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Don’t Believe The Lie: Monitoring Is Not Spying

There is a huge contradiction between spying and monitoring. We usually listen to the parents and even in the news that monitoring your kids and teens is the act of “spying”. It means a person that is monitoring someone such as parents usually do that activity in order to protect their kids and teens from any danger falls in a negative sense. But in reality it is the lie, irrespective of that when someone is keeping an eye on anyone for their betterment, for their protection from some particular danger, then a person is doing the quite fine and positive activity.

I would say spying always refers to the negative activity because the society in which we are living spying means death, violence, and gluttony. On the other hand in the real world, no parents do that activity with the kids such as snatching cell phones from kids when they are on their bed. So, as parents, we don’t have to be James Bond, Jason born and Ethan Hunt for sure.

Make sure about our role as parents, we are bound by our creator that we should raise our children that they become good human beings and successful in their lives. So, we have to keep an eye on kids and teens activities to provide them safe and sound future with love and care and some time by keeping a hidden eye on their daily base activities for their own benefit. So parents don’t have to carry weapons in order to put harm in children’s life or condemn their negative and dangerous activities.

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However, it is true that when it comes to spying that means you are going to hurt someone physically, morally and betraying someone and let down your enemy, but when it comes to monitoring you are trying to be protective, careful and sometime possessiveness about someone such as parents monitor their kids and teens through different cell phone monitoring software in order to protect them from online dangers. Monitoring and spying are all about here:

What is spying?

It means a person that is working for the government of a country or state that is bound to get the secret and confidential information regarding the enemy’s state or the country in order destroy the ambitions of their enemies or to sabotage their upcoming missions. Spying means to get results at any cost whether to kill or die situation.

What is monitoring?

But when it comes to monitoring someone, it means you are bound to protect someone from particular genuine danger such as parents protect kids and teens from online dangers such as cyberbullying, stalking and from an obsession of social media.

Keeping an eye on your toddler: This is not Spying

Every parent wants to keep their toddler safe from any danger, so they do what they can really do. They can fix the camera in the house to see what the toddler is doing and to see whether they sit still or about fall from the bed that has 4 feet in height. Similarly, no parents want to let their toddlers go in a busy having trust in them and don’t want to break their toddler’s privacy. On the other hand if a young 13 years old teen should be allowed by their parents to have cell phone device and do the activities whatever they want such as talk with the strangers online, make a conversations on call with the people whom they claim as their friends and don’t even meet with them in real life at all. Even animals don’t let their kids do what they want at a young age. So, we are humans we have to monitor our children to guide them what is life and how to live and what should do and what not to do.

Then what is privacy breaching!

Privacy breaches mean when someone gets their hands on someone’s personal information in order to defame anyone or to humiliate somebody. So, ordinary privacy breaches mean stealing someone information that is too personal for the target person. When it comes to digital parenting, a young girl that is more than 18 and she knows what is good for her and what is bad and still parents get their hands on the particular information that annoys their daughter. So, parents cannot breach the privacy of their adult child, but they can guide them if they need help for something.
So, finally, we have come to the point that children need to be monitored in the presence of modern technology such as smartphones that provide young kids and teens access to the online world.

Character Building is necessary: Use Monitoring tools

A toddler usually does so many questions to their parents what is right and wrong? So, they need your permission, because they trust you. The way parents build their children’s character they will do the same as they rose by their parents. So, in the modern world where cell phone technology is on the rise, monitoring has become necessary for kids and teens online activities and if parents do it successfully they can build a positive character in their kids and teens ultimately they will be successful in their future lives.

Steps Parents should take & Decisions parents should make

Use the best cell phone spying app that enables parents to check the phone of kids and teens, computer machines to build positive and balanced character in your children rather than just having heated arguments, condemn the activities and to punish them.

On the other hand, gently correct your children by making a friendly conversation regarding their online activities on their cell phone devices. Monitor your children activities and then point out what is appropriate and what is not a healthy activity for them. If they already have put their feet on the wrong path, do their counseling and encourage them to do healthy activities in real life. Don’t show the image that you are saying them, realize them monitoring is for their protection and have faith in your children rather than just pointing out what is appropriate what should be prohibited.

Be role model when they are about to enter in teenage, they will follow in your footsteps and do the same what you do in the digital world and as well as in the real world.


Don’t ever think for a second that monitoring and spying are the same. Keep in mind spying is fire and monitoring is water that ends the fire. Parents should go for monitoring by using cell phone tracking software.



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