FlexiSPY Review - Is it worth to buy it?

FlexiSPY Review [2023] – Know it’s a Waste of Money or not?

Are you a parent or employer? Are you looking for a spying solution to spy on your kids or employees? Are you worried about your child’s safety and moral training? Is your business at stake? Are you looking to have a check on your spouse? Then hold on! You are just at the right place because this FlexiSPY review will help out with your problems.

FlexiSPY Review

The FlexiSPY is one of the best spying services available to address the spy needs of parents and employers in the marketplace. When kids are victims of bad habits, the mobile tracker app helps to keep an eye on and provide the details of kids’ mobile phones on the online dashboard likewise Employers can use FlexiSPY to track their employers by installing a computer monitoring software on employee’s PCs.

The app, incorporated in 2008, is proudly and efficiently serving its customer base since its start. The app is serving above and beyond and is likely to become unbeatable in the said domain in the coming years.

As the mission states, the only purpose of the company is to furnish unparalleled service to its users and make it address all the glitches seeking to challenge the family and business interests.

How much FlexiSPY cost?

The pricing matters a lot for purchase; it is the bottom line that draws a customer for a purchase. So, it is discussed right away for your convenience.

Lite – $29.95/monthLite – $29.95/month
Premium – $68/month, $99/quarter, $149/annualPremium – $68/month, $99/quarter, $149/annual
Extreme – $199/quarter, $349/annualExtreme – $19.99/week, $199/quarter, $349/annual
Pricing Table for Android OS ( Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, and more ) and iPhone IOS
$68/month, $99/quarter, $149/annual$68/month, $99/quarter, $149/annual
Pricing Table for iPad and Computer ( Mac and Window )

FlexiSpy can spy on:

The company aims to serve all the needs of parents and employers, more specifically. The service is available to spy on

  1. Kids
  2. Spouses
  3. Partners
  4. Employers

As the incorporation of digital networks has made the usage of the internet more frequent by the kids, thus the kids are more prone to the threats of cyberbullying and harassment, which are needed to be coped with effectively.

On the other side, employers have growing concerns over the excessive usage of mobile phones and social networks during working hours that kill productivity.

FlexiSPY Device Compatibility

The surveillance app is compatible to be installed on a given mobile phone. Those who are using the current version of these devices can use FlexiSpy

  1. Android
  2. iPhone
  3. iPad
  4. Nokia
  5. Blackberry
  6. Mac
  7. Window

The app is user-friendly in all aspects that do not pose any hassle to the parents and employers.

The FlexiSPY does all the spying without any hint to the target user because if the child or employee gets to know of the activity, the whole idea may get spoiled.

Quick Note

Flexispy pre install

Alongside providing spying service through installation, FlexiSPY goes the extra mile while serving its valuable customers. The FlexiSPY has established ‘FlexiSPY Shop’ to serve its customers out of the box. The shop allows purchasing digital products i.e. Android phones, iPhones, iPods, Computers with pre-installed FlexiSPY.

Flexispy Express

The service significantly contributes to easing the lives of parents or employers who do not have enough time to go through the installation process on their own. These ‘pre-installed spy app’ devices can be gifted to the target user to know the real-time whereabouts in all aspects.

Review on Features of Flexispy

GPS Location Tracking

The GPS location tracking feature of the FlexiSPY app enables the end-user to monitor the real-time location of the target user. A log records all the movements of the target user and gets saved to the online dashboard of the spy app.

The feature is of prime time important for the parents who seek to know the whereabouts of the children. The feature adds to the safety and security of the child and employee as well because the location can be instantly identified if the connection to the target user is lost. The location tracking can be done for Android and iPhone devices.

Geo-fencing Feature

The geo-fencing feature enables the end-user i.e. employer and parent, to restrict the movement of the target user to specific premises. This is done by allocating allowed and forbidden zones to visit by the target user.

The utility of the feature is that some employers want to restrict the movement of the employees to specific premises owing to business interest i.e. they do not want them to visit competitor’s place, so this can be coped with efficiently using geo-fencing.

Upon breaching the prescribed code of movement, a notification is sent to the end-user informing of the respective activity. The fencing gets executed through the routing ‘cell phone location tracking feature.

Internal Storage Tracking

The FlexiSPY earns the end-user full control of monitoring all the internal storage of the target device. The laptops, computers, smartphones get stalked through the dashboard of the app running on the end user’s phone.

The images, videos, calendars, appointments, and contacts can be monitored extensively; all the data of the laptop/computer can also be effectively monitored.

Environment Recording Feature

The environment recording feature is above and beyond. The feature records the real-time surrounding activities of the child or employee by bugging the mic or front or back camera of the target device.

The mic or front or back camera can be turned on at any point in time and provides a comprehensive insight into the real-time whereabouts of the target user. The feature gets executed on smartphones and computers without any hassle.

Password Identification through Keylogger

The keylogger feature stands out in all aspects. The feature allows identifying the password of all the installed apps on the target phone.

In this way, the end-user can identify the pattern of communication taking place through the target device; the feature allows to safeguard the family and business interests and can be used for both laptops and cellphones.

