How Technology Plays A Major Role In The Escape Room Game And Feels Enhancement

How Technology Plays A Major Role In The Escape Room Game And Feels Enhancement


Ever since the Industrial revolution, the oncoming of a word surrounded by machine, mechanic, and technology was inevitable. With ever so shifting nature of existence and nature of jobs, tech has become an integral part of every individual’s life. To an extent where technology is induced from answering the door through our security systems to the time we go to bed. Or rather the time we don’t go to bed but instead lie in it with our eyes glued to our phone screens.

We constantly look and strive for a way or a place to escape or celebrate a virtual birthday party in this busy clustered world. Escape room game has been serving as that place for over a decade for people around the globe. But to keep up with the changing time one has to change with it.


This in no way implies that an escape room with technology is better than one without it. While there are a lot of benefits of and exciting features of technology in escape rooms. Traditional escape room game serves a different purpose, the OG layout, and gameplay with reminding you of the good old day. A blast from the past that you want your kids to experience.


Steadily escape room games have shed their older, traditionally designed row of puzzles behind and have employed different technology overtime to compete with their contemporary modes of entertainment.

One of the key elements of escape rooms is the inherent tendency of the concepts to be time-based. And how can one possibly create a 1950s room without an old box T.V. set without the static noise? Gradually for an audience that was always engaged with technology in some form or another, so much so that they were named the “Internet generation” it was next to impossible to get a wholesome escape experience in the small paced older escape room.

 The last thing any business wants to do is to keep their own customers out of the loop.


So why escape rooms need technology you might ask, to make them more believable, life-like to their time and concept. Unless the very concept of the room is avant-garde, the escape room designers would often also try to use technology so that they attract a larger crowd of people across various demographic parameters.

 Designing such a room is no child’s play! In fact, on the other hand, it is rather tricky. No designer wants any player to feel like his choice of visual effects stick out like a sore thumb in the bigger picture. But what they desire is an end product where the characters, storylines, and the entire new world that one has created feels verisimilitude and the tech almost blends in seamlessly.


Now to turn these ideas into reality, innovators in the earlier days of escape rooms tried to use tech to get rid of padlocks. While most escape room still has those, this kicked off the creativity bug within these architects. Therefore, to enhance this experience innovators begin to use technology in various ways. Visual, auditory, sensory, etc.

Another reason why tech is a necessity in the escape world is to make the process more user friendly. We are expanding the audience base and that means everything has to have an alternative. One simply cannot expect teenagers to crack a clue written in morse code.

Security is yet another reason. People can let their guards down. With door sensors and reliable security systems, the chance for a mishap decreases tremendously.

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The linear layout of the escape game has also changed. The clue and puzzles don’t flow in one direction. With so many approaches to figure a specific puzzle that is out there one must design combinations.

If one skips a step or takes different directions they must still have a chance at winning which would have been a cumbersome activity to take in the older escape rooms.


Technology is present everywhere in modern escape rooms from what you hear, to what you see and feel.

This is the way escape progressed to transform in real-life video games.

That one gets to imitate their fantasies. In the days of social media, aesthetics has become a key to a successful business.

Technology will also give the escape game wider accessibility. Want to play a harry potter but no good ones in your area? Don’t the one in London will be right on your laptop screen. One has the possibility to experience a whole new world from across globes. Technologies like VR and AI opens a world of new possibilities.


Technology has given escape rooms a crazy scoop to expand on their immersive identity. It has created a new way to stimulate every single sense of the players giving an adrenaline rush that will imitate a life-like reaction closely. And escape rooms to have developed a great taste for such features in their room. Even though technology makes the journey a whole lot believable, it is in no way a make or break situation this mode of entertainment. Escape depends highly on their witty and thoughtful design and layout and if that could be achieved without any tech then it could be as fun an experience as any. But in a society so obsessed with technology it was only natural to be swept by the new door of creation that the modern times offer.  

Technology in an escape room game gives a chance to breathe a new life into creativity. Want to experience a futuristic universe? Technology can make it happen.

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