How to Plan and Prepare Content?

How to Plan and Prepare Content?

Today we are going to unravel a very important part of websites and online stores. It’s about the famous content. This is all the information filling that will appear on your website or e-shop.

The topic is very important because a lot of things depend on it. The first is the success of the project. If you expose yourself to the content, then the whole web project goes to hell. The next crucial thing is the architecture of the site or store. Content is critical to the structure of the site. It represents the nucleus around which it is built. Another important thing is the deadline for launching a project, if you are unable to get organized with content creation, entry, and editing, then your website will probably start later than intended.

Accordingly, you will need to look more seriously, approach this content more responsibly. Generating it depends on you. Prepare a plan to guide yourself. If you are having trouble, consult a web developer to avoid boxing. Always remember that visitors to the site or online store are looking for content.

What is this content?

For each website and online store, it is unique, but in general, we can summarize it as follows:

  • logos;
  • texts;
  • pictures;
  • download files;
  • video materials;

Let’s look at each one individually.

The logo

This includes your company logo, which serves as a starting point for web design. This category of material also includes all the logos of partners and clients you work with and want to display. Note that it is advisable to prepare all logos in the working format (for example: .ai or .psd). The working files of the logos allow their adequate use of the required sizes.

Organize everything into folders. Put comprehensible names to know at all times where it is contained. This will make the web developer company easier too.

The texts

The texts are a very broad subject because many things are included in the category. We start with the most basic company presentation. It should be well done, comprehensive, and easy to read. You can break it down into paragraphs that look at the business, its history, its team, its goals. The texts should be created in a way that is easy to assimilate to site visitors.

The following are the texts from the other information sections. You may have conditions of use of the site, you should discuss them with a lawyer. On the other hand, you may have delivery conditions. You probably also offer some warranties on the items you sell – this should also be described. If you are selling online you will need to list the payment methods you support. It is also a good idea to prepare information on the most frequently asked questions. This will save a lot of time later you.

The product catalog and all the texts in it. You will have the most work here. Whether you are offering goods or services, everything should be well-written and arranged. In addition, the content must be unique. That is, you can’t pick it up from a foreign site or online store. You’ll have to write it yourself. This will be appreciated not only by customers but also by the Google search engine. Added to that you will differentiate yourself from your competitors. It is important to note that if you support multiple language versions, you will need to make the necessary translations.

Arrange everything in .doc files, arrange them in folders, name them so you can navigate quickly. This will help you with future corrections, and will also make it easier for the web development company to handle this content. It is strongly recommended that you make several edits to the text to make sure there are no mistakes.

The photos

Photos or images, as we also call them, are a key element in websites and online stores. They show consumers what you offer, they sell. There is no way to touch the product on the web, you can only read about it and watch images. Try to provide great images. By that we mean they look professionally made, have high resolution and quality. Make each item several snapshots from different perspectives, shoot the goods to other sites to give consumers a better idea of ​​the size. Consider exactly how to capture everything – whether in portrait or landscape orientation. The most standard image formats are .png and .jpg. They will do great work for you.

Try to arrange and name everything filmed. Usually, photos come up with names that are a combination of letters and numbers. Describe which photo is relevant.

Download Files

In this category, we put everything you have to offer for download. These can be scanned references from your customers, catalogs, product manuals, software, audio files, video files, entire books, magazines.

Prepare everything and arrange it in folders, place appropriate names to help you with the subsequent review.

Video materials

Just above, we noted that in a web environment, users cannot touch the goods, they can only read and view photos. Video enhances these capabilities by helping to present better. Making a video sometimes sounds stressful, but it’s not really that complicated. There are many websites and online stores that present the goods and services they offer through video clips. The most important thing for making videos is desire. First, create one YouTube channel. You can safely use their platform to upload videos. Then they can easily be placed on the site or online store. Nowadays, we have a choice between a variety of digital cameras, cameras that even smartphones that have pretty good cameras that make high-quality recordings.

Organize all the video files into folders with the proper names. Upload them to YouTube and then place them on the relevant pages on the site or online store. This procedure is very easy, especially with a well-designed admin panel.


Content is the most important component in your site or online store. Even if you have perfect programming codes and killer web design, they won’t cost a penny without the content. Your potential customers are interested in the products you offer, how they are presented, information about your company, and everything that comes with dealing with you. Just provide them in the best possible way.


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