Why LSD Becoming Popular Again? Parents Need To Avoid Them!

Why LSD Becoming Popular Again? Parents Need To Avoid Them!

The deadly drug has made headlines once again as inquest hears Nick Cave’s son is no more after taking acid LSD. The LSD has hit the UK’s residences by storm in recent years, an inquest of the death of famous musicians Nick Cave’s son. The young teenager has died earlier in this year falling off the cliff in Brighten. According to the resources he had taken the drugs before falling and having “Vivid Hallucinations,” The Telegraph report stated that.

According to the clinical scientist, Amber Crampton and she witnessed in the court that the drug is becoming popular. “I cannot believe it’s very difficult to stay in conscious in Brighton, she added.

“It was used to popular in the era of ’60s and ’70s and today it is popular than ever before”, she further added that.

The Crime Survey of England and Wales has published a survey this year and back up the claims, there is a sharp shift in the use of the Class a drug since the last two dramatic years.

Let’s get a little back: Introduction in the use of LSD

The famous LSD is basically an acid –and a kind of drug known as hallucinogenic that was initially introduced by the Swiss chemist named Albert Hofmann Discovered LSD  in the year of 1938. Its psychoactive phenomenon wad discovered after the five years of its invention when its innovator has taken a little dose and start seeing “the uninterrupted stream of fantastic pictures alongside fascinating scenes of colors. LSD has made its place as a choice of drug and has ruled among the people belongs to music and art. “To its defenders, LSD was a key part why the old ways of thinking could be challenged, “according to the report of BBC. The drug was strictly banned in the United Kingdom in 1966’s and also banned for using for medical reasons in 1973.

Possible Dangers of Drug

The deadly drug can produce very powerful and toxic hallucinations that can make a user completely unconscious. The symptoms of the LSD remain in the user at least for eight hours. Its use is very deadly and reportedly responsible for many accidental and suicidal deaths. Its usage can cause serious health issues such as mental illness among the people and as well as vivid hallucinations that can make a person unconscious and possible lead towards an accidental death.

Why it gains so much popularity again

Most of the experts have their opinion the reason behind its huge popularity has yet anonymous. But on the other hand, few have their view such as “people use it for fashion to be in revivals and in cycles, Professor Fiona Measham, head of the working group on polysubstance use for the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs stated that. She further added that “it could also be the relative scarcity of the drug.

Deadly drug hunting young Teenagers: what to do?

The rise in the rise of the drug “LSD” is taking young and innocent souls that are why parents need to wear off the kids’ activities especially when they are not physically present with them. The questions are how drugs turning teens into zombies that’s why parents must monitor their teens and teens and their company of friends outside the house and in the hidden whereabouts.

Parents have to be very friendly with their teenagers and they should understand their thoughts and activities. But the point is, they should educate them with love and care about the vulnerabilities of the drug with the help of examples of the young victims. They can keep an eye on their activities and the company of friends having regular conversations with the kids and teens in order to win their trust. On the other hand, if parents yet worried about the teenagers and their emotional piece of thoughts that can really harm them, use a cell phone spy app.

Now a question arises what you are talking about how you can relate a spy app for a cell phone with such a social issue. Just hold on! And listen for a while, teenagers are the most frequent users of cell phones and do calls and text messages and conversations on social media platforms. Obviously, today we talk a lot on the cell phone and on the online about with our friends and in the company of friends. If you are able to track a cell phone and the surroundings, then you can fully monitor your children.

Install cell phone spy app and read text messages with the help of text messages spy of the mobile phone monitoring software. It further allows a user to listen and record the calls with the help of a hidden call recorder of the cell phone surveillance software. However, if you want to listen to the surround conversation and voices of your kids and teens use the MIC bug app of tracking app for cell phones and listen to all the conversations and voices on your teenager’s smartphone when they are doing activities in hidden places.


Protect your kids and teens from LSD deadly drug and you have only way out to track their hidden activities with the help of a cell phone spying app.

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