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Make Better Business Decisions with At-Your-Fingertip Support for SAP Landscapes

The voice of an organization is its employees, who make the hard yards of achieving targets. But the process of working has changed upside down. The laid back approach of research has become outdated. Now, it’s time for agile reporting and quick actions. The timing is right for the arrival of SAP Success factor Solutions, and HXM.

SAP Tools and API integration

Tools used to get the business up and running has also seen the transformation from an actual paper-based operation to the web-based answers. But now is the time for cloud integration.

SAP is the front runner of providing enterprise software to infuse new energy into an otherwise dull business management setup. The SAP landscape currently covers tools like- SAP Success Factors Solution,  SAP C/4HANA, and SAP S/4 HANA.

The API extension adds a new dimension to the SAP foray. It has achieved the target of extending the reach of the SAP cloud platform and integration. Turning them into native apps,  for instant use, at fingertips, this in many ways is the need of the hour.

Shift from HCM to HXM

The HXM represents the expansion of reach directly related to API integration.  It is a new addition to the list of tools that SAP entails. It uses the operational data from the Success Factor database, along with X-data, fetched from the experience data of the Qualtrics database. Fun Fact, Qualtric is an $8 billion acquisition of SAP.

SAP Success Factor mainly deals with Human Capital Management much like a digital HR. It provides necessary data and analytics about the performance of the employee. This data forms the basis of diagnosis for the actual HR management setup.

Taking it a step ahead is HMX ( Human experience management. Its purpose is to fill the gap between the experience level of employees using AI and Machine Learning.

The numbers story
SAP SuccessFactors Products No of customers No of users
Learning 4,000 38.0 million
Performance & Goals     5,000 55.6 million
Employee central 3,400 26.5 million
Recruiting 3,100 26.9 million
Workforce Analytics and Planning 1,500 12.2 million
Compensation 2,200 20.3 million
Onboarding 2,300 20.3 million
Succession and Development 2,500 21.9 million
Role of SAP tools in the decision-making process

Making a better decision in the current competitive environment requires streamlining the information. There is a lot of information that is coming out of the various reports and analyses. The idea is to filter the information and use them to your advantage.

This is where SAP tools come in handy. With these tools, you have access to the right information on-the-go. Post which the analytics based on the information helps in making informed decisions. The role of SAP in the decision-making process is:

  • Getting the right information
  • Using the information to make future decisions
Getting hold of the right information

The cloud-based  SAP tools solution provides room for the user to understand the nature of information through the dashboard. It represents all the crucial data on a single page and the user can customize the dashboard to see relevant information.

Instant update of information in the dashboard removes the periodic wait time for data assimilation. So, in case of any mishaps, quick remedial actions are not far away.

For instance, the performance trends assessment analytics provided by SAP Success Factors on the performance of employees helps in making core HR decisions.

Using the information to make future decisions

Besides having a barrage of information to deal with, the traditional reports provide raw numbers. It then takes human effort to represent the numbers in a pictorial to assess trends. 

The SAP dashboard provides accounts for pictorial repression and visualization with minimal human intervention.  The SAP analytics tool makes sense of the raw numbers by predicting trends, which is not a surprise, considering the inclusion of AI technology.


The bottom line is with SAP tools you are all set for a futuristic business ecosystem. The future belongs to AI and ML-based solutions, SAP tools keep you updated to the changing trend- at your fingertips- with the least hassle.



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