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How to Call the US from Australia

Do you live in Australia but have friends and family in America who you have to keep in touch with regularly? Are you looking for solutions to call the US for free from Australia?

Using traditional phone services from Australia can be challenging and expensive as there are international roaming charges, and you have to follow the international dialing procedures to make a call.

But there’s nothing to worry about. International calls can be made easily and cost-effectively with a simple solution.

We’ll explore the many benefits this VoIP service provider can bring to your communication needs and guide you through calling the US from Australia.

What You Need to Know About International Dialing

An international call is a telephone call made between two countries. A call between two countries is typically more expensive than a call within that country and may also be subject to surcharges and other additional fees

You need to dial additional digits to make an international call. Here are some of the basics for international dialing.

● Exit codes: When you’re about to make a call outside the country, your phone carrier needs an alert; this is called an exit code. To begin dialing from the U.S. to most countries outside of North America, start by dialing “+.”

● Country codes: Once you have the exit code, you need the specific country code. A country’s code is unique and consists of 2 to 4 digits.

● Phone numbers: Begin with the area code and exit code, followed by the phone number of the person or business. You may need to drop the zero if you call internationally from outside that country if local international phone numbers start with a zero.

Dialing the US from Australia Using International Calling Cards
Calling cards can also be known as phone cards, telephone cards, or international calling cards. They are prepaid calling cards used for long-distance, domestic, and international calls on cell phones or landlines.

Calling cards can be used in the following ways:

1. Start by downloading a dialer. You can easily find mobile dialers in the app store or on your phone’s equivalent.

2. The second step is registration. To register, one needs to enter the PIN and password provided on the card.

3. The third step is to make calls.

Types of Calling Cards

The following are some calling cards:

1. Pre-paid Calling Card: Prepaid cards have a fixed credit amount, just like other prepaid services. Until the credit amount is exhausted, the card can be used.

2. Post-paid Calling Card: In post-paid calling cards, the balance does not decrease regularly. Users receive monthly bills for per-call calls.

3. Rechargeable Calling card: Recharging the card is possible through the service provider. Cash or cards can be used to recharge these cards over the Internet or the counter.

4. Virtual Calling card: There is only a virtual version of this card available. The consumer receives the PIN via email. This card also requires other information from the service provider.

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How to Call US from Australia

Follow the below steps if you wish to make calls from Australia to the United States of America.

1. You need to dial the international code for the US, i.e., ‘1’.
2. To call a particular region, dial the 3-digit area code.
3. Enter the seven-digit American phone number Once the 3-digit area code is entered.
4. Thus, you are ready to make the call with your 10-digit phone number.

Let’s assume you want to call someone on a landline phone in Australia. For this, you will need the Exit Code:

1. You need to enter the Australian exit code (0011)
2. Dial ‘1‘ – US country code.
3. The next step is to dial the area code for the specific location.
4. Now, enter the 7-digit landline number, for example, ‘865-XXXX. ‘

You will follow these steps if you’re calling a mobile phone in Australia:

1. Hold the 0 key down and enter + on your dial pad.
2. To reach Canada, dial ‘1’.
3. Enter the three-digit area code.
4. In the next step, dial the 7-digit cell phone number ‘XXX-4561’.

Once you know how to call the US from Australia, you must decide which calling options are right for you. No matter what your purpose is for calling someone in the US, it can be quite costly.

You are most likely to communicate with prospects in the US through calls, especially if they live in the US. Cloud phone systems are a reasonable solution in this case.

How to Call the USA from an Australian Mobile?
Making a phone call to the USA from Australia is quite easy. Although dialing a USA number from an Australian mobile is quite different from dialing one from a landline, it is fairly straightforward.

Below are the steps for calling the USA from an Australian mobile phone.

1. Click +. (The program automatically retrieves your country’s exit code.)

2. Dial the code of the recipient country (Here, dial 1, the code for USA)

3. Dial the area code

Various cities have different area codes. On the internet, you can easily find these codes.

4. Dial the remaining number

By following the above steps, you can make an affordable call to the USA from your Australian mobile phone.

How to Call the USA from an Australian Landline?
Nowadays, it is not difficult to call a US number from Australia due to the advanced technologies in place.

You can use a landline to call the USA from Australia by following these step-by-step instructions.

