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Common Strategies for IT Outsourcing Companies

There are different strategies that are important during the hiring process, especially for high and average performers. The experience level required by the client should always be made very clear. Candidates can range from freshers to experienced senior professionals. The category plays a vital role during the hiring process, it is very important to judge the candidate and make sure that he/she belongs to the same industry or not, whether or not he/she is currently employed or unemployed or whether or not he/she is one of the top performers of the industry.

There are various strategies involved in the hiring process for an IT recruitment agency. These strategies could involve various sources which could be either external or internal. These strategies are important and play a major role in hiring processes that take place in the agency. The referral is one of the most effective as the candidate who belongs to a particular industry will have co-workers and friends from the same industry sometimes looking for a change.

Hiring a trained IT recruiter is very important as they have experience in the field, they have referrals and can single-handedly manage and conduct the interviews and other activities related to hiring. They can also judge the candidates correctly on the major parameters and hence they make it easier for both the candidate and the client.

Different Categories – IT Outsourcing Company

IT outsourcing companies today are growing so rapidly that they can now be defined into categories. There are five such categories which include Traditional agency, Headhunters, Niche recruiters, In-house recruitment and Passive candidate research firms and sourcing firms.

Traditional Agencies are those agencies that have a physical location. The candidate can visit this agency and a short interview will be conducted by the IT recruiter in the agency. These IT outsourcing companies are usually connected with many IT firms and if the candidate fits any one of these clients’ requirements the agency will put forward the candidate’s CV and fix up an interview with the employer. Apart from the competition, IT outsourcing companies also have to be prepared to deal with a lot of work pressure on various issues within the IT recruitment process.

Traditional IT outsourcing companies charge the client once the candidate is selected for the job. The payment is generally based on the candidate’s salary and a charge of about 20% of the annual CTC of the candidate is what the client pays the agency. It is required that the candidate must not quit the organization before a specified period or else the agency has to provide a replacement. This period is normally about 60 – 90 days. This norm is also valid if the candidate fails to perform and is terminated from the organization.

Competition within IT outsourcing companies

Competition today is at a peak, especially with the IT outsourcing companies. Apart from the international competition, there are a lot of individual recruiters in the market who individually start IT recruitment. A lot of competition also prevails within IT outsourcing companies among co-workers who work together. This mainly happens due to pressure and the need to please managers and supervisors. With the competition today, it is crucial for an IT recruitment agency to draw in candidates and convert them into IT professionals. It is important to prove to an organization at every level that their IT recruitment agency is the best.

Most IT graduates are aware of the application, interview and hiring process in the IT field. It is very normal that a candidate will have to apply for an interview with more than one organization before finally becoming an IT professional.

IT graduates today are required to accept the hiring process that an IT recruitment agency has to offer. It is important to communicate with recruiters, interviewers, and managers about the necessary measures such as technical skills, communication skills and potential for long-term success. It is always a challenging task to differentiate between the number of candidates who apply for a particular job and determine which one fits the job best keeping in mind the training, knowledge, and salary of the candidate. The key is to always be optimistic, confident and take a realistic approach to the IT recruitment process.

A successful IT recruitment agency is one that understands the needs of both the candidate and the client and also whether or not the candidate will prove beneficial for the client and the organization. These candidates are judged on different scales which include performance level, experience level and the category of the candidate.  Different strategies can be involved which help an IT recruitment firm with its hiring process.

Jobs at IT outsourcing companies

There are various jobs that an IT recruitment agency may have to offer. Among them, the IT hardware job is one of the most common requirements. The IT hardware job usually requires one to have a good knowledge of computers and networking. Such candidates are judged on various levels which include information technology and other such requirements. This job may sound difficult but one that has regular practice can perform these jobs with ease. IT hardware jobs can help boost the growth of an organization and can make an organization go international.

An IT recruitment agency may look for either a B tech or a BCA candidate for the job. Sometimes a good candidate with a diploma can also qualify but will earn less than a candidate who has completed his B Tech. Apart from the engineering degree or diploma; a candidate with additional qualifications can always expect a better offer.

An IT recruitment firm looks for candidates who have certification in Microsoft such as MCP, MCSA, and MCSE. Cisco certifications such as CCNA, CCSA, CCNP, CCIE, CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate. CCDA: Cisco Certified Design Associate CCNP: Cisco Certified Network Professional CCIP: Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional CCSP: Cisco Certified Security Professional CCVP: Cisco Certified Voice Professional CCIE (R&S): Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (Routing & Switching) CCIE (Service Provider): Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (Service Provider CCIE (Security): Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (Service Provider).Any of the certifications can do wonders to a candidates resume and increase his/her chance of getting a job.

Apart from the hardware jobs, IT outsourcing companies also look for technical support jobs, network engineers, network consultants; manufacturing jobs, etc. any beginner will normally start with a technical support job in hardware. These candidates are picked by the IT recruitment agency through college campuses and their job includes handling phone calls and solving technical queries over the phone. The network engineer is a higher level who has at least a year of experience and has knowledge of networking. IT outsourcing companies look for candidates who have knowledge of windows, Cisco systems, Linux etc. The network consultant usually has more than 3 years of experience and can maintain the IT of companies and organizations. Manufacturing jobs is a dream job for an IT candidate and such jobs include working with some of the best companies such as Apple, Dell, and Microsoft Hewlett Packard etc. They usually assemble and manufacture computer and networking parts.



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