Dangers of Drug Abuse in Workplace – Infographics

Dangers of Drug Abuse in the Workplace – Infographics

The use of drugs in terms of alcohol, marijuana and other illicit substance at the workplace is continuously damaging companies’ financial conditions. Business organizations have to suffer from the billions of dollars in the U.S that are up to 100 billion dollars a year. The dangers drug abuse at the workplace is on the rise and it causes employees sleepy at the workplace, lacks decision making, employees offer other employees drugs, creates a violent environment among employees, and far less productivity compare to normal employees. Almost, 86% of employers are concerned about the usage of marijuana in the workplace and they also have to deal with a heavy cost in terms of medical insurance. However, workplace accidents often happened with the workers addicted to the drugs and they have to pay for it according to the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCDA). Let’s get more information on drug abuse at the workplace in the shape of an infographic.


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