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The 6 Best Instagram Spy Apps: Monitor Accounts on Android and iPhone

As an employer or parent, you may be concerned about using Instagram and want to monitor certain accounts. With the rise of social media, it can be challenging to track what employees or children post and view on Instagram. Using an Instagram spy app is an effective way to discreetly gain visibility into accounts of interest. The best Instagram spy apps enable users to view posts, comments, likes, stories, and messages on Android and iOS devices.

The top 6 Instagram Spy Apps

There are a lot of Instagram spy apps available on the market, but only a few monitoring apps provide you with the features of spying on Instagram. Before buying any app, you need to check its features before purchasing its subscription. Otherwise, your money and time can be wasted. The top 6 Instagram spy apps can help you spy on anyone’s Instagram account.

TheOneSpy: Uncover Instagram secrets with TheOneSpy’s spy app.

Flexispy: Explore Instagram mysteries with Flexispy’s spy app.

MSpy: Gain insights into Instagram activities with MSpy’s spy app.

Ogymogy: Discover Instagram’s hidden world with Ogymogy’s spy app.

iKeyMonitor: Experience Instagram like never before with iKeyMonitor’s spy app.

Xnspy: Unlock Instagram secrets with Xnspy’s spy app.

TheOneSpy Instagram Spy App

TheOneSpy is the all-in-one monitoring app with the best features for spying on private Instagram messages and other activities. It is equipped with all the necessary features to help track and monitor Instagram activities remotely. It is an app that runs in stealth mode and is hard to unveil. Theonespy provides users with a user-friendly interface so they can easily navigate all the monitored data.

Key Features of TheOneSpy

  • Remotely take live screenshots of the target device to capture Instagram activity.
  • Monitor Instagram stories, live streams, and IGTV videos.
  • You can view all incoming and outgoing Instagram direct messages. See messages that have been deleted as well.
  • View Instagram stories and see who views your target’s stories. Stories that disappear after 24 hours are recorded and saved within the app.
  • See all posts on your target’s Instagram feed, even if they are deleted. View details like number of likes and comments for each post.
  • Read comments on your target’s posts and comments they leave on other people’s posts. Deleted comments are also captured and recorded.

Overall, TheOneSpy is a capable Instagram spy app if you need in-depth monitoring and are comfortable with the higher costs and installation requirements.

Pros and Cons of TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is a popular Instagram monitoring app for Android and iOS devices.


Comprehensive features: TheOneSpy provides extensive monitoring capabilities for Instagram, including message tracking, geolocation tagging, and keyword alerts.

Affordable pricing: TheOneSpy is an affordable solution for most users.

Multiple Device Compatibility: TheOneSpy works on Android and iOS to monitor Instagram activity across various devices.


Jailbreaking required for iOS: The device must be jailbroken to install TheOneSpy on an iPhone, which can void the warranty and pose security risks.

Flexispy Explore Instagram mysteries with flexispy’s spy app

The Flexispy Instagram spy app allows you to monitor someone’s Instagram account and see their direct messages. Moreover, it also helps you monitor the comments, likes, stories, and posts. This app can work on both Android and iOS devices. The Flexispy Instagram spy app comprehensively monitors someone’s Instagram account. While it does require access to the target device to install, it offers an easy-to-use solution for keeping tabs on account activity and location data at an affordable cost. For any parent, employer, or individual looking to gain insight into Instagram use, Flexispy is a worthwhile app to consider.

Key Features of Flexispy

  • View all Instagram posts, comments, likes, direct messages, and stories. See both sent and received messages.
  • Track someone’s location and see where photos were taken. The location data is extracted from Instagram posts.
  • Get alerts when certain keywords are used or the target account is active. You can set custom alerts for any activity.


  • Affordable monthly subscription and no long-term contracts
  • Simple to set up and user-friendly interface
  • Regular updates to keep up with Instagram changes


  • Requires physical access to install on Android; jailbreak required for iOS
  • Customer support can be slow to respond
  • No free trial offered

MSpy: Gain insights into Instagram activities with MSpy’s spy app

MSpy is a popular Instagram monitoring app for Android and iOS devices. It lets you secretly view someone’s Instagram account and see their messages, comments, likes, and uploads.

Key Features

  • View Instagram messages (direct messages), comments, likes, and uploads. See deleted messages and comments as well.
  • See the timestamps and details of each Instagram action. Know exactly when messages were sent or received, photos were liked, etc.
  • Get alerts when specific Instagram actions occur, like when a new message is received, a new photo is uploaded, or someone goes live.
  • View Instagram passwords, hashtags, locations, and more. See who the target account is following or being followed by.


