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Cocospy Review 2023: Is It Best Parental Control App

Sometimes, you need clarification about choosing the monitoring tool for your kid’s protection. Today our kids hide their activities from their parents. And the result is they suffer online threats. So, in this situation, you must go through the cocospy best parental control app That can fulfill your requirements regarding kids’ protection.

Therefore, we have a secret way to see your kid’s hiding activities and know more about them. If you try to check their phone devices manually, you’ll fail to do it. Hence, you must know appreciating software that allows you to see about them remotely. For this, you need parental control software that helps you to snoop into their phone remotely.

So, we come up with the best app that is popular in kid’s protection by secret monitoring, and that name is Cocospy. Read this post and know everything about the Cocospy review in detail.

Here you’ll read Cocospy review for android or iPhone devices which will help you a lot in further investigation. This cocospy review will cover everything you need to know before choosing an app. Let’s start reading.

What is the Cocospy App?

Cocospy is parental control spy software. It lets you keep an eye on your kids’ online and offline activities to unhide their activities. It works in stealth mode to find the online actions of your loved ones. This allows you to monitor android or iOS devices. Cocospy review helps you to identify your children’s all activities without them knowing. Its outstanding services work in 190 countries around the world.

How Does it Work?

When you hear about the app’s working, it means you must be aware of how to use it for targeted devices. Before choosing it, you must know how to use it. You didn’t know about the app and its usage. You must take a look at the installation procedure to finalize the app. Therefore, learn to accomplish the app on your kids’ android or iPhone. When you subscribe and create an account, you’ll be able to track your children.

Let’s Review Cocospy Features

Now, know about Cocospy features; it helps you track the devices with the qualitative feature list. We are mentioning the features for android and features for iPhone.

Features for Android

Here is the feature list for android phones. It helps you to track android phones in secret.

GPS location track

Now, you are empowered to check the current GPS location of your loved ones. Cocospy GPS location tracker helps you to find the accurate position of anyone you want to know.

Text messages read

If you are worried about your kids’ text messages and want to read them. Our SMS read feature access you to read all sent or received text messages of your loved ones. It helps you to know about every chat of your kids in secret.

Track cell phone calls

Call communication is the essential use of cell phones. Suppose you are suspicious about your targeted person’s long calls. So, the Cocospy call tracker allows you to listen to your kids’ phone calls. It helps you to identify what they talk about and with whom they communicate. With this feature, you can frequently find call history, call duration with data, and time and caller names.

Photos and video viewer

This feature allows you to take a deep insight into the phone gallery. It helps you to see all saved photos and videos on the targeted device. Further, you can check what pictures and videos they share with their friends.

Social media Spyware

Our kids are obsessed with social media. want to spend maximum time on it. Social media is also a place to expose harmful people like bullies, scammers, online predators, or sexual predators. Our social media spyware feature helps you to track the Viber, Instagram, or Snapchat activities of your loved ones.

  • Snapchat:  a wide range of kids have access to Snapchat. So, it is vital to know their Snapchat activities, including their send or receive messages, location by Snapchat, and streaks.
  • Viber: it is chosen by thousands of people. You can check your loved one’s Viber activities without them knowing.
  • Instagram: our parental control app helps you to see your Instagram activities to check they are not sending inappropriate messages and media files. Plus, they are not in contact with strangers. 

Browsing history

Almost everyone spends time on the internet. But kids use the internet; accessing adult content is a common fear. That’s why; you must know their internet browsing history to analyze their activities in real. Therefore, our browsing history feature helps you to see what kids watched and searched.

Features for iPhone

Here is a list of tracking features for iPhone devices without jailbreak.

Location track

Now you can check the location of your kids while using iPhones. It helps you to find out the present place without them knowing. It allows you to find their current position.


You are empowered to see the iPhone application and its activities. It lets you know about every single action of your kids on their phone devices. 

Social media Spyware

Social media are become a popular platform, especially among youngsters. Sadly, it is the cause of so many dangers. Don’t worry; we have a solution as a social media monitoring tool. It allows you to access your targeted person’s social media account and get all activities. This tool will enable you to find their chats quickly, call conversations, and share media galleries.

  • Line Spy : Our Cocospy phone tracker app helps track line activities for iPhone devices. It allows you to check whom they communicate with and what they are chatting about online. With this app, you can easily see all their activities secretly.
  • WhatsApp monitoring : WhatsApp is a widely used social media platform. Our kids spend their time without any care. So, you must see your kids’ WhatsApp activities.

Notes and calendar :

With these features, you can view on save notes and calendars to measure their meeting and future programs if your kids mark on the calendar to meet with an unknown person.

