Mastering the Art of Recruiting on LinkedIn – Infographic

More and more employers are embracing recruitment 2.0 through the use of social media. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are much more than just marketing tools and have much to offer as resources to finding and attracting top talent. Furthermore, when you factor in that 97% of online adults logged onto at least one social network in the past month, it makes sense for recruiters to connect with candidates where they already are.

So, why is LinkedIn the number one choice for social media recruitment?

For employers new to social media recruitment, LinkedIn is the obvious choice. Boasting 500 million-plus users and three million active job listings, LinkedIn has become the preferred tool for online recruiting and professional networking.

In contrast to the other major players in this field, the design of LinkedIn is tailored to the specific needs of the professional world. It has developed useful features that simplify the job-hunting experience for candidates and accelerate the recruitment process for employers.

What’s more, with its company page feature LinkedIn also provides a way for organizations to boost their employer brand. An active and well-thought-out company page can make a big difference in a candidate’s decision as to whether or not they want to work for you.

Learn more about LinkedIn Recruitment

If you are interested in mastering the art of recruiting on LinkedIn, why not take a look at this helpful and informative infographic from the team at Ayers Management. It provides a handy summary of the various tools on offer and lays out several practical tips on how to take advantage of the platform to enhance your employer brand and attract passive candidates.
Read the infographic below for more:
Mastering the Art of Recruiting on LinkedIn - Infographic

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