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How Can I Create Consistent, Quality Content

The belief is that businesses that consistently deliver valuable and ongoing content will be rewarded by loyal customers. In today’s highly competitive advertising world, most customers have internally switched off when it comes to the messages that traditional marketing sends, digital recording allows users to fast-forward through TV commercials while online and print advertising has become easy to avoid or ignore.

Great marketing needs quality content, any mobile app design or marketing company can use marketing tools to help improve the sales of their business. But if you don’t have something useful to say to your visitors, it’s highly likely that buyers will not be convinced.

Companies continually send out information but if it’s invaluable or irrelevant then users would not pay any attention. Content marketing should focus on the actual subject matter on a website or what potential customers will be reading.

First rate content marketing however allows high quality content to be created which in turn has the ability to increase sales by getting customers to think about your company. By processing useful information customers have to stop, consider and ideally react differently in comparison to that other conventional advertising campaigns. Keeping this in mind, here are some key things to consider when you are in pursuit to deliver consistent, high quality content:

Attention-grabbing headlines

According to CopyBlogger, 80% people will read your headline, but only 20% will actually read the entire article. So, learning how to create compelling headlines is one of the most important things you can do to improve the performance of your content efforts.

Remember that headlines should be specific, makes a promise to the reader of how it will benefit them  and if possible should have the ability to prompt the viewer to read the piece right there and then.

Once, you finish writing your piece, come back to the title and refine it to be more aligned with the direction you ended up taking in the post. For every piece of content it is better to come up with 5-10 different headlines, even better to make it a rule to spend at least 15 minutes brainstorming titles.

One can also rely on formats for headlines and titles, let’s take a look at the most commonly used title formats. For guidance a writer can easily find headline formats online on sources and sites aimed to help writers improve their headline making techniques.

Relevancy of your tone

When writing for your audience, you would want to match the attitude of your readers and the subject matter. Give time to consider if your writing should be serious, personable, uplifting, quirky, humorous or authoritative. Even though your readers might not be able to point out that the tone is off putting about your content, but it is the little things that leave a lasting impression.

If you are a company providing financial solutions to your customers, your content tone should reflect your intent for business. This leaves your readers to form opinions about your company which directly aligns with your business mission.

Help the reader do something

Your content formats should be made with the drive to train your audience about the proper way of doing something or performing something superior. Your content should be useful, this is what increases your authority with your readers.

To write from this helpful perspective, you need to first understand who you’re ideal reader is, which is also known as your buyer’s persona. By creating a detailed buyer persona, you will get insight about the situations your ideal reader faces, their trigger points, how they acquire new material, learn new talents and achieve objectives.

You can then use this information to spur new content ideas or show that you understand your reader’s needs in your writing.

Add to the conversation

With so much content being produced, shared and sent each day, your content shouldn’t simply restate what is already been published. It needs to add something new to the conversation, be of higher quality or be more comprehensive then what already exists, answer any and all questions about the subject the reader might have.

Before you start writing, take a few minutes to research what already exists on that subject. Analyze the content that is already out there and take into consideration the depth of the material, the expertise of the reader and the perspective of other writers.

Ask yourself “What’s Missing?” “What questions do I still have?” Spend more time creating in-depth quality content rather than producing work that can be easily ignored.

Look out for the user’s search intent

This does not at all mean that you should consider Google your reader, but you should research the words people actually use to search and communicate. If your target reader searches for “financial planning” rather than “wealth management” you should use the tram “financial planning” in your content and headlines.

If the reader gets the idea that you are writing for the sole purpose of Google recognition they will notice that there is something wrong with your intent.

Final thoughts!

Whether you’re creating a B2B content marketing strategy for your business or writing a simple write up for your blog, complying with the above rules is important if you want an onslaught of consistent, quality content pieces.

And creating consistent, quality pieces is one of your content marketing goals that complement the success of your digital marketing game.



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