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How to Optimize LinkedIn Profile in 2020

If you ever came out of the stereotypes mind which is only limited over physical work boundaries, then there are many online platforms that offer you jobs similar to your skills.

One of the most standard and genuine websites is Linkedin. It is the social media platform for business class, where you can find professional pieces of stuff.

Linkedin consists of white-collar business and start-up owners, recruiters, and freshers in search of jobs.

Basically, it is a platform where businesses and customers connect. Linkedin gives opportunities to explore worldwide, as it has users throughout the world. One has the chance to step out the boundry to search for relevant jobs, show their skills, and advise brands internationally.

Definitely, it will be not that easy to monetize your skills until you have a profile with an accurate portfolio of your past work.

To make that recruiter or the customer choose you over the others. Your LinkedIn profile should be welled optimized.

Then here are some of the tips in 2020 one should follow in order to show that first impression.

Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile in 2020


The Linkedin profile has many factors which one should look up to.

In order to maintain that professionalism of yours, completing your profile with appropriate details is the best way to go. Targeting specific keywords into your summary of work and requirements will show you the latest news and updates.

As per estimation, 50% of the profiles on LinkedIn are incomplete. It may be a great turn-off for you and can miss a door-step opportunity.

You got the idea of how important is to maintain that all-star rating over the profile.

Given below are the factors to improve the rating.

Profile Picture:

The profile picture is the bonus point over getting that impression on your work profile. People will judge you how professional you as per your white-collar picture. In the list of relevant results, the brand to click on your profile will be boost by 8 per cent just by your display.

If your picture consists of you standing on a beach or a selfie that hides your half face then it may affect the cake coming on your plate. Dp shows how disciplined you’re towards your profession.

White-collar and a tie make drive sales or generate leads towards your business and website.


●     Face fronting over the camera.

●     Formal outfit.

●     High resolution with a smile on the face.

●     The dark background is preferred.

●     Make it visible to all.

Applying this can increase the click rate chance by 14 per cent. Making your profile picture visible to everybody not just only to the connections. This will make new people know about you.


Whenever you search for how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, everyone will suggest divine your heading. After the profile picture if a recruiter tries to hire or find people, so as a fresher your main motive is to highlight the quality of what you are.

The heading should contain your area of specialization. The sentence should consist of keywords related to your profession which will spotlight your identity.

Some of these factors are for divining your headings;

●     Stuffing relevant keywords about your skills.

●     Featuring who you’re working with currently.

●     Providing more similar skills, always welcome.

●     The dominant profession should be there so you will appear on top search results.

Having a ruling heading maybe a call to action for you. It is similar to google search results, there your post should have exact keyword in the heading for to appear on the top results

LinkedIn Bio / About section:

As you are stepping out into the open world, the resume should be sent online only.

Here LinkedIn acts as an online resume summary. your aim should be to write relevant details which can be call attention for the recruiter.

About section should contain:

●     The company name you have worked/working with.

●     How many years of experience you have/ fresher.

●     How good you are in the field.

●     Don’t brief just the aimed points about your work history.

●     the area of expertise and technical skills should be in bullet points. 

About section will summarise your past work, how many years of experience you have, which company you have work with, etc.

Experience section:

The LinkedIn experience section shows up your expertise in a particular field. Make it flow easy with the past work and highlight the achievements.

Here are the tips to optimize your experience section:

●     A short and simple title of your expertise.

●     Bulleting all your achievements

●     Showing your daily responsibility while working.

●     Your contribution to your company.

●     Colab your experience and present it in a simple form.

●     Point out the Level of discipline towards your work.

The section should be properly readable, as it shows your experience.

Linkedin profile is better than other platforms or resumes, as it a standardized platform where you show off your potential. 

Other things to Optimize should be

Skills and endorsements:

This section proves your ability to expertise. It adds the quality of yours in the field.

The endorsement skills show the manager that you’re superior.

Always mention all the relevant skills and the endorsements so a manager or recruiter takes times to see that you have mentioned the skills with endorsement. This way you can act unique from other’s LinkedIn profile for sure.

Cover picture:

Cover picture definitely should not be your professional picture, for that you already profile picture option.

It should spot some lights on your profession like as a content writer, it should have a person writing on a laptop or something like that.

People looking at your cover picture should get an idea about who you’re.


This is the best part if you look forward to it. Not only in LinkedIn but in any workspace you can get recommendations.

But talking about LinkedIn optimization, one should work ask for the recommendations from the people or the clients you have past worked with. If you have fulfilled their requirements and help them to get achievements, then it is possible they may prefer to other clients.

So on LinkedIn Profile only you will get referral works and clients and in this way, you don’t have to worry about the future work.



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