How to Create Email Marketing Campaign and Follow-Ups in Hubspot

How to Create Email Marketing Campaign and Follow-Ups in Hubspot

Email Marketing campaigns are a crucial aspect of your inbound marketing strategy and CRM strategy. With this, you get a chance to generate high amounts of traffic to your website, get contacts to take a particular action, or elevate apprehension about your brand.

If your businesses or email marketing companies continue to embrace going digital, establishing a sturdy email marketing strategy can assist and make your business stand out and deliver value and profit that will convert more leads into more subscribers and clients.

Email marketing is a more creative and customized way to produce leads, connect with your clients and audience, increase brand recognition, and promote your business at macro level. When done efficiently, email marketing results in a customized and stable marketing strategy that helps build trustworthy relationships with clients and customers.

The right tools and devices make creating and sending knowledgeable, professional emails a boost. HubSpot’s email marketing tools include specifications and functions to build an end-to-end outstanding marketing campaign without the need for designers or IT.

You can automate lead generation by using follow-up emails to your HubSpot forms. With any hubspot development services, you can involve a single follow-up email to the form module on each of your web pages. If you have a Marketing Hub Starter, executive or venture account, you can set up an arrangement of up to three follow-up emails, which will be sent when the audience or subscribers submit the form on any page.

Marketing Hub Professional and executive users can also create contacts-based procedures to send follow-up emails and take other actions based on particular factors, including form submissions.

In this article, we will explore the steps for creating an email marketing campaign and follow ups using HubSpot softwares and tools, so you can deliver a helpful and valuable experience that drives impactful results for your businesses and email marketing companies.

What is an Email Marketing Campaign?

How to Create Email Marketing Campaign and Follow-Ups in Hubspot

Email marketing is the procedure of focusing basically on your visitors and clients via email. An email marketing campaign is a series of emails that are sent to contacts over a particular time frame with a single aim in mind.

An Email Marketing Campaign is a type of process where an Email is sent from an organization or business to many clients/subscribers all at the same time. After this, if you want your focused and potential clients and prospects to connect and show their involvement with your organization or business and assist you produce more leads and sales, you ought to execute a right and successful Email marketing campaign.

More than 85% of people in the world check their emails on a daily basis. Now, just because of this, Email marketing is the accurate problem  resolver for attaining client’s confidence and building healthy and long-lasting associations with them, which will further assist you in more and more production of leads and sales.

Inbound marketing strategy and CRM strategy are the ongoing processes as marketers meet buyers in whatever stage of the journey they are in. One thing to make a note of is that not everyone is ready to buy from you at this exact moment.

This is the reason why email is such an important platform.

Through this source of email, you are able to stay top-of-mind by providing communication to their personal inbox, and you can do it very easily with the marketing automation softwares.

How to Create Email Marketing Campaign and Follow-Ups in Hubspot

How to Create Email Marketing Campaign and Follow-Ups in Hubspot

Let us now explore how you can create and manage email marketing campaigns and follow-ups in Hubspot for your email marketing companies and businesses.

1.   SET UP A GOAL- 

Targeting and focusing your goals will surely help you in measuring whether your email campaigns are successful or not. Just think about why you are running this email marketing campaign. Do you want to offer assets and supplies? Are you looking to build trust? Do you want the receiver to take a specific action? Whatever it may be, it is essential to recognize a goal as it will determine the type of emails you send, the rate at which you send them, and the section of contacts you send these emails to.

Steps for setting a Smart aim:

  1. Examine goals for your email marketing campaign.
  2. Use customized templates to purify your smart and efficient goal.


Managing contacts is a strategy that targets and aims on using a software program, such as HubSpot, to easily store and source a contact’s details, including their name, connecting history, email address details, and more.

You want to be accurate and sure that your contact database is well organized and clean, so your team and staff can easily track the relationship each contact has with your business.

Steps for contact management:

  1. Get all your contacts into HubSpot.
  2. Make sure that all your contacts have opted-in to receive emails from you.
  3. Inspect your database at regular intervals and remove in-active contacts that are not beneficial and valuable for your business.

Get all your contacts into HubSpot

It is vital to have an established database that stores all customer details and data so that employees across marketing, sales, and services can work out of a single system. Having a single platform of right information saves your employees time, supports efficient and smooth communication, and provides an integrated profile of a contact’s links with your business.

If you already have contacts stored anywhere other than your CRM system, whether that is on a spreadsheet, in another CRM system, or a sign-up form, do not detain and get that details and information into HubSpot.

Now, if we move a step ahead, it is very important that you know where your contacts are coming from. Make a proper list of all the ways contacts are entered into your CRM system. This could be through a form of submission, manual entry by a company’s representatives, or an import. This is actually essential to make sure that you have received opt-in from every contact that will be receiving marketing connections from your business. This CRM strategy along with email marketing can be very successful for your businesses and HubSpot development company.


How to Create Email Marketing Campaign and Follow-Ups in Hubspot

Sectioning is one of the most crucial steps in an efficient and successful email marketing strategy. You want to make sure to send the correct and clear information to the right people at the right time.With this, you can gather details that assist you in getting a better knowledge of who that person is and where they are in the buyer’s history.

Explore distinguishable ways in which you can manage and organize your contacts to help you reach the targeted goal of your email marketing campaign. You may use data points like the following:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Area of Interests
  • Attitude
  • Product buying history
  • Subscription levels
  • App usage
  • Event attendance

Nowadays, If the properties in HubSpot do not involve all the data points you need to collect, you can build your own custom properties to meet your unique business needs.


Customization is more than just implementing the first name of your subscriber to your email. You want to build communication and a link that excites and provides knowledge to your email subscribers by sending them related content and offering value.

Steps for customizing and establishing your emails:

  1. Start by ensuring that you are assembling details or your employees are entering information that enables you to customize emails.
  2. Create emails that target a primary challenge or issue your customers face.
  3. Follow email templates best practices throughout. Be precise and concentrated, make sure the email follows your brand guidelines, and include eye-catching visual content.


Now, you all are very much familiar with the steps and strategies to create an Email Marketing Campaign and Follow-Ups in HubSpot developers and all the tips mentioned above will surely assist you to run successful and profitable businesses and email marketing companies. Follow through the commitments and promises you make towards your customers. Provide them with regular Emails if they have any doubts or questions, and keep them updated about your existing or upcoming product/service.

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