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How to monitor social media activity of employee?

With the rise in the use and the popularity of social media, businesses have started to turn towards it as a valuable piece of information with respect to the hiring of new people as well as to monitor employees once they have been hired.

Everyone makes use of social media and in order to monitor employees and their use of it, an employee monitoring software is an employer’s best bet to be able to do so. While using an employee monitoring software, here are some things to be aware of while engaging in the monitoring of social media activities of employees and to do so in an appropriate manner.

It should be kept in mind that social media is an informal place and while it can be quite easy to make use of Google or Facebook to learn more about a job applicant it can also lead to a number of problems if the information is revealed. When doing so, it is highly likely that the employer will come across information which he wouldn’t find on the application of the employee. This could cause decisions made about him to become biased.

When engaging in this method, it would be best to hire an individual who would make use of the software and monitor appropriately and perform such searches that are consistent with the application process which can ensure no applicant is treated any differently.

The policies applied in the company with regard to social media should inform employees that they should not expect privacy in their social media activity or any communications which they indulge in online while making use of networks and connections of the employer. This is so because the cell phone spy would be constantly recording their moves. The policy should be precise and state the expected conduct of the employee.

While social media policies may be in place, employers should still be mindful of the degree to which they monitor their employees with the use of an employee monitoring software. A balance should be maintained between inappropriate material being posted online with the increased productivity and the job satisfaction of the employee. The employee monitoring software shouldn’t constantly be there to annoy the employee as this could also lead to adverse effects.

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Social media policies should be applied and implemented in a consistent manner within the organization and employees and managers of the company should be trained about these policies and the consequences which may result in case the policies are violated. Managers should be made aware of the negative effects of becoming friends with their employees on social networking sites and should be instructed on making use of appropriate privacy controls. Furthermore, with the use of the employee monitoring software, additional checks can be made to ensure that no one is violating the rules in place.

The whole point of any policy in place within the organization should be to make sure that private and confidential information is kept safe. The social media policies should be protecting the company against the disclosure of any information as well which is confidential to the company. Companies could create policies that state who has ownership of the right to the social media account of the employees and the same individual should also be provided access to data gathered from the employee monitoring software.

It should also be kept in mind that employees shouldn’t be asked to provide their user-names and/or passwords. A number of laws have been passed in a number of states which prohibit employers from asking job applicants or their employees for such information due to which using an employee monitoring software is the best option.

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