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How To Choose The Best Seedbox Provider?

Are you looking best seedbox provider? If yes, then you are in right place. Let’s discuss. You might’ve certainly realized the potential of private trackers and how useful they’re in terms of quality torrents. The speed is even concerned while downloading torrents at unlimited bandwidth. You’re using the internet for years, and suddenly you’ve realized you are no more allowed to download torrents or someone is watching your online activities via your internet service provider’s address. 

They would either stop your internet access or restrict your admission to private websites and also your internet provider might issue you a warning note and your account will be stopped if you aren’t maintaining a good ratio. Are you interested in paying expensive costs to maintain a good ratio? 

If you consider all the people in private trackers are really paying costly amounts for downloading, then you are not right. The main reason is you still not having the best seedbox. Unfortunately, it also indicates your survival is extremely numbered on private websites. The exact solution is, install the right seedbox today!

What is the best Seedbox?

Seedboxes are cloud-supported remote servers, which are customized for torrent downloads and uploads. And also, you can rearrange online media and upload (seed) torrents at extreme speed. The best seedbox will assist you to manage your torrent files through the browser from anywhere and anytime. 

The easiest way to improve your ratio in private sites is to install seedboxes or virtual private networks. 

Tips To Select The Best Right Seedbox Provider

Below are some important points to remember while choosing a seedbox –

Monthly Plan

That’s important to check monthly rents, seedboxes are actually a recurring investment that ranges anywhere between $10 to $500 monthly plans. And also consider the amount that must pay to maintain a good ratio. Does it make any sense to select the contributed ratio or managing it with a seedbox? Do your calculation and you will come up with an optimum number. 

High Speed

The speed is a very important aspect of seedboxes. Higher uploading speed is really worthwhile, and something around 10 to 20 Mbs/sec is also good to speed. You always do not require gigabytes speed which will surplus as minimum numbers of leechers featured these websites. 

One of the critical aspects, when speeds are concerned, is your storage and processor used in the server. You can excellently perform if your storage space is more and you can plan to run the seedbox for multiple trackers. 

Space – Storage Pricing Review

In case you are choosing a cheaper seedbox plan, you will probably get minimum storage space available at a $3 or $5 monthly plan. They might come up with space as minimum as 10gbs. This is actually not suitable for advanced users. You can neither maintain nor increase your ratio with such seedboxes. Therefore, choosing the right seedbox provider offering ample storage space at affordable rates is very much important. 

Privacy – Make Protect from Evil

One important point you must always concern while streaming videos, movies, or playing games is your online privacy. Check if your seedbox provider will offer extra protection to safeguard your internet service provider’s address as you are often managing copyrighted materials, so you must always remain concerned about authority issues. In addition to online privacy, you must even consider your seedbox provider enables you to mask your geographical address

The best seedbox is an outstanding asset of you is torrenting. Seedboxes also enables every user to access restricted websites and maintain extreme privacy at the same time.

Customer Support Provided

If you are a new seeder, you will generally come up with some problems and immediately need excellent customer support. Therefore, make sure your seedbox provider’s customer care support is customer-oriented and can offer you a solution as quickly and perfectly as possible. In case you cannot maintain a good ratio, you will get eliminated, which is never accepted as a seeder. And so, make your choice only after considering various points while selecting the right seedbox provider. 

Billing Method 

There are numerous scummy companies available in the market, who invents wired mechanism to cheat seeders. Make sure your seedbox provider isn’t a cheater and offered you a clean invoice and options to cancel the subscription without customer care support. Ensure your payment method is secured and you can simply cancel the subscription as and when required. 

Now you’ve all the points to remember while choosing the right seedbox provider. Let’s expect you can make the right choice now and once you get your seedbox, it will get activated instantly. 



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