  • Affordable and user-friendly. Easy to set up and navigate.
  • Regular software updates to ensure compatibility with the latest Instagram updates.
  • Good customer support via live chat


  • Jailbreaking or rooting is required for some features on iOS and Android, respectively. This can be a complex process for non-technical users.
  • No free trial is offered. You have to pay upfront to use the service.

MSpy offers comprehensive Instagram monitoring with an intuitive control panel. For concerned parents or employers, it’s a valuable tool to supervise Instagram use and ensure safety. While not free, the service is competitively priced for the features provided.

Ogymogy Discover Instagram’s hidden world with Ogymogy’s spy app

Monitor Instagram with OgyMogy compatible with Android devices. It lets you secretly track someone’s Instagram account and see their messages, likes, comments, and more. Ogymogy can be an effective tool for monitoring someone’s Instagram activity in a concealed manner. However, the functionality is pretty basic compared to more robust spy apps that offer monitoring across multiple platforms. For simple Instagram oversight, though, Ogymogy does the job at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • View Instagram messages, likes, comments, and stories
  • See shared photos, videos, and IGTV
  • Track login and logout times
  • View location history and timestamps
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone


  • Discreet and undetectable monitoring
  • Free 3-day trial available
  • Affordable subscription plans


  • Requires access to the target device
  • Only compatible with Instagram (no other social networks)
  • Limited features compared to other spy apps


The Ikeymonitor Instagram Spy App is designed to monitor Instagram accounts and posts on both Android and iOS devices. This app provides comprehensive Instagram monitoring features while remaining discreet. The Ikeymonitor Instagram Spy App provides an inexpensive solution for monitoring Instagram accounts and posts. With regular updates, Ikeymonitor continues to improve its Instagram monitoring features to provide comprehensive and discreet surveillance.

Key Features of ikey-monitoring

Keylogging: The keylogging feature tracks the keystrokes entered on the target device to capture account usernames, passwords, messages, and more. Screenshots

Screenshot: The app takes timed screenshots of the target device to capture Instagram posts, comments, and private messages. The screenshots are uploaded to your online account for remote viewing.

Browsing History: This app has the unique feature of tracking the targeted person’s browsing history. Using this feature, you can monitor how much time your targeted person spends on each website and what type of content they are watching.


  • Affordable one-time payment with no monthly fees
  • View Instagram posts, comments, followers, and messages
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone
  • Discreet app with no icon


  • Requires jailbreaking an iPhone to install
  • Limited customer support options

Xnspy Instagram monitoring app

XnSpy is a popular Instagram monitoring app that allows you to view Instagram messages, stories, posts, and comments. It is easy to use Instagram spy app that can work smoothly on any device. Xnspy is the reputation Instagram spy app that provides the best Instagram monitoring features to its user for fulfilling the monitoring features of its users.

Key features of XnSpy

Some of the main features of the Xnspy Instagram spy app include

  • Message Monitoring
  • View Photos and Videos
  • Location Tracking
  • Stealth Mode


  • Affordable and straightforward to set up.
  • View messages, photos, videos, and location data from the target Instagram account.
  • Available for both Android and iOS.


  • Jailbreaking is required for iPhone monitoring.
  • Location tracking and call recording features do not work on all devices. Performance may vary


In conclusion, several capable Instagram spy apps on the market allow you to monitor someone’s account and see their activity. Instagram spy app is the best solution for both employees and parents. Parents can monitor what their children are doing on their social media accounts. They can spy on their messages, view posts, comments, likes, and more. And employees can see what their employees are doing during their working hours and keep track of their every activity. The Instagram spy app is the best way to educate your children on how to show responsible social media attitudes on the internet.


1. How can I monitor another Instagram without the Target Phone?

To spy on the Instagram of a targeted person, you need the help of the third-party application Instagram spy app. These apps allow you to spy on any account without the targeted phone. You can monitor all their device activity remotely from your device. These apps operate in hidden mode, and your targeted person will stay unaware of it.

2. How to select the best Instagram monitoring app?

While looking for the best Instagram spy app, you should look for a reputable app that offers you all the features you need for your spying purpose. Before selecting the Instagram spy app, look for its reputation and review, features, compatibility, user review, and pros and cons.

3. How to monitor Instagram DMs for Free?

Yes, you can spy on Instagram DMs by installing the Instagram spy app that provides you with every monitoring feature for free. But the free Instagram spy apps are not legitimate and can steal your crucial information, so try to go for a reputable Instagram spy app for spying on the Dms of your targeted person.

4. How to monitor Instagram Photos/Videos?

The third-party application Instagram spy apps can assist you in monitoring the photos and videos of your targeted person on Instagram. These apps can work proficiently without impacting the performance of the device. After monitoring the images/videos, it transmits all the data to the online user portal, where you can remotely see all the monitored data in your free time.

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