Customer Reviews And Ratings For Your Brand

5 Proven Ways To Obtain More Customer Reviews And Ratings For Your Brand

A brand’s reputation strongly depends on customer reviews and ratings. Have you ever prioritized these things?

If not yet, start prioritizing now.

Online buyers are much more dependent on online reviews published on different review generating sites. They go through the reviews, find the negative reviews if any, and then make their decisions regarding purchasing products. Therefore, cultivating more reviews and adding them to the site is very important when you are thinking about brand reputation.

Seek the help of the experts who belong to the best reputation management company and manage your reviews online.

5 Proven ways to cultivate more customer reviews and ratings

Ask happy customers for feedback:

Usually, the marketers follow this easiest step to cultivate more reviews. They send a feedback mail to the buyers and ask them to leave a review online.

According to the latest survey, 68% of customers feel free to add a review on a site or rate the brand whenever they are requested. Therefore, it can a great way to encourage your customers and convince them for a review.

Ask them politely about making some time out of their busy schedule and share their feedback. Other than emails, you can even ask for a review the moment a person makes his purchase. This creates more chances in leaving reviews or sharing their shopping experience.

Make it convenient for the customers:

We people have now become lazy enough to perform a job. We often avoid tasks that are time-consuming or require more effort. So, friends, when you are asking your customers to leave a review, make sure this won’t pinch their time or give them a headache.

What you can do is – add a relevant review site link where you want your customers to share their experience. You can even direct them to the page where they can add a review and submit it in no time. Maintaining simplicity and offering convenience should be your next strategy to cultivate reviews and ratings. 

Follow them where they go:

We are not asking you to stalk your customers. Instead, you should keep a tap on their moves, so that it becomes easier for you to get a chance asking for reviews.

Not always a feedback email works. Multiple times, the buyers simply send the mail to the trash or ignore it. But if you follow them over social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. you can easily find them live and encourage them to leave a review.

Customers often find it convenient to share their experience on social platforms. Give them a chance and keep them engaged with your brand.

Run a contest or reward them:

Another way of generating more reviews is by rewarding them. No, we are not talking about a bribe. Instead, by rewarding your customers you can make them feel good about your brand. This will excite them to share a positive review instead of dropping a negative one.
 Besides rewards, you can simply run a contest and ask your customers to share their experience. Social contests with engaging hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn can seek the attention of the audience. Being a part of the contests, you can ask them to leave feedback when it is over.

Add the review on your testimonial page:

Everyone likes to brand themselves in their own way. What about showcasing a profile image along with the person’s name and bio? We bet; all your buyers will love to get them exposed in front of a global audience.

Take this leverage. Use the reviews as your testimonials and add them to your site. If you do this for all, the customers will feel happy to share their experience just to showcase their name and profile image. No doubt, this adds a level of credibility to your brand. Think about it, before you push this strategy to trash.


Customer reviews no matter positive or negative has a great impact on business. This decides whether the business is capable of offering quality services and products. As a consequence, it is always recommended to respond to the reviews generated and build a strong relationship with the customers.

Even when it comes to internet reputation repair for a brand, experts ask whether the brand monitors and manages the customer reviews and ratings properly or not. It’s important and you must take it seriously.

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