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Effective Strategies for Improving Customer Success

Marketing always comes and goes in a trend, but the goal is always the same. As with any kind of business, there needs to be a strategy in place in order to bring potential leads into avid customers.

If your company has an online presence, it can be quite a challenge to understand everything you need to know about online marketing–these include concepts such as Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and the likes. Aside from understanding these concepts, you also have to possess the technical skills to make your online strategy work.

However, there’s an innovative concept called customer success that allows you to install built-in tools on your website that allows increasing chances of potential readers to turn into customers. Such companies like UserIQ have services available to make it possible. Below are some helpful tips to improve customer success.

Effective Strategies for Improving Customer Success

Segment your customers according to desired experience.

The first step of improving the chances of turning potentials into customers is by recognizing your target audience and segmenting them based on their desired experience on your website. For example, some users prefer to have one-to-one interaction through 24/7 chat service. Others would prefer correspondence by email. The best thing to do is to offer the pathway that asks the user which choice they would prefer. This way, you won’t be turning off those who prefer to have an email rather than a chat, or vice versa.

Help manage your customer’s expectations.

Another important facet of seeing leads turn into customers is by providing opportunities to manage expectations. A great example of managing expectations is by providing complete product or service descriptions. You can also create tables to compare products or subscription offers. Online companies such as Amazon also provide reviews from customers who have “verified purchases” so that other users will know what to expect with the product. Managing expectations will also improve the outcomes of customer satisfaction.

Have an intervention plan when a customer decides to opt out.

This is one way of troubleshooting. When a customer unsubscribes, leaves a bad review, or performs any negative interaction within your business, you must have an intervention plan that can help counter this problem. Often, disgruntled customers only need even the slightest form of compensation or even a prompt apology for even a slight dissatisfaction. This will also help improve your business’ reputation in terms of customer service and product or service quality. Some examples of intervention include product replacements, free items, gift certificates, or discounts on succeeding purchases. If the customer finally decides to opt out, you can leave out a form where they can describe their experience. This way, you will gain insight into how you can improve their future experience or other customers’ experience as well.

Measure your results.

After having several strategies in place, you need to see if your online marketing plan is working. If you own a website, a way to do this is through business analytics. A free tool that can help you track views, click-throughs, repeat visits, and other form of website interaction is through Google Analytics. There are other specific-to-business types of software that will also allow you to track email click-through rates or purchases within your website. Measuring results will not only help you see what is working, but it will also help you eliminate those who aren’t producing results.

When you own a business with an online presence, think of your customers as people who are on a journey towards a goal. As you employ these strategies, you are sure to take a step further in helping your customers get their desired outcome, and ultimately in succeeding in your business.



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