprise that sexual harassment has turned out to be a global issue. Neither any particular country is to be blamed for gender discrimination and female harassment at work nor any specific industry nor social demographic. It is an issue that affects almost everyone. From the developed United States to the underdeveloped […]

5 Ways To Boost Employee Satisfaction Levels and Staff Retention

What does it means to you when you have ended up with your work and at the same time your boss calls you in an office. You may have running with multiple feelings and your mind continuously asking you a question about why he called me in the office. Finally, when you make an entry […]

Workplace Monitoring: Would you let your boss track your mood?

A British firm is using Humanize monitoring Tools–Raising Privacy concerns among employees The four major British companies are using the surveillance software that is capable of tracking the employee’s tone of voice, steps and stress levels –but at the moment it’s choice, almost 90% employees have opted to be the part of the program. According […]

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