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How to Create an Album on Imgur 2024

Imgur is a media-sharing online platform. Users can quickly share online funny and comedy images with others. With millions of users, Imgur uses for sharing photos services. This online platform generates money through paid ads from different organizations. Imgur would be an essential addition to yahoo customers. Imgur is a yahoo project to host photos for others.

What is Imgur?

Imgur is a photo-hosting social media platform. It is social media platform including Reddit, Digg, and Twitter. Imgur host various formats of images as animated GIFs that are supported by advertising for paid professional accounts. You can use it to post comments to create new ideas and share photos with Imgur through the internet. It is an online site where people can create pictures, share, edit or comment on others. Even users can make memes to make fun. All photos can be uploaded randomly or through an account. Another thing is that Imgur is pronounced as an imager.

All this information is about Imgur, but now you have the information that how to create an album on Imgur. Here are a few steps that help you make an Imgur album that you can use.

Step to Create an Album on Imgur

Login to Imgur

In the beginning, you need to log in to the app. You have to open the browse by clicking www.imgur.com. When you open this site, you have to click for sign in. but you can sign in with your user name and password per fulfill the requirements of this page.  

Tab to New Post

Now move to the 2nd step. Check the right top of the page and see a button called New Post. Here you need to click to select a new album and create the name of this album.

Creating an Album

When you create an album on Imgur with the name, you need to click right on the page and edit the album.

Then click on the right to add photos to this album. Select an image that you want to add, and then add. Here you can see all the photos you will add to this album.

Save the photos

You want to add to this album when you select all the photos. Now click the save button. All your images will be shown on this album. You can edit or move the images to other albums as you want. You can do it later.

These all steps are simple. It helps you create a new album on Imgur and post all your desired photos to the Imgur album. You just have to check these steps and get the album that helps you quickly access it. Further, you can download an album from Imgur, you can view the album.


In this write-up, you have read how to create an album on Imgur. It helps you to check every detail for further proceedings. I am sure after reading this; you can make your album and save images on it.

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