How businesses are using cloud hosting for boosting their growth?

How businesses are using cloud hosting for boosting their growth?

Technology has played a very important in changing the way businesses used to work. Those days are long gone when using technology was a choice for businesses as in the current technology-driven era, using technological solutions has become paramount for businesses of all sizes and industries. From using advanced technological innovation like AI to using services for managing IT infrastructure like managed IT service provider, most of the businesses are harnessing the advantages of technology in the best possible way. Among the wide influx of technological innovation, the one technology which has now become a new normal for most of the businesses is cloud computing.

Cloud computing is one of the most revolutionary technologies which is being used by each and every type of business. The proliferation in the use of cloud computing solution has now made cloud computing a new normal for most of the businesses. There are different forms of cloud computing solutions used by businesses and in this blog post, we are going to discuss some of those implementations and understand how businesses are using cloud computing for boosting their growth.

File storage

The amount of data being produced by businesses and users has increased dramatically and this increase has made data security much more important. Gone are those days when businesses used local hardware for storing their sensitive data as now, traditional storage solutions are vulnerable to most of the security risks. That’s why most of the businesses are now moving towards cloud storage as it is the most advanced and secure storage platform.  The cloud storage comes with multiple layers of security which makes it ultra-secure and these security measures are always updated in order to tackle the latest security threat as well. Google Drive and Dropbox are the two most common cloud storage options. Most of the cloud storage options are free but if you want more space on the cloud and want to access advanced features of the cloud then you need to go for the purchased package.

Cloud hosting

Another popular use of cloud computing is cloud hosting in which a business hosts its applications on the cloud platform and reap the advantages of the cloud platform while working on the same user interface. Cloud hosting offers numerous advantages like anywhere, anytime access, high security, multi-user access, enhanced scalability, high uptime, round the clock customer support,  data backup, disaster recovery solution, etc. Most of the small and medium-sized businesses go for third party cloud hosting services like QuickBooks hosting because, in third-party cloud hosting service, the business doesn’t need to build an IT infrastructure or hire an IT team for managing the IT infrastructure.  Cloud hosting wipes out the need for installing the software on the desktop and the user can access the application from any device which has internet access like a laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Big data analytics

One of the aspects offered by the impeccable cloud computing solution is the ability to tap into a large amount of data and gather vital information through it. Nowadays, most of the retailers and suppliers are deriving information from the consumer’s buying pattern and they are using this information to target advertisement to a specific group of consumers. The same information is also being used by retailers and marketers for improving their products and services. In addition to this, social networking platform s are now providing the basis of analytics on behavioral patterns which is being used by organizations for deriving meaningful information.


Another very popular use of cloud computing is for backup. You should know that manual backup is a very time consuming and complex process. In the manual backup, you have to first manage hard disk and remember to create a backup every day and then you have to transport the hard disk to the backup center. But cloud backup wipes out all such hassles. You get an automated backup solution in the cloud computing and your data is stored at different places so that in the worst-case scenario, you can easily recover your data and resume your business.

Cloud computing has now become an important part of our life and it has become an integral part of most of the businesses. In the modern-day world, we can’t even imagine living a single day without cloud computing and the same goes for businesses as well.

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