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10 Most Fascinating Functionality Features of Google Maps

With the advent of Google maps, one can travel around the world without having a fear of getting lost. The excellent navigational skills with a sleek interface make the experience inspiring and hassle-free. Whether it’s about the desktop version or the app, Google maps are regarded as the best option for navigation from around the world. However, you might be missing the greatness of this navigational tool, so here is a comprehensive list of features that will fascinate you completely letting you enjoy your trip even more. Keep reading!

Add Different Stops 

It rarely happens that one goes straight to his or her destination. You may want to grab some sodas or pastries on your way to your location. So, you can add multiple stops in your map to guide yourself about the shortest and safest possible route for continuing your journey. You can also get instructed about the nearest gas station or restaurant if you are not familiar with the place you are heading.

Get Traffic Updates 

You surely would dislike the situation where you suddenly get bumped into heavy traffic just when you wanted to reach your destination so badly. So, it’s best to save yourself from such a hassle and get updated from the current traffic situation in real-time. In the desktop version, you will find the option “Live traffic” to get notified about the exact places of heavy traffic so that you can plan your trip.

Orient Yourself

Google map is designed keeping every possible confusion in mind. If you get lost tapping your location or while following the location, you can orient yourself by simply tapping on the compass at the right corner. It will bring the navigator back to your center with the north up view to show you the route efficiently.

Navigate Through Buildings

Google leaves no area uncovered with its brilliance. The maps do not only indicate the best routes but it will show you locations, venues and other details inside some of the popular buildings. For instance, you can find if a seat is available in the cinema or not, the way out of the mall, or a space at the stadium. The topmost places that provide navigation through buildings include Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and Madison Square Garden.

See Places From Inside 

Google Map will let you get familiarize with places you have never been. If you are planning to visit your city’s museum but are suspicious about how it is created or which way you will have to go to look for your favorite collection, you can get the Google’s inside the building view. You can virtually travel inside the rooms and view a 360-degree version of that place. No need to hire a tour guide, you have your map ready to feed you with the best navigation.

Get The Last Train 

Among the many features Google provides, it will also make it easier for you to catch your train just before it closes. In many places, trains stop working just before the time the bars are about to get closed, If you want to reach someplace, you can let Google maps work things out for you by guiding you about the different trains you can jump on to get to your place. 

Handle with One Handle

You do not have to keep both of yo0ur hands occupied to handle Google Maps. You can simply watch the navigation or zoom in and out using your one hand. By pitching the screen with the thumb and your index finger, you can easily view every location.

Make a List of Favorites 

It happens that while traveling you discover places you have either never been or always wanted to visit but never knew the exact location. So, if you want to save a particular location for later traveling you can click the heart shape icon given in the interface. By doing so, you mark that location as your favorite one and that will get saved in a separate list with proper address and navigation. 

You can view it anytime you want and head to discover more. Moreover, you can also save the location of your work or office. Those places will be labeled with the right category and you will not have to enter the addresses again and again. Such by selecting the option “location to my home/office”, the map will indicate you instantly.

Offline Maps

If you are an Android user, there is a great feature only available for you. On Google map, if you select the “mic” option and say “Ok Map”, it will instantly save your location to be used even in the offline mode. So if you plan to travel to hilly areas where there are chances or poor network, you can be rest assured to get updated about the navigations.

Professionals at the Android app development company have improvised the interface of the operating system in a way that facilitates users with a bundle of unique features. Now you can use Google Maps even when you are not online. This is the best feature as it ensures your safety in a second. You will not remain a slave of your network.

Different Modes of Travelling 

You are not restricted by only traveling through your car; Google maps show different travel modes. You can view the routes by selecting your model of transportation- whether you will walk to the place, ride on a bike or take the train. It even indicates hiking and skiing trails. What else do you want? It’s more like a complete package of brilliance. You simply sign up and enjoy your traveling.

Wrapping Up 

Apart from these features, you can avoid giving tolls, mark your parked spot, share your location, and avail the feature to organize your group activities as well. Google Maps are of great help only if you know how to make the most out of them. So check these features and apply them practically to make your trips and adventure stress-free.



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