Instant Phone Calls Monitoring

The entire communication taking place through phone calls over the target device can be extensively tracked. All the incoming and outgoing phone calls can be listened to by the end-user in real-time. These calls can also be recorded and saved for later reference if the end-user is not there to monitor right away.

Social Media Apps Monitoring

Whatsapp, Line, Facebook, Viber, Tumblr, Snapchat, and other social networking apps can be extensively monitored using FlexiSPY. The chats, multimedia, and voice notes can be stalked in real-time.

The VoIP and video calls made through the apps can be listened to in real-time by the end-user, which provides insight into the pattern of communication taking place through these apps.

Browser History Tracking and Website Blocking

The browser history of the laptop or cellphone can be extensively monitored, and the spy allows blocking specific websites to be accessed by the target user, which are found inappropriate for the respective user.

The employer can block the websites that pose threats to the productivity of employees.

How FlexiSPY Works

FlexiSPY is easy to work on target devices. Spy software can install on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. Once you install the spy app, it will record all the happening activities of the target device.

The four easy steps are given below that how FlexiSPY works?

1st. Purchase License: The first step to track the target person is; Purchase the desired license from the official website of FlexiSPY.

2nd. Install Application: Once you purchase the license. You’ll get the confirmation email with the installation guide. You should follow the given instructions. Make sure the app will install on the target device if you have physical access to it.

3rd. Activate the App: After completing the 1st two steps, you need to activate the app to start the tracking of the target device.

4th. Get Data/ Monitoring gets started: The process of monitoring will start after complete the above steps. The tracked data will be stored on the online dashboard of the account. The end-user can check it later too.

Installation Guide for Android Devices

Installation Guide for iPhone and iPad

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is FlexiSPY user-friendly?

Yes, the app is user-friendly and hassle-free, it can be installed on the target device in a few minutes.

Q. Why FlexiSPY pricing is higher than others?

Because the app furnishes above and beyond in all aspects and provides unparalleled services to its customers.

Q. Why users choose FlexiSPY?

The FlexiSPY is an obvious choice for many reasons. The app provides unmatched services to employers in spying on their employees, while the parents also get benefited from the solutions they offer.

Q. Does FlexiSPY provide parenting solutions?

A. Yes, the service is majorly aimed at providing parenting solutions to monitor the kids.

Q. Is there any money backup guarantee for FlexiSPY subscription?

Yes, if the user is not satisfied with the furnished service, the subscription can be returned without any deduction.

Q. Does the app operate worldwide?

Yes, the app can be used worldwide on all supported devices.

Q. What is the payment method for purchasing FlexiSPY?

The purchase can be made using Credit Card, PayPal, and CryptoCurrency.

Q. Is FlexiSPY a hidden application?

Yes, it remains hidden, and the target user cannot get any hint of the activity.

Q. Can FlexiSPY be installed remotely?

No, it cannot be installed remotely because a bunch of features needs permission while installation, which can only be done through physical access to the device.

Q. Does FlexiSPY require jailbreak?

Yes, the app needs jailbreak to be fully functional in all aspects.

Q. Does FlexiSPY offer a free demo?

No, the app does not offer a free demo.

Q. Is it legal?

Yes, the app is legal to use for parenting and employee monitoring.

Q. Is it a trustworthy application?

Yes, the app is trustworthy to be used for parenting and employee monitoring by all means.

Q. For how long FlexiSPY store data on dashboard?

The data remains saved for 90 days; after that, it vanishes and cannot be recovered.

Q. Is it possible to install the app without access to the device?

No, it cannot be installed without access to the device.

Customer Support Behavior

Customer support is available to be accessed 24/7. It can be contacted at any point in time, and the average response time is two minutes. The CS can be contacted regarding any hassle faced by the end-user.

The staff is highly professional and cooperative, as described by the existing users, and providing services with efficiency.


All the dimensions and dynamics have been taken into consideration and analyzed comprehensively. It is established that the app is above and beyond in all aspects and serves the best when it comes to monitoring kids and spying on employees for maintaining family and business interests.

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2 thoughts on “FlexiSPY Review [2023] – Know it’s a Waste of Money or not?

  1. I purchased this software to monitor my daughter’s phone. The software helped me out a lot. The only two issues was that I Purchased the package thinking I would be able to intercept calls only to realize the phone had to be rooted. I didn’t want to pay additional to have the phone rooted but I know I would’ve been completely satisfied with the software if I did. Also the setup was confusing to me. I followed the instructions perfectly according to the updated software but some options were in different categories than stated. My favorite features are GPS and text messages. It allows me to see everything and have proof In case I have any issues in the future. I Would have used technical support but didn’t have time as I was trying to set it up before work. I’ve used a different spy software in the past and the setup was much easier. I also didn’t have to root the phone and go through certain steps. That was a few years ago and phones are even more advanced than they are now so that could’ve played a big role in not getting the results I wanted. I would recommend FlexiSPY to another customer. However, I would ask them to make sure they understand what’s available and what you have to do to get certain functions to avoid disappointment. Other than that, I like the software.

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