How Coronavirus Infected Our Areas and How to Prevent It 2

How Coronavirus Infected Our Areas and How to Prevent It?

The new coronavirus spreads from human to human so, you have a vital rule to play in slowing down the spread. The positive news is that changing some simple personal behavior can slow down the outbreak. Scientists are striving to develop treatment and medicine to stop spreading this virus. Here are some essential advice from the expert and doctors to protect yourself and your community from infected by the virus.

How is the Coronavirus Spreading in Our Area?

Another name of coronavirus is COVID-19. The virus has the ability to spread from person to person in closer proximity. Besides, it is similar to other respiratory illnesses such as flu. By coughing and sneezing, an infected person can spread the virus in the air and on the surface. The droplets of body fluids such as saliva and mucus can come into a direct contract with other people or can be infected by touching infected surfaces and then touching their face, nose, mouth, and eyes.

According to the expert, by sneezing and coughing the virus can travel areas in the air up to 10-12 minutes. It is not confirmed how long the virus can survive in the air. The public transportation is one of the most dangerous areas because it could pass between passengers or by touching the surface of passenger seat and armrests.

It takes 14 days to appear the symptoms of a newly infected person. However, many Chinese health authorities believe that the virus can spread from person to person before the symptoms appear.  

How to Prevent from Getting Infected:

Many people are contracting the new coronavirus patient every day if you are highly engaged with public interaction. The people who are at higher risk are older people or a person who has existing health problems. An infected person can spread the virus to another and have the ability to spread it in a particular area. According to Adam Kucharski, a mathematician who is an expert on disease outbreaks said that one infected person leads 400 additional spread within just one month. So, what we can do to prevent spreading?

  • Wash Hands Properly:

Washing hands properly will defiantly slow down the infection, but we all are doing it in the wrong way. Wet your hand first with freshwater, soap up your fingernails, hands, wrists, and scrub everywhere till 20 seconds. Your hand carries most of the germs that might go to your respiratory if you touch your mouth very often. So, keeping them clean will dramatically reduce transmission.

  • Wash Your Phone:

The germ on your phone will probably touch your hands. Wash phones by isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to remove germs properly. Avoid sharing the phone with other family members and don’t touch your face after using your phone.

  • Cover Sneeze and Cough:

Always grab a tissue while sneezing and coughing and then throw the tissue into the trash. Never sneeze in bare hands because it can contaminate your phone, tv remote, door locks and another part where you touch frequently.

  • Stay Home with Isolation:

Try not to go outside without any urgency. Many governments encourage the public to stay home to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Always watch the news and stay up to date to know about your area. Follow the government rules and stay isolated from friends and family to keep you safe and keep them safe too.

  • Use Mask:

According to who, if you have a cough, frequent sneezing problem, fever, and difficulty breathing you should wear a mask and seek medical facilities. Besides, if you are taking care of a person who is affected by coronavirus you must wear a mask before you go to his room or any interaction.

  • Use Thermometer:

To check your medical condition use a thermometer every day once. Check you, a family member, too, if in case they got a fever or cough. Don’t panic and always collect the nearest hospital contract number to ensure fast action.

  • Clean Your Home:

Focus on cleaning the frequent touching areas such as door locks, light switches, tv remotes, drawer pulls, toilet flush and lot more. Wash your hand after cleaning the high touching areas.


You don’t need to panic if your family person got sick. Many people recover from this disease but, always be aware and try to get in touch with the doctor to get the proper advice. Hopefully, we all will get relief from this dilemma soon.   

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