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About iPhone 2020: Everything We Know So Far

The rumors about the next generation of Apple phones are always constant. With the arrival of the iPhone 11 line, speculation is now focused on the devices expected by 2020. As you may suspect, there are few details about an iPhone that is a generation away, but different sources of information can be found. Below you will find everything that is known about the iPhone 2020, plus rumors, leaks, and the latest news.

Prices of the iPhone 12

The analyst Chung-Hoon Lee from UBI Research, commented on the Korean site The Elec, the price that the next model of iPhone would have.

iPhone 12 – 5.4-inch display – Estimated to start at $700

iPhone Max – 6.1-inch display – Estimate to start at $750

iPhone 12 Pro – 6.1-inch display – Estimate to start at $999

iPhone 12 Pro Max – 6.7-inch display – Estimate to start at $1,099

iPhone 12 comes with the latest iOS 14 version

Introducing new widget style, app drawer, Siri etc

iPhone 2020 ( iPhone 12 ) Batteries Capacity

iPhone 2020 will come with great battery capacity. iPhone has improved its battery capacity

    • iPhone 12 – 2227 mAh
    • iPhone 12 Max – 2775 mAh
    • iPhone 12 Pro – 2815 mAh
    • iPhone 12 Pro Max – 3687 mAh

With Fast Charging speed

iPhone 12 Reveals Its Notch

The upcoming iPhone 12 may have a notably smaller notch than its predecessor, according to the latest Twitter feed from Jon Prosser.

The design exhibits a minimized notch, approximately half the width of what the iPhone 11 currently displays.

The track coincides with the unveiling of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the top of the range of Apple’s 2020 family of phones, which announced it with an overall design reminiscent of the iPad Pro and iPhone 5.

The small notch houses the same sensors that are seen in the current iPhone, which means it should keep the Face ID system.

The offer includes the camera and infrared illuminator, a spotlight, an ambient light sensor, and a proximity sensor, listed Digital Trends.

The new notch also includes the self-photo camera, while the speaker seems to have moved over the sensor matrix, which can respond to a purely instrumental decision.

“The exact shape and size are not confirmed and the previous renderings come from designs obtained by accessory manufacturers, which often do not have the exact details, just the overall measurements, and dimensions,” the site added.

The angles and curvature around the edge of the notch may change as a result. Also, the next iPhone 12 is expected to decrease its bezels.

With 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screens in the Pro and Pro Max variants, respectively, the next Apple mobile is expected to be in the autumn (southern spring) of 2020.

What to expect from the iPhone 12 Pro Max

The next set of Apple’s flagship phones seems to have begun to take shape. Here, we collect all the rumors and leaks with which experts and the specialized press spice up the wait.

In a video published on April 16th, 2020, Everything ApplePro has shared several renders of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the variant that could be placed at the top of Cupertino’s signature.

Judging by the registration, its design has a lot in common with the latest iPad Pro. By replacing the curved edges with stainless steel planes and adopting more rounded corners, it also resembles the iPhone 5, much longer of course.

The firm has succeeded in further reducing the bezel, resulting in an almost borderless screen. Compared to the current iPhone 11 Pro Max, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is also marginally thinner.

The notch also seems to have been reduced, so it now looks like the OnePlus 6. According to rumors published by Digital Trends, it would maintain the already known range of cameras.

“Apple has also made some minor changes to the rear camera housing to accommodate a lidar system, an additional sensor for better-augmented reality experiences that Apple debuted with the latest iPad Pro,” the media said.

The housing is identical to the one found on the new iPad Pro, while the antenna lines for 5G connectivity have been extended 80 percent from the iPhone 11 Pro to 1.83 mm.

“The iPhone 12 Pro Max is said to have a smart connector to make it compatible with iPad Pro accessories. It’s clear that Apple is exploring ways to allow users to take advantage of its large 6.7-inch screen,” he added.

Apple analyzes delaying the iPhone 5G

Apple is looking at the possibility of delaying “by months” the launch of its first iPhone with 5G support, originally scheduled for September.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, the alternative is based on the threat to global demand and the disruption to the company’s product development schedule posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Supply chain constraints aside, Apple is concerned that the current situation will significantly reduce consumers’ appetite to upgrade their phones, which could lead to a moderate reception of the first iPhone 5G. It needs the first 5G iPhone to be a success,” said one of three people familiar with the issue who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Citing other sources linked to the supply chain, the Japanese media indicated that there are also “practical obstacles” that could delay the launch.

Nikkei Asian Review recalled that the firm based in Cupertino, California, is a year behind its two main rivals, Samsung and Huawei, in the presentation of a 5G-capable phone.

“In early 2020, the company set an aggressive target for the launch of a 5G iPhone, instructing vendors to prepare to manufacture up to 100 million units of the new devices by 2020 and designing four different models of the phones,” he said.

At the moment, Apple is watching the outbreaks of the disease in the United States and Europe, which represent more than half of its sales. In parallel, a large number of employees are working from home, according to the guidelines imposed by California state authorities to non-essential businesses.

“The exact schedule for the launch of the iPhone 5G may not be defined until that measure is lifted,” explained one source. Another said that “Apple will make a final decision around May at the latest, given the unstable situation worldwide.

The Power of your Processor: 5mn Power

The A14 chip will be the one available on the iPhone 12 and aims to be more powerful than other versions. This would have been reflected in a Geekbench test that allegedly could be found about a comparison between the two mentioned devices.

The Geekbench test indicates a result of 1,110 points for the A12X on a single core and 4,568 with its eight cores. Those of the alleged iPhone 12 and its A14 chip scored 1,658 and 4,612 points with a single core and in multiple cores respectively. Also noteworthy is the fact that this processor, for the first time in the ‘A’ range, exceeds 3 GHz.

The best feature iPhone 12, even slimmer

A report from Macotakara indicates that the new line of iPhone 12 would have the same exterior design as the iPhone 11 family, with the difference of the technology implemented in the optical section. In particular, the new 5.4 model would have a height between the iPhone SE and iPhone 8, while the 6.1-inch model would be placed between the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max.

The information highlights that the next 6.7-inch Apple smartphone would be a little taller than the iPhone 11 Pro Max and would be 7.4 mm thick, i.e. it would look thinner than the firm’s current best feature phone (8.8 mm).

Also, the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 would integrate a main optical system with a larger sensor than that of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Earlier speakers have reported that the new 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch iPhone would have a dual-camera configuration (there would also be a variation of the latter with triple optics), while the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 would incorporate the main camera with three lenses.

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