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How To Install A Graphics Card – The Step by Step Process

  • Ensure your PC and force flexibly can bolster the new designs card
  • Switch off your PC, and expel your old Graphic card
  • Genuinely introduce the new illustrations card
  • Switch your PC back on and introduce the new illustrations card drivers
  • Everything is all set.

Picking a Graphics Card

Picking a Graphics Card

1- Open your case:

In request to locate your old card, distinguish your capacity flexibly, and introduce the enhanced one, you’ll have to open your PC’s case. Most current cases have thumbscrews on the back that permit you to effectively expel the sideboards, however, you may require a Phillips-head screwdriver so as to evacuate the screws on more seasoned cases.

You should separate the force link and all peripherals before evacuating the sideboards.

Expel the board on the contrary side of the motherboard. In the event that you look on the rear of your PC, you will see a board on one side that contains an assortment of ports, including USB, Ethernet, show ports, and that’s just the beginning. This is the motherboard I/O board and will assist you with seeing which side the motherboard is situated on. You can lay your PC on this side and expel the contrary board with the goal that you can without much of a stretch access the motherboard.

Open your case

2- Ensure that your capacity gracefully is capable:

Powerful design cards require a force flexibly that can give them the juice they need. In case you’re running an old force flexibly, or you have a lot of different parts drawing power, your capacity gracefully probably won’t make the cut. If so, consider updating your capacity flexibly while you overhaul your designs card.

There is an assortment of locales online that assist you with ascertaining power prerequisites by investigating the entirety of the equipment presently introduced or that you’re wanting to introduce. Quest for “power gracefully adding machine” utilizing your preferred pursuit engine.[1]

Your capacity gracefully will likewise require PCI-E connectors. This typically isn’t an issue if your capacity flexibly is more current, yet power supplies more established than 10 years might not have the proper connectors.

Your capacity gracefully most extreme wattage ought to be imprinted on a sticker attached to the force flexibly. You may need to evacuate the force flexibly to discover it.

Ensure that your capacity gracefully is capable

3- Ensure that your motherboard bolsters the card:

Virtually all graphic cards are PCI-E nowadays, so you should guarantee that you have at any rate one of these openings. They are normally found nearest to the processor in the line of PCI openings. On the off chance that you don’t have any PCI-E openings, you may need to introduce another motherboard on the off chance that you need to overhaul your illustrations card.

Allude to your motherboard’s documentation to discover the design outline. This will enable you to distinguish where the PCI-E spaces are found.

Introducing another motherboard will necessitate that you reinstall your working framework.

Note: Most workstations don’t permit you to overhaul the graphic card.

-Ensure that your motherboard bolsters the card:

4- Make sure that the card will fit:

Lots of current outlined cards are extremely colossal, and many will take the space of two PCI openings in the PC. They can likewise be genuinely tall and long, so you’ll have to ensure that there is sufficient vertical and level freedom.

Utilize a measuring tape to note both the vertical and flat leeway that you have accessible. Almost all cards will have their measurements recorded in their item depictions, permitting you to guarantee that it will fit before you buy it.

Make sure that the card will fit

5- Look at the presentation abilities of the card:

As show innovation improves, so do the number of alternatives accessible on illustrations cards. Your new card may bolster HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, VGA, or any blend of those. Check what your screen uses to the interface, and buy your card likewise.

For the most ideal quality, you will need to interface by means of HDMI or DisplayPort.

On the off chance that you need to run different screens, guarantee that the design card can bolster numerous screens with quality ports. You don’t need one screen on HDMI and the other on VGA, on the grounds that the VGA screen will be the low goal and look horrendous close to the HDMI one.

Introducing the Card

Introducing the Card

1-Uninstall your old drivers:

One of the greatest possibilities for mistakes and issues comes from driver inconsistency. Prior to introducing your new card, it is enthusiastically suggested that you uninstall the drivers that Windows is as of now utilizing to show graphics.[3]

The snappiest method to uninstall your drivers is to open the Device Manager and uninstall from that point. To open the Device Manager, scan for it in the Start menu or press Win+X and select it from the menu (Windows 8 as it were).

