About Gaming Laptops: The Guide

About Gaming Laptops: The Guide

Our best gaming laptop guide has been designed to make discovering and selecting a great system incredibly easy, whatever your budget.

As well as telling you all the key specs and features you need to know about, we’ll also bring you the best gaming laptop deals on the market right now: you might be able to pick up the perfect computer for you for less than you think.

Between us, we’ve got years and years of experience when it comes to playing PC games, so we know exactly what it takes for the best gaming laptops to stand out against the so-so gaming laptops – and we’ll be passing on all the benefits of that wisdom right here.

Whether you’re looking for a premium, top-end model and have money to burn, or you’re interested in a more conservative option with a more affordable price tag, T3 can direct you towards the best gaming laptops in the world.

Select Gaming Laptop Is Easy:

What you’re looking for in the best gaming laptop of 2019 is the capability to run the most demanding games of the day – graphically intensive games, throwing up all sorts of shading and effects on screen – without having to make a ton of settings compromises along the way.

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Bad gaming laptops advertise themselves on their gaming credentials but then deliver vastly inferior performance to their desktop counterparts, so it’s absolutely crucial that you avoid these clunkers.

High-resolution screens are a nice added bonus on a gaming laptop as well, but it’s important to keep in mind that high frame rates are far more important when gaming on the go – so it’s pretty pointless plumping for a laptop with a 4K screen if it doesn’t have the interior hardware to power games on it.

Case in point: for us the best gaming laptop in 2019 is the Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701, which doesn’t have a 4K screen – but it does have a very high quality, Full HD one and this in partnership with stunningly fast internals makes for a superb portable gaming experience (and one that’s considerably more future-proof too).

Other things to look out for when buying a gaming laptop include weight and portability (after all you are buying this to carry around), battery life (a perennial problem with gaming laptops), and price.

Here at T3, we think you should be spending a minimum of £800 (about $1,045) on a gaming laptop to ensure a good level of performance, and more than £2,000 if you can stretch to it if you want something at the premium end of the scale.

There are some hyper-premium systems that retail for over £3,000 and, well, if you can spend that money then that is the price tier where you will get the absolute best tech and future-proofing.

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