Parents are searching for Marijuana for kids suffering from Autism

Parents are searching for Marijuana for kids suffering from Autism

Parenting becomes so tough for parents when they see kids into trouble especially having medical reasons and they have nothing to do but hope. Today parents are looking forward to Marijuana for kids that are suffering from autism. Because Marijuana has offered relief for young patients who have symptoms of autism and other medications can’t. Since the last year, we have seen the number of cases that comes on the surface children have the disease of autism an on the other hand autism can be controlled with the use of medical marijuana use and furthermore studies have found of cannabis on children.

According to the latest developments made by the Children Hospital of Philadelphia and Australian Pharmaceutical research organization known as Zelda Therapeutics, They are examining marijuana how much it is effective for patients with autism. The studies may start in the upcoming year and will have initial results of six months or more.

According to the reports, Pennsylvania was one of the first states where marijuana qualifies for the cure of autism and that will works completely in the next year. On the other hand in the year of 2015, Delaware claims for marijuana aggressive behavior”. In the current month, the Minnesota Department of Health allows autism is a qualifying condition for the use of the medical marijuana program in the year 2014.

Mom Erica Daniels is one of those people who has helped out broker in the Philadelphia partnership. She has 12 years old son that is suffering from autism. Daniels has stated to the CBC Philadelphia after use of approved medicated drug, medical marijuana has provided relief to the family and in their lives.
Parents are searching for Marijuana for kids suffering from Autism
The Mom Erica Daniels was not the only one who has described the importance of the drug for the autism patients.

The disease autism has founded among 1 out of 68 kids in the United States that cause issues of impaired social, communication or behavioral skills, According to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention. The dangerous symptoms cause aggression and self-harming conditions, the organization further added.

Common Signs of Autism in Kids

In the modern world, the services for children suffering from autism are widely present no time ever before. But on the other hand experts have their view that the services should be utilized as soon as possible and it is the key to provide to parents for digital parenting. However, the one and the only way to know that the child is on the spectrum are to have them examined. So under what circumstances the parents can get to know that their child is suffering from autism and they should test. There are some following sings to get to know and parents should to their responsibility for better parenting.

  1. It is not guaranteed that a child has autism, but if the child is not able to make eye contact while speaking and smile there could be chances on the spectrum.


  1. The young patient would not be able to respond back even to their own name and the sound of a familiar voice such as parents or siblings.


  1. A child develops own their own and every child has different capacity to grow, the kids who suffer from autism don’t develop the skills to chase an object with their eyes in real-time and even they are not able to follow visuals cues such as parents waved the hand.


  1. Parents often see the kids that fall on the spectrum that the child is lacking with the ability to communicate with visual cues, for example, saying goodbye or pointing with the finger to someone.


  1. Parents have their view the kids that don’t make noise through their mouth are golden ones, but irrespective of that the parents have viewed the kids who are silent are on the spectrum of autism. The babies suffering from autism don’t make noise.


  1. Mostly young kids are quite active when parents or someone else make contacts through hands, but the babies with autism don’t respond either or even don’t initiate on their own.


  1. The young kids usually copy the facial expressions of their parents such as a smile, but the children with autism don’t respond at all.


  1. Usually, kids are used to of playing alone especially when no one else is available to play with them. On the other hand, the kids fall on the spectrum always seems to play alone in every environment.


  1. The normal kids usually develop the feelings when some get hurt with the passage of time, but on the other hand, the kids are suffering from the disease of autism usually don’t learn the sadness and empathy feelings.


  1. We often see kids make their own playground where they are sitting or lay down and they play in the imaginary world and the kids with the disease don’t play in the imaginary world.


  1. Usually, kids have the skills to talk about their feeling that are not understandable except the parents, while kids with autism develop that type of skills much latter.


  1. Autistic kids find difficulties to have peers to play with them.

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