Once in the Device Manager, extend the Display Adapters segment. Right-click on your present showcase connector and snap Uninstall. Follow the prompts to expel the driver from your PC. Your presentation will probably return to bad quality, with enormous symbols and hazy content. Shut down your PC in the wake of uninstalling the drivers.

Uninstall your old drivers

2- Identify the old card:

You can locate your old graphic card embedded into the PCI-E or AGP opening on your motherboard (AGP cards are normally found on more established PCs). Most graphics cards are genuinely enormous, and will probably be the biggest card introduced in your framework. They regularly have fans and heatsinks appended to them.

On the off chance that your PC was utilizing incorporated designs previously (your screen was associated legitimately to the motherboard), at that point, there will be no card to evacuate.

Identify the old card

3- Remove your current card:

If you are updating illustrations cards, you will need to evacuate the old card before introducing the enhanced one. Unscrew the screw that is associating the card to the body. Most more current cards have a tab underneath the rear of the PCI opening that should be delivered so as to haul the card out.

While expelling the card, pull it straight up with the goal that you don’t harm the PCI space.

Make a point to detach any show connected to the old card before expelling it.

4- Embed the new card:

Delicately expel the card from its antistatic pack, abstaining from contacting any of the contacts or hardware. Supplement it straight into the void PCI-e space and apply even strain to the top until it is completely situated. In the event that you have a clasp for your PCI-E opening, you will hear it click into place.[4]

You may need to evacuate the neighboring board if your designs card is two boards wide.

Ensure no links or some other segments are standing out before totally seating the card.

embed the new card

5- Connect the force flexibly:

Most current cards will have power gracefully connector ports worked into the head of the rear of the card. You should interface a couple of PCI-E connectors from the force gracefully, which are normally 6-pin links. Without associating the force gracefully, these cards won’t work appropriately.

Numerous design cards come bundled with connectors that will change your current connectors into ones that will fit into the illustrations card.

Connect the force flexibly

6- Close up your PC:

After you’ve confirmed that the card has been situated appropriately, made sure about, and been associated with the force gracefully, you can quit for the day. Try to interface your presentation to the new designs card. In the event that you were utilizing a locally available video previously, the screen was likely connected to the motherboard. So as to exploit your new card, your presentation should be associated with it.

For best outcomes, use HDMI or DisplayPort to interface your showcase to your illustrations card. In the event that your screen or card doesn’t bolster HDMI or DisplayPort, the following most ideal decision is DVI, trailed by VGA.

Introducing Drivers and Testing it Out

1- Power on your PC:

Your working framework will in all likelihood distinguish the new card and endeavor to change your showcase with the goal that it is utilizing the ideal goal and shading profundity. Acknowledge the progressions and enter the working framework.

In the event that your screen doesn’t show any image whatsoever, you have to investigate your establishment. Check to ensure you have the card appropriately introduced and associated.

An unpredictable, spiked looking, or mutilated picture may show an issue with your designs card. Watch that your card is appropriately introduced before reaching the maker.

2- Insert your driver circle or download the drivers:

If your graphics card accompanies a driver plate, you can embed it presently to start the driver arrangement process. On the off chance that your card didn’t accompany a plate, or you need to guarantee that you have the most recent arrival of the drivers conceivable, you can download the drivers straightforwardly from Nvidia or AMD (contingent upon what card you have).

Insert your driver circle or download the drivers

3- Install the drivers:

The driver establishment process is for the most part programmed, however, you may get inquired as to whether you need to introduce any extra designs card the board programming. This extra programming is discretionary yet can help guarantee that your drivers keep awake to date. Your showcase will undoubtedly glimmer and reset during the establishment procedure.


In this guide, we’ll tell you how to install the graphics card into your System. 

Just install a new card in place of the old. Cards are especially powerless to electricity produced via friction.

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