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How can we create a WordPress eCommerce with Shopify?

Are you ready to make an online store without getting help from a developer? There are too many WordPress eCommerce plugin available if you need a hassle-free option, Shopify is a great choice for you. In this article, we will guide you on how can we create a WordPress eCommerce store with Shopify.

Why only Shopify

It is an eCommerce platform that helps you out to make an online store without having any technical knowledge. Always keep in mind that it is a hosted platform, which means that your whole store’s data will remain on servers. You can use it with the help of your self-hosted WordPress site with your domain name.

Shopify gives a safe shopping cart, with almost 70 different payment gateways, shipping options, and it is also available in multiple languages. It can also manage flexible shipping options, automatic tax calculations, inventory tax calculations, investing management, and more.

If you are used to of using WordPress site, then you can easily sell products without thinking about the technical procedures that come with running an eCommerce store, for example, setting up SSL, worrying out payment gateways, security, etc. It is a simple eCommerce solution for business owners.

Firstly, you have to strike Shopify website to sign up for your 14 days free- trial. You don’t need a credit card for sign up, and plans start from 9/months after the trail. Trail button will lead you to Shopify website. Just do a formality by providing your e-mail address, enter password, and select a name for your store. When you are done with it, just make a click on create a store button to continue.

When you sign up, just go for the WordPress website and install and activate the Shopify eCommerce plugin. For further information, see our step-by-step guide on how can we install the WordPress plugin. After the activation, the plugin will automatically add a new menu which would be “Shopify” in your WordPress admin bar. You have to make a click on it to set up your Shopify account.

Now you have already created your account, just enter your store name and make a click on connect button. Shopify leads you to WprdPress site to your shopify account, and finally you will see shopify setting page.

Now you have to make three things after creating the Shopify store. Initially, you are required to add some products to your Shopify store. Only make a click on the “Add product button”. It will open up Shopify add product page. Now you have to issue a title and description for your product and just upload a few images.

Move down a bit to fix a price for your product, add shipping, and inventory information just click on save button when you are done with it.

Repeat this procedure to add all concerning products. Now, you just fix payments. Just go back towards your WordPress admin area and strike the Shopify settings page. Now you have to click on setup payments button to continue.

Now it will lead you to towards Shopify payment setup page. It is also supportive for all different famous payment gateways like PayPal, strip, Authorize.net, Skrill and many others.

In the absence, Shopify uses the email address which you have used to sign up Paypal express checkout. Suppose if you are all set to go you can easily use this particular email address but if you want to use it for any other email address then you can use it.

To add more payment methods, then you can select them on this page. For this purpose, you will be asked to provide additional information to connect Shopify with your chosen payment method. When you activated your particular payment methods, you can go more back to your website.

You have the last option just need to configure shipping. Go towards the Shopify settings page on your WordPress site and click on the “Setup Shipping Button”.

At this point, it will lead you to Shopify shipping setup page. You just require enter in shipping zones, and how much it would cast to ship those zones.

It will make much easier to set up shipping options based on order price and weight. You can offer free shipping and add zones for international shipping. When you have done with shipping information, you should finish the basic Shopify setup. Do not hesitate to look around the Shopify dashboard to see what else you can change.

Adding Shopify Products on your WordPress site

When you have done with the product, added it to your Shopify store, it is a perfect time to show them on your particular WordPress site. It is very easy to create a new post or page in WordPress. On the post editor screen, you will realize that a new button named ‘Ad Product.’

When you will do click, it means open a popup listing your products. You can add an individual product or just you can add a collection.

Furthermore, do click on add product to continue. Now you will be asked what sort of embed you want to add. You can easily add a “buy now button” with product image, either you can add “a buy now button.

If you would like to add some product information and its details, then you can also use the “buy now button” this is the proper way you can make individual images gallery for your products using the gallery.

If you would like to display only products, first you have to select the image, price, and button embed.

That’s it; now you can publish your post or page. You can view your site to see the product page in action.

 You can display products and collections in your WordPress sidebar. You just need to go to Appearance >> Widget page. Now you will see the Shopify Widget in the list of available widgets. Let’s go and add the widget to a sidebar where you want to display a product or collection.

In the Widget settings, make a click on the add product button to choose the products or collections you want to add. Secondly, click on the Save button to store your widget settings.

Now you can visit your website to see your products displayed in the sidebar.

We are very hopeful that this article will help you a lot to make your eCommerce store with Shopify and add into your WordPress.



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