How do you create a Cocospy Account?

Creating an account on the Cocospy app is required to subscribe to your targeted device. If you didn’t fulfill the app requirements and purchase, you couldn’t get it for the targeted device. When you purchase this monitoring app on your targeted device, you are able to track your loved one’s online activities. By installing the app, you can create an account to see the online movements of your kids and employees.

So, let’s learn how to sign up for the Cocospy app to track your loved ones. Do setting and make sure to follow your loved ones secretly.

Start the setup procedure!

  1. First, you must visit the official website of Cocospy and tap on to login option, assuming that you are a new user. In the other case, if you have an account login.
  2. Now Cocospy sends you an email that will use to operate the monitoring services, and click on create account option.
  3. Now move and select your targeted device to track them.
  4. When you select your device, you’ll land on the subscription page. Then you can buy a plan and login credentials shared by email.

How to install Cocospy on an android phone?

Now you’ll learn the installation method for android devices. Just follow the process and make sure about your targeted device.

  1. When you buy a price plan, you’ll receive Cocospy login credentials on your email account. Then you can log in to your online account with the username or password.
  2. Now you need to scan the QR code on your targeted phone’s camera by downloading the Cocospy app on their device. You can download the app on your kid’s android phone from the download page.
  3. When you download the app or install it on your kids’ android phone, then open it, you see the app will establish with the wrong name, which means your targeted person didn’t get suspicious about it.
  4. To install the app, you need to agree with EULA and click on agree or continue button.
  5. The first option you need to change is to enable key logger tracking. So, follow the screen prompt and toggle on the play services accessibility settings.
  6. Now you can choose to set up the application automatically manually.
  7. Wait, the automatic setup is complete, and installation is complete. Then ask you to hide the Cocospy app icon and enter the registration code.

After accomplishing this setting, you can Track android phones of your kids.

How to Install the Cocospy App on iPhone?

Here is the complete method for iPhone installation guide to tracking your loved ones.

  • First, you have to ensure iCloud synchronization enables or 2-factor authentication is disabled.
  • Now make an account on the Cocospy website.
  • Pick a suitable plan and sign up with an ID or password

Make a Cocospy Account by Subscribing iOS Price Package

Setting for iOS

  • See your email account
  • See the Cocospy email and tap to start monitoring
  • Name your device
  • Now pick iCloud of the iOS device; when asked

Verify credentials and start monitoring

  • Enter the iCloud id or password
  • Pick the iOS device that you want to spy out of the drop-down menu
  • Now you are done

How Much Does Cocospy Cost?

Now you are able to read about Cocospy review price packages. When you go through the packages, you’ll able to select and subscribe according to your choice.

You’ll be glad to know that Cocospy has a single-price plan for android or iOS devices. So, it means you can track both devices with the same price plans.

There are three subscription plans offered by the Cocospy app. It’s monthly, quarterly or yearly plans. You can get the all features with these plans.

You can get the Android basic plan for one month for $39.99, 3- months for $59.99, or 12- months for $99.99.

Android Basic pricing & plan:

You can get the Android premium plan for one month for $49.99, 3- months for $69.99, or 12- months for $119.99.

You can get the Android Family plan for one month for $69.99, 3- months for $99.99, or 12- months for $119.99.

You can get the iPhone Family plan for one month for $99.99, 3- months for $199.99, or 12- months for $399.99.

iphone pracing & plan:

You can get the iPhone premium plan for one month for $49.99, 3- months for $79.99, or 12- months for $129.99.

You can get the iPhone premium plan for one month for $399.99, 3- months for $699.99, or 12- months for $999.99.

Now it’s you who choose to purchase any package that helps you a lot in all secret tracking.

Cocospy Compatibility Review

In this Cocospy review, you’ll get to know about compatible devices. It provides a wide range of tracking features with affordable pricing.

It is available for iOS without jailbreak. This enables you to track the targeted devices and monitor your loved ones while having iPhones. This app offers distinct features for iPhone devices like location, application, notes, calendar, etc.

Cocospy review is fully compatible with android devices. It supports the android operating system 4.0 or above. It smoothly tracks and monitors all activities of your loved ones when spy android doesn’t need to root the phone before installing.

Pros and Cons of the Cocospy App

No need to jailbreak iPhonesIt is expensive
Simple to useAll features are not used for both devices
No need to root for android phonesiCloud credentials required for iOS
Stealth mode 
Easy installation 


In this cocospy review, you can read that Cocospy is doing a great job monitoring your kids’ android or iOS devices to find their activities. It helps you to see your kid’s all activities without them knowing.

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