DesignEvo Review: An Easier Online Logo Maker Right for You

DesignEvo Review: An Easier Online Logo Maker Right for You

By the time of coronavirus pandemic, online trades have become a new trend. Whether you start a business in Amazon or start a YouTube channel to do video businesses, having a professional logo rather than an ugly logo, will be a big advantage.

Today, we’ll walk through the DesignEvo logo maker review, which anyone can effortlessly use to work out a satisfying logo for any purpose.

What Is DesignEvo?

In brief, DesignEvo is an online logo design platform to help users come up with stunning logo ideas and craft a custom logo in minutes for free in no time. There is no design experience required!

If you don’t know how to start designing a logo in PS or using AI to make a logo, DesignEvo is a perfect fit for you. It has everything you’ll need for designing a logo, and it can help you make any change in logo design.

10,000+ Searchable Professional Logo Ideas

The very best reason for us recommending DesignEvo is that it has a massive template library.

The more template the logo maker has, the more design possibilities it can help you reach!

In order to help fresh designers or people lacking design thinking, DesignEvo has prepared 10,000+ professional logo templates for search through. These templates are organized by tags and keywords, such as Abstract, Art & Entertainment, monogram, and such. You can browse through the logo ideas to go ahead, or search for a keyword for inspirations.

The logo templates are fully customizable. In its logo design interface, you are entitled to change all logo elements by selecting an element. You can tweak a logo design by changing its color, font, or adding/deleting an icon. Just a few minutes, you can end up with a custom logo as you wish.

It’s a no-brainer application for logo design. It takes no time for a fresher to decide where to start. If you invest a little more time in it, you’ll find more inspirations.

Plenty of Editing Options to Make a Custom Edit

DesignEvo has pre-installed a vast variety of free icons, shapes and stylish fonts to assist you in achieving a logo design that you are longing for.

In DesignEvo, you don’t need to install any fonts in order to use in design, which is a must-have step in Photoshop or other advanced graphic editors. Instead of letting you find a font on your own, DesignEvo collects the best fonts for logo designs. Just click on logo text in the design interface, you’ll find hundreds of changeable fonts for your logo immediately. It’s a lot faster for you to give a try on various logo fonts and find the best one for your logo.

Likewise, you can select any graphic on the canvas to change its color, the rendering effect and more. All types of navigation are straightforward and very intuitive.

You’ll like its ability allowing you to edit with layer system. By employing layers, it’s all possible to make changes without cluttering. You can move a layer forward to make a change, and then backward it when you’ve finished changing.

6-Scenario Previews And 3 Downloads

After editing your own logo, you’ll want to know how it will look in reality before downloading the design. DesignEvo embeds 6 practical scenarios for your preview. They are your logo printed on business cards, document files, company notebook, website, T-shirt, and presentation wall. If you are satisfied with how it looks, you can re-edit the design in no time.

DesignEvo offers its users 3 download packages – FREE, BASIC and PLUS. The main difference is that its BASIC is high-resolution JPG and PNG, while PLUS package goes with logo royalty and vector files. However for most users, you can suffice with the FREE package. FREE plan will download you a PNG picture file along with a JPG image at 500 x 500 maximally.

The Last

DesignEvo is a very convenient logo maker for all level users. With it, you can easily make a custom quality logo, that can compete with famous blue logos or world-leading restaurant logos.

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