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OneOdio Pro 10 Headphone Review & Comparison With Other Headphones

OneOdio Pro 10 Headphone Review & Comparison with M50x, M40x, JBL Quantum 100!

The treble is also really great, it also boosted, but it’s not harsh sounding except in some tracks, the reason for that is probably very high peak at around 3KHz frequency range, and you can try to make it sound way better and less harsh by using these you give this headphone a 5-star review on Amazon and then send the company a screenshot of your review, they may give 50 Rs or a pouch. And that is not the best introduction for this company, but today we are going to check out one of the most requested products that people wanted me to headphone review, it is the Oneodio pro 10 headphones, and these are supposed to deliver never before seen sound quality in this price range so we are going to check if they can deliver to the hype, and I am also going to compare these with m50x, m40x, and JBL Quantum 100 because a popular blogger has mentioned that they come close to m50x which is an extraordinary claim.

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Unboxing OneOdio Pro 10

Inside the box, you get a cable with a microphone, then you get another very interesting coiled cable with a 6.5mm jack on one side, you geta paper that tells you about that 50 Rs. gift offer if you give them 5 stars on Amazon, you get a carrying pouch which has decent quality and is very usable and then finally you get to the headphones.

Talk About Its Design

The design of the headphone is pretty good for the price. I am not a fan of chrome plastic, but on this headphone, it’s not overdone so it’s fine. The headband with red stitching looks great, and they have used metal in the headband adjustment mechanism, which I was surprised to see at this price.

Talk About Build Quality

The build quality of these headphones is also really great, you can stretch it without problems, and even the hinges for the earcups for both axes are strong and don’t feel like they’ll break easily. The other design elements like the texture on the ear cups and the use of 4 screws on each side of the headband will make you feel like this is a more expensive headphone.

These also fold inside for ease of carrying around, and the earcups also swivel 90 degrees which is convenient for hanging them around your neck. This is a design that is inspired by the M50x, but they’ve executed this in a very good way, and that too at its low price point, so I don’t mind that.

Introduces OneOdio Pro 10 Headphone

The headphone also has a 3.5mm and a 6.5mm input connectors, which is something I haven’t seen in a headphone, and a cool thing you can do is that you can insert another headphone into its unused jack and that way you can listen to multiple headphones.

If you are doing professional work, you can also use these as a pass-through monitor, and send the audio signal to a recorder. Coming to the comfort, I think that is the biggest drawback with these headphones, the headband is something I have no complains about as it does have good cushioning, and they do have very large ear cups,but the holes for your ears in the ear cups are quite small, and round earcups need a lot of space to be comfortable.

The earpad cushions are also not great on these, so it’s not easy for me to wear these even for 15 minutes, but I do have big ears and I wear glasses. If you don’t wear glasses it’ll be better, but it’s still not something that I would consider calling ‘comfortable’ to any extent.

This is not a problem considering the price, and I have earpads that cost more than these headphones, so I was not expecting a lot, but it’s the only bad thing about these headphones, as it is great in all other aspects. The earcups are replaceable on these, so you may be able to find a fitting replacement and fix this comfort issue.


Talk About Its Sound Quality

Finally coming to sound quality, I wasn’t expecting these to sound even 50% as good as how they sound at this price point. All of the other headphones that I have tried in this price range have not come anywhere close to how complete they sound and how relatively balanced their sound is.

These are not flat sounding, so it’s not going to be a replacement for higher-end monitoring headphones, but unlike the typical headphone you find at this price point, the bass and treble have a much better balance with their slightly V-shaped sound signature.

The bass is slightly boosted, but in a very good way, and it is VERY enjoyable, and people who have only tried budget headphones are really in for a treat when they try this because it hits hard while still maintaining speed and detail that you’ll only find in headphones much more expensive than these. The mid-range is also really good but the vocals are slightly more forward than I like, but it still sounds great.

EQ settings that I roughly calculated in 15 minutes with two tracks. Now the extension of the high frequency is not amazing like the more expensive headphones, but the fact that I can even think about comparing these to m40x’s is something that I never thought I would be able to do with a headphone in this price range.

The soundstage is again, outstanding, and it adds to the overall quality of these headphones and makes them very enjoyable. Now, these are said to come close to Audio Technica m50x in sound quality, so I also compared it with these. But the thing about m50x is that it sucks big time in comparison to the cheaper m40x, So I first compared it with m40x because that offers even better sound quality for cheaper, and the m40x sound a lot flatter than these, and their high-frequency extension is much better, but what sets the Oneodio headphones apart is that it is relatively balanced compared to the bass boosted headphones that completely crush other frequencies with the boominess in their bass, which is what you find in this price range, so when you try the Oneodio headphone, you do feel like you can compare these with headphones like m40x and m50x because it doesn’t sound like belonging to the budget headphone category.

With comparison to m50x, it’s also a similar story, except m50x has boosted bass and treble which makes it sound worse than m40x, but its sound signature is closer to that of this OneOdio headphone. I also compared these with the JBL quantum100 which cost 2500 Rs., and the Quantum 100 offers way better comfort, and the high-frequency range on the JBL earphones with mic is also better and more balanced, the overall sound quality on the Oneodio headphone is better because of their amazing bass, and Quantum 100 have below neutral bass, which people looking for enjoying bass-centric music will not like. So these are worth the hype and they do deliver sound quality that is jaw-dropping in this segment.

I really won’t say that they come close to something like m40x or m50x, but they are good enough that you can make a comparison and point out where the m40x is better, and that is something that I haven’t been able to say for headphones in this range. The only big drawback with these is how uncomfortable they are, so if you have big ears, and can’t tolerate uncomfortable headphones, then this can become a deal-breaker for you, in which case you can try the JBL Quantum100 if you don’t mind their lack of bass in comparison to these or if you would prefer better high-frequency range over really good bass.


I also really don’t like the fact that they are making their customers post 5-star reviews for the possibility of a 50 Rs. reward, because that just invalidates all the positive feedback they’re getting on Amazon.

It is a completely shameless move, and what makes it even worse is the fact that they have a product that is amazing in this price range so they don’t need to do this. And that was it for this post, I hope my users who commented that I cover these headphones are happy, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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