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How to Keep Children Safe with the Help of Online Safety Training Programs?

Internet safety is a critical issue today, particularly for children. With the world under the grip of the Corona pandemic, most people are at home spending many hours on the internet for gaming, social media, and other uses. Unfortunately, the internet is not a safe place. Apart from the risks of hacking, there are predators of various kinds online. These predators make the internet a risky place, especially for children. With time on their hands, children spend a lot of time surfing online. Many a time, they do it without supervision, which makes internet safety for children all the more information.

Why internet safety for children matters?

When children surf online, they tend to befriend various people they meet online on social media networks. These people may not be who they claim to be. There are various risks that a child faces online. These risks make internet safety a critical issue today. Some of the risks that children are exposed to include:

  • Cyberbullying by known and unknown people.
  • Risk of being spied upon by hackers who take over the webcams.
  • Risk of visiting websites or downloading files that have viruses or other dangerous malware.
  • The serious risk of interacting with sexual predators who befriend children using fake IDs with malicious intent.
  • Children can give out personal details, including contact details unknowingly that can put them and others at risk.
  • Visiting pornographic sites or any such explicit material.
  • Engaging in sexting or messaging sexually explicit messages with known or unknown people.
  • Getting into contact with extremists who can radicalize them.

All the above illustrate why it so important to make internet browsing a safe experience for children, to protect them from the risks described. Many parents are not aware of how this can be done. In such a scenario, undergoing online training courses on internet safety for children is a good option.

Training on Internet safety

The problem of risks faced by children online can be handled by providing training on internet safety. Many online portals offer online safety courses for children and parents on internet safety. These training programs would be highly effective in ensuring that children understand the risks they are exposed to when online. The program would help them understand what to do in such a scenario.

A well-designed program on online safety course for children would have features like:

  • It would explain the various kinds of risks that a child can face.
  • The risk of fake IDs and how people online may not be the persons they claim to be should be highlighted.
  • The problems of cyberbullying, being stalked by sexual predators, and the risks of hacking must be explained clearly, so the child understands the risks clearly.
  • The training should focus on the use of technology and how it can help reduce risks. The use of tools like antivirus and antispyware programs, with an explanation of how they work, will be helpful.
  • The program should highlight how children should avoid contact with unknown people and highlight the importance of not sharing contact details online.
  • The risks of sharing personal images and sexting should be made clear.
  • Healthy online habits should be explained to help children understand how to spend their time online safely and usefully.
  • The program should explain how the child should identify risky situations and get support from parents or caregivers. The importance of open communication should be highlighted in the training.
  • Ways in which children can protect themselves from online predators and avoid risks must be highlighted in the training.

How to select a program?

If it confusing deciding where to undergo the online training program, you can keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Look for a website that offers an online program through modules and offers complete information about the training.
  • The training program page should show reviews by other users.
  • There must be a preview to understand the quality of the program.
  • The program must have comprehensive content.
  • The trainer/institute must be reputed and the program must have a good rating.
  • The training fee must be cost-effective.

You can look for a program that meets these requirements. Ensuring your child undergoes such a program would allow a safe and risk-free internet browsing experience.



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