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How to Create Social Media Videos with an Easy Online Video Editor

The use of video content for YouTube and social media is increasingly popular. Video is considered more powerful in conveying messages to the public. Video is also referred to as an attractive communication medium compared to just ordinary pictorial content.

There are many things that can be done with video content. Aside from being a powerful media of communication and marketing, video is also a field to increase income. For example, by creating video content for YouTube and social media.

Make Cool Videos with Free Video Editor

However, making creative videos is not easy for everyone. Difficulties include the use of tools that are considered complicated and have to deal with a relatively high price.

But if you want to start, it turns out there are some free video editing tools that you can try. In this article, you will get acquainted with one of the free online video editors, FlexClip.

Because it is an online video editing tool, FlexClip doesn’t need to be downloaded first. You only need to register on the website to start using this tool.

FlexClip features

-Video editor, movie maker and slideshow maker in one product

-Exclusive templates ready to use

-Dynamic animated text

-The media library contains more than 850,000 HD photos and free royalty videos

-Easy-to-use tools: trim, split, logos, animations, transitions, and more.

How to Make Videos with FlexClip

Log in to your FlexClip account, or if not, please register first.

On the My Project page, click the ‘Create New’ button to start creating your video project.

You will be presented with hundreds of ready-made video templates that you can use or start from an empty project.

To add media, click the + button in the storyboard section and add the media you need, whether it’s a stock photo, media from the computer, or background color. You can also press the voice icon to start recording your voice.

To add animation effects, try to click on the ‘Animation’ button.

You can also play with the transition effect to get maximum video results.

To cut a specific part or determine the length of a video, you can use the video trimmer feature (scissors icon). With this feature, you can choose the start and endpoint of the video.

Use the Add Text section to add text and Add Music section to add music to your video.

After your video is finished, try to preview it first. Is it OK, or does it need to be revised again?

Export your video and finish

Strengths and Weaknesses of FlexClip

It’s free and can be upgraded to the Basic & Plus version to get more features.

Easy to use, even for those who don’t have video editing skills like Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, or Filmora.

There are many reliable features to produce high-quality video.

Multi-purpose, can be used for marketing/business, lifestyle, YouTube, and various social media.

Free video converter and video trimmer tools.

Prices are relatively affordable for the use of a pro account.


Limited features for free account users.

Currently, you can only use it in your Chrome browser.


Using FlexClip can help you make videos quickly for various purposes. Whether it’s for marketing or promotional purposes or personal needs on YouTube and social media.

You can test using a free account first to explore the free version of this tool. If you want to use more features, try upgrading to the Basic and Plus versions.

Upgrading to the two pro versions can be done with a monthly payment first. After feeling the pro features and feeling FlexClip responds to your needs in making social media videos and others, you can choose the annual package to get lower prices.



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