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OgyMogy Review [2023] – Complete Guide Before Buying it

OgyMogy Review

UltimateStealth comes with OgyMogy Review. OgyMogy is one of the most powerful cell phone and computer/laptop monitoring solutions that seeks to record and monitor each and every bit of communication taking place on the target device.

The app is targeted at providing services to parents and employers to keep a close check on their target users i.e. kids and employees.

OgyMogy Background

The app has started offering services in 2017, and continues to serve its valuable customers with its state-of-the-art offerings. The promising features of the app allow the parents and employers to protect the respective interests of the kids and businesses all the way.

The service is normally used to track internal storage, all social networking apps, their messages, multimedia, calls, voice notes, and is used to track and monitor all other communication dynamics of the target device.

OgyMogy Pricing Review

OS/PlanBasic (1 month)Standard (6 month)Extreme (12 month)  
Android  $29$69$90

OgyMogy OS is Compatible with

The spy app is compatible to be installed on Android, Windows, and Mac operating systems. The below-mentioned features can be used subject to their compatibility and application with the respective device and operating system.

Salient Features of the Spy App

The app is the best choice in all aspects. It addresses all the concerns of the parents and employers in all aspects without any hassle.

All that an end-user needs is to purchase the license of the app, login to the web portal, get physical access to the target device, and install the app by following the installation guide, and they are all set to spy on their target individuals.

Real-time Location Tracking   

The said feature allows to tracks the real-time movement of the target user. All the movement is recorded in the form of a log; this log can be accessed at any point in time by the end user.

The log is stored in the online web portal of the spy app. The feature is of great significance when it comes to the security and safety of the target user. If a user is not getting connected, the parent or employer can track the exact location if the said individual is protected in all aspects.

Restricting Movement to Certain Premises

The geo-fencing feature of OgyMogy allows restricting the movement of the target user to certain premises. The parent or employer can assign allowed and forbidden zones for a visit by the target user.

The app generates a log of all the movement as per defined instructions. Every time the target user gets out of the allowed premises, the app notifies the parent or employer through email.

The parent can restrict the child to get into crime prone areas that have excessive presence of the criminals and illegitimate activities. Besides this, the employer can restrict the employee to get into competitor’s place to protect the business secrets and confidentiality.

Extensive Social Media Tracking

The social media is considered as the largest source of harassment and cyber bullying activities on the kids. Moreover, the employees now more frequently indulge in using social media during working hours. So, this trend needs to be addressed for the kids’ security and business productivity.

The OgyMogy allows the end-user to monitor all the chats, whether individual or group chats, it allows viewing and monitoring all the multimedia shared and received, and allows listening to voice notes.

The app furnishes listening to all the VoIP and video calls made or received on the target phone. The end-user can even block certain contacts if they do not adhere to the moral standards of communication.

These blocked contacts will then not be able to connect with the target user.

Live Screen Recording of Apps

The live screen recording feature of the spy app allows actively recording and monitoring screen activities of different applications. The end-user needs to assign applications for which the end-user wants to monitor target user’s activities.

After this, every time the target user starts using the specific application, OgyMogy records all the activities in the form of short clips to the online dashboard in the form of short clips.

These clips can be accessed at any point of time without any hassle, providing fair insight into all the real-time insights of a user over certain applications.

Surround recording through OgyMogy

This feature bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target device subject to compatibility with the target device. The parent or employer can know what is happening around the child in real time at a certain point of time.

Using the same feature, the end-user can address the issues related to workplace sexual harassment. It is observed that allegations of workplace harassment have hiked up the scale in no time.

By having a hand at the surround recording feature, the employer will be able to cope with this kind of issues in an efficient manner.

Internal Storage Tracking and Monitoring

All the content stored on the target device remains in full control of the end-user. The end-user can view all the contacts, calendars, appointments, images and videos, browsing history, and other browser functions of the target device.

The Password Chaser

The keylogger feature of the spy app chases the password of all the installed applications on the cell phone or computer/laptop. This allows to know what a child or employee is doing while using a certain app.

Using this feature, the end-user will also be able to know about all the installed applications and the activities performed over them.

Website Filtering and Blocking

The end-user can block a number of websites that are considered as unsafe or insecure for the kids or employees to visit. The parent can block the websites containing information about criminal activities while an employer can block URLs that are prone to have cyber criminals at the backup.

This is done because in today’s world, the most pressing threat to the businesses is the possibility of cyber attacks over business devices.

Allows Capturing Screenshots

OgyMogy allows the end-user to take screenshots at any point in time, as per the end-user’s choice. The app captures screenshots according to a defined pattern i.e. time period and frequency.

Allows listening and Recording Phone calls

The spy app enables the end-user to listen to all the phone calls that are made or received on the target phone. These calls can also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference if the end-user is not available to monitor upfront.

Below discussed is the price overview of OgyMogy, with respect to OS compatibility and subscription plan.

Customer support

The customer support of OgyMogy is available 24/7 to all of its user without any delay and interruption. The chat support responds in less than a minute. It assists the users about the installation and working of the spy app in all aspects by all means.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How many devices can I install OgyMogy on?

A. You can install the application on multiple devices, subject to purchasing of subscription for each device.

Q: Is this Spy app legal?

A. Yes, the app is legal in all aspects; it can be used all over the world subject to adhering to the local state laws.

Q: Can I upgrade to a better package without having to reinstall the app?

A. Yes, the end-user can switch to upgraded plan. The end-user only needs to contact customer support and they will land you executing your need.

Q: How long will data be stored in OgyMogy servers?

A. The app stores all the monitored and recorded data for 90 days. After this, it is removed from the online storage of the app.

Q: Will my target know or be aware of when I will be spying on them?

A. No, all this spying takes place without any hint to the target user.

Q. Is it legal to install the app on someone’s phone?

A. It can be done for legitimate purposes and is subject to adherence to the local laws of the state.

Q. Is OgyMogy a trustworthy app?

A. Yes, it addresses all the concerns and reservations of the employers and parents efficiently.

Q. Does OgyMogy work in all countries?

A. Yes, it effectively works in all countries around the globe.

Q. Does OgyMogy work on rooted & non-rooted android devices?

A. Yes, it works for both rooted and non-rooted phones.

Q. Is it mandatory to physically access the target device?

A. Yes, it is mandatory to access the target device at least once.


A comprehensive OgyMogy review is conducted and presented. The app serves the parents and employers and addressed all their concerns and reservations in all aspects by all means.


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