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How to access Icloud photos on pc, ios, windows

iPhone is one of the most popular devices in terms of technology and taking photos because Apple cameras are of the best quality and the iPhone is very easy to use. If we are talking about digital cameras then we can compare the quality of the image with the Apple and Apple cameras do not need special knowledge and do not need the skill to use. In addition, iPhone photos can be directly seen on the Mac or another iOS device whether it is a Mac. But one thing that makes the problem for the users is that they are clicking photos daily but the mobile has very little storage and the storage cannot be expanded on the iPhone so that’s why there is the facility that the iPhones have launched iCloud Photos sharing. In this article, we will discuss how to access the iCloud email on iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Icloud email login Photos have the Proper safety system for the storage of the photos and videos in the iCloud email, so these are available on all devices. This is of the iCloud that makes every photo in the devices and that will be automatically downloaded.

Follow the steps that are given below to access iCloud Photos on your iPhone:-

Step no.1 Launch the settings and click on iCloud.

Step no.2 Now use the Apple ID and password to log in if the user is not already logged in to that apple id.

Step No.3 Now click on the photos, tap the cloud photo library and then switch to toggle on it.

Step No.4 Now go back to the home screen and then click on the photos app to launch it and then click on Tap Albums if the user sees that there is wifi is on in the iCloud then the iCloud photos will be shown in the albums,

How can the user easily access iCloud photos on Mac:-

For the user, this is able to view iCloud photos on the Mac computer and then the user will need to  turn on the iCloud photos library this is not complicated for the user to do so and then the user has to follow these steps that will help to activate the iCloud Photo  Library on the MAC:-

Step No.1:-

The first thing that the user has to do is go to the Apple menu and then select the system preferences and under the system preferences just select the iCloud button.

Step no.2:-

Now use your Apple Id and use the password to Sign in and then activate the photos option under the iCloud by ticking the checkbox and then click on the next button to it.

Step no.3:-

Now click on the Options button that is next to the photos. Activate both the library and the photo stream app and then click on the done button. The user should be connected to the computer with the internet and it has a very good space in it then the user should download the photos to your computer where the user can access them very easily.

How can the user access iCloud Photos On Windows PC:-

If you are on a Windows PC and then if the user needs to view the iCloud email login photos then the user will need to download the iCloud first then the main process will begin  and after downloading the free Apple tool, after that just follow these steps which are given below to access the iCloud photos on the Windows PC:-

Step 1:- Install the iCloud for your Windows on your PC and then after that launch the tool and then use your Apple ID and then use the password to sign in to the account and then follow the next step.

Step 2:- Click on the next to the photos that are in the windows that will open then select the iCloud photos options and then after that click on the photo stream and then after that click done on it. Now as much as you are connected with the windows then the user can upload all the photos in the system and the computer will automatically sync all photos in it.


In this article, we read about how the user can access the Icloud photos on Mac, ios, and Windows and we explained each and every step in every detail so the user will easily understand the steps and if after the user does not get them the user can call on Icloud email login customer support.



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