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An Amazing Tool To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

Have you ever heard of Social Media Aggregator tools? If not, Social Media Aggregator tools or Social Media Content Aggregator tools are best known for gathering social media content feed from over different social media platforms and is responsible for aggregating them together to make them more meaningful and relevant. 

Not only this, but they are also known for embedding the social media feed on the website, over big digital screens and digital signage in events and over digital advertisements too. One such tool that is known for serving this purpose is Taggbox.

Taggbox is a Social Media Aggregator software tool that can be used to embed Instagram feed on the website. Not only Instagram feed you can also embed Twitter as well as Facebook feed on your website too. 

However, as Instagram feed is most considered for its attractive and engaging feed which makes its feed a perfect fit for displaying on the website. Now, the question arises is why you should choose only Taggbox for embedding Instagram feed. To answer your query here are some of the benefits associated with using Taggbox for the same.

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feed On Website Through Taggbox

1. Customization feature

Not all social media aggregator tools provide customization features. The customization feature will let you modify your Instagram feed manually as well as automatically. It also provides the ability to add a customized logo and messages on your social wall. You can also change, alter or modify the font colors, the background of the feed and such.

2. Instant update

Your Instagram feed must be posted on your website as when it occurs so that it doesn’t lose its essence. Taggbox understands the relevance of timely updates and therefore it provides a feature of Auto Updates. Through this feature, your Instagram feed will automatically be visible on the website on a real-time basis.

3. Amazing themes

Taggbox also is a collection of amazing themes that enables the Instagram feed to look more appealing and vibrant when displayed on the website. 

It has beautiful themes that fit every occasion and makes your social wall one to swoon over.

4. Moderation

Not all content on your social media platform is worth shown over the website too. Isn’t it? There is some unwanted and fake content lying there too that can hinder your brand’s authenticity and loyalty. 

To keep such content at bay, Taggbox has this Filter and Moderate feature which allows you to discard some irrelevant hashtags, users and words that are unsuitable to go live on screens and websites automatically.

So, you don’t have to fear that your competitor’s fake content may suddenly appear live and jeopardize your brand image with Taggbox at your side.

5. Responsive design

Another benefit of using Taggbox lies in its responsive design. With Taggbox you don’t have to worry about resizing the content feed. 

It makes the feed to fit any screen size from mobiles, tablets, laptops, TV to big screens, signages, jumbotrons, and projectors automatically.

6. Analytics

The analytics feature of Taggbox makes it ahead of other such tools in the market. It has an inbuilt Analytics feature that will help you in tracking the performance of your social wall. 

With this feature, you can generate reports and know how embedding feed has benefited the business and user engagement. Indeed, this feature of Taggbox encourages you to go forward with this UGC marketing strategy.

7. Highlight offers

This feature will enable to you add anything in between your social posts that you want your visitors to notice about. This highlight feature is beneficial in attracting visitor’s attention towards special news you want your users to know. This can, in turn, benefit brand interaction and engagement.

8. Taggshop

Taggshop feature is for e-commerce business that uses the web to sell their products. It helps in creating shoppable UGC that will tempt visitors to engage with the brand and make purchases. It even makes the purchase process easy and enjoyable.

Now that we know the benefits of using Taggbox, let’s know how you can embed Instagram feed using Taggbox. This is a step by step easy process which goes like this:

1. Click on + Create Wall after logging on to your Taggbox account.

2. Thereafter, name your wall and click on Create Wall.

3. A dialogue box will appear named Pick a Source. Select Instagram as your feed source.

4. Select Your connect type to aggregate feeds

Hashtags (#): it fetches the feed with hashtags

Handle (@): it fetches the feed with your username

Mentions: it fetches the feed where ever you have been mentioned

Tagged: it fetches the feed wherever you are tagged

5. After selecting your connection type, click on Create Feed.

6. Now, you need to provide the credentials to your Instagram account to proceed further.

This will make Taggbox create a connection with your Instagram account and your Instagram posts will appear in the Wall Editor. After using several features of Taggbox mentioned above, you can set an Instagram Wall and embed the same on your website. 

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