1. Check for the balance of International minutes.

Check whether you have any remaining active minutes to make an international call since international calls are always expensive. Make sure you have a valid plan before making a call. Otherwise, calling the USA from Australia can be expensive.

2. Dial the exit code of the host country

The exit code of Australia must first be entered before you can call the US from Australia. The code here is 0011. There are different codes for this purpose in different countries. If you do not have the code, you cannot dial the number.

3. Dial the code of the recipient country

The USA’s code is 1. Dialing 1 after dialing the Australia code transfers your call to Australia.

4. Enter the 3-digit area code

Whenever you call the USA from an Australian mobile phone, you must dial the city’s area code. Locations also differ in these codes.

5. Enter the 7-digit number

This is the last part of an individual’s number and is unique and distinctive.

To call Australia, you must carefully dial the country code, area code, and unique part of the number.

Tips for Cost-Effective International Calling:

Choose the Right Service Provider
You can save money on international calls by choosing the right service provider in the first place. Customers who frequently make overseas calls can take advantage of the international calling plans many telecommunications companies offer. Regular callers will find these plans cost-effective since they often include discounted rates for specific countries or regions.

Take Advantage of Wi-Fi Calling

Use the Wi-Fi calling features of most modern smartphones to save money on international phone calls. When connected to Wi-Fi, your smartphone can use the internet to make and receive calls rather than cellular data or minutes. You can make free or low-cost international calls if you can access Wi-Fi, like at home or in a café.

Utilize International Calling Apps

VoIP services aren’t the only way to save money on mobile phone bills, there are numerous international calling apps as well. These apps also feature messaging, video calling, and file-sharing features. Viber, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime are some of the most popular international calling apps.

Consider Time Zone Differences

Time zone differences can significantly save money on international phone calls. Don’t forget to factor in the time difference between your location and the recipient’s location before making a call. Further reducing your overall costs can be achieved by scheduling calls during off-peak hours.

When possible, replace phone calls with messaging or email. With this method, both parties can communicate at their convenience without incurring any additional costs.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Troubleshooting common issues when calling the United States from Australia can help ensure your international phone calls go smoothly. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

How to Call the US from Australia

Issue: There may be problems with the country and area codes.
Solution: To call the US from Australia, you should dial 0011 (Australia’s exit code) + 1 (US country code) + the area code (usually 3 digits) + local phone number.

Poor Call Quality:

Issue: Poor audio quality or frequent dropouts may occur.
Solution: Use a reliable communications service provider. The quality of calls can also be improved with a better internet connection or a dedicated international calling plan.

Time Zone Differences:

Issue: The recipient might find it inconvenient to receive your call.
Solution: Keep in mind that the US and Australia have different time zones. If you want to find a time that’s convenient for you to call, you can use online time zone converters.

Benefits of Making Business Calls to the US from Australia with VoIP Phone

Many factors affect productivity when using cloud phones or VoIP phones. It takes time and paperwork to get a phone number from another country. VoIP, however, offers affordable long-distance calls as a benefit.

To make VoIP calls, you only need a laptop and an internet connection. You will be able to access the whole world at your fingertips. Not only can you call America from Australia, but you can also call anywhere in the world.

Enhanced call quality and smooth conversation can lead your business to yield fruitful results. Cloud phone systems use top-notch technology to offer you a static free international calling experience.

So, let’s take a quick look at how VoIP can be helpful for your business:

1. You will be able to communicate with your business partners locally and internationally with top-notch call quality.
2. You can make calls anywhere, anytime, and on multiple mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers.
3. For your business, we provide inexpensive local area code numbers and toll-free numbers for calling Australian landlines and mobile phones.
4. Using automatic workflows between CRM and the phone system will save time and increase team productivity.
5. Improve your call capacity with an automatic dialer that eliminates the need for manual dialing.
6. Analyze the performance data surrounding your calls to make strategic business decisions.
7. The number porting process ensures a seamless transition from traditional telephony to cloud-based telephony.


We hope you found this article helpful in learning how to make free calls to the US from Australia. You can call the US from Australia easily and cost-effectively with a VoIP service provider. With a Cloud-based phone, you can enjoy reliable and affordable international calling plans that provide crystal-clear connections.

Connect with your US contacts effortlessly with VoIP communication and experience the convenience and value it brings.



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