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5 free IOS gaming apps you must try

With the evolution of technology, smart devices such as mobile technology have evolved from being a communication device to a smart computing device. One good thing about changing technology is the huge number of apps and games that are available on the app store in modern devices.

With the evolution of mobile technology, the gaming industry has taken a drastic turn. The tech hubs of the world including LA, Chicago, Texas mobile app development company and service providers are developing new apps and games with amazing features to engage and entertain the users through their mobile phones.

With hundreds and thousands of games to choose from, it can be challenging for a user to find a perfect game. Unless the app store features some of the old, classic games on its home page, most of the classic games still remain undiscovered by the gamers. If you are an iPhone user, do not miss out on the 5 best iPhone gaming apps of all time.

  1. Angry birds 2

One of the best games on the app store and an editor’s choice, the game is an amalgamation of physics gameplay, a puzzle and consists of adorable characters to please and exasperate in equal measures.

What it has to offer

  • The choice of bird
  • Daily challenges to keep the user engaged
  • It is free to play

The drawbacks

  • May be complicated for young users
  • The pop-ups can annoy the users
  • It can be glitchy

What started as a simple puzzle game turned into being a marketing juggernaut, spinning off to new sequels and sister releases.

  • Clash of the clans

Clash of the Clans has dominated the app store for quite some time and for a good reason. Being a combination of army creation, base-building, levelling and combat which creates an inevitable loop of players.

What it has to offer

  • It provides a practice mode to the user to brush up on their battalion armour
  • It presents challenges to keeping the user engaged with the game

The drawbacks

  • Don’t have any control over the target
  • The account doesn’t follow if the user switches the phone
  • The raiding system of the game can be improved

Clash of Clans wasn’t the first game in its category, but it is considered as the best game in the app store.

  • Crossy roads 

A game inspired by Arcade Game Frogger, Crossy Road is a classic which has set standards to free-to-play gaming. It is simple, and its one-tap nature is perfect for gaming on the go.

What it has to offer

  • Simple design with a great look
  • Timeless arcade game appeal
  • Engages the user with the game

The drawbacks

  • Pop-ups can annoy the users
  • It can sometimes freeze during the gameplay
  • The characters have a chance of getting duplicated.

The game can offer you free points to unlock better characters and add to your collection.

  • Cut the rope Gold

Cut the rope is as popular as it is fun to play. The game can never be more straightforward; with a pet monster to feed, it requires careful planning and quick fingers. Cutting the rope in the right direction and at the right time can send the candy swinging flinging and float into the mouth of the baby monster.

What it has to offer

  • It is based on realistic physics
  • It is challenging as it is fun
  • It also provides fun cartoons and videos on YouTube

The drawbacks

  • It is not free to play
  • It can be difficult for young players
  • It can cost about $4.99 to unlock the third season

What started as a simple game is now spinning off to new sister versions.

  • Hearthstone

 A collectable card game set in the Warcraft universe, consisting of the warmth and charm of its source while being able to craft a new experience that is both cleverly strategic and infinitely collectable. 

What it has to offer

  • Although it has been a long time since it has been launched, a blizzard is continually adding new cards to the collection
  • The game is exceptionally easy to learn
  • It can be played as a single or multiplayer

The drawbacks

  • Cards can be expensive
  • It requires an internet connection to play the game
  • The connection problem can bring down the gameplay.

Hearthstone offers numerous strategies, but it does so in a very accessible